Benefits of AI technology in the Customer Service Industry

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Benefits of AI in Customer Service

Businesses like American Express and HubSpot have reported that customers are willing to spend more or make repetitive purchases if customers have outstanding customer service experiences. This just goes to show that companies need to work on improving their customer service department.

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There are many different methods that companies can adopt to work on their enhancing their customer service experiences. One of them is adopting AI or artificial intelligence, and the benefits of using such technology will be the main focus of this article.

AI – a brief introduction

AI or artificial intelligence is a computer program that can detect, collect and analyze information in a matter of seconds. In the case of customer service, AI can collect data about the customers based on the interactions they have with them. AI can also detect patterns, behaviors, trends, etc. so they can provide a more personalized customer experience in the future.

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Benefits of AI in Customer Service Experience

How AI benefits businesses and customers in the customer service experience is the topic of this conversation, and it will be discussed below.

Less Workforce

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In this scenario, AI is designed to help humans by reducing the manpower needed for this job. AI customer experience reps will help resolve customer queries by dealing with repetitive queries such as order confirmation, product availability, pricing, product, installation, delivery, etc.

Besides that, AI can also make basic greetings, engage them with content, suggest related products or services, ask them for feedback, etc. Since these menial and repetitive tasks can be done through computer programs, that will save company resources to hire more staff or help human customer support representatives to focus on other pressing matters.


E-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. recommend products as per the customers’ interests. Or streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc. recommend video content based on the user’s history of video content. This is an excellent example of personalization and it is possible through artificial example.

According to Accenture, are more likely to purchase recommended products. Hence, with the power of Artificial Intelligence in customer service, businesses can personalize their content according to the requirement of their target audience.


Automating daily jobs through artificial intelligence has decreased our workload for us. When any business has AI customer service, it helps to simplify their many tasks. The customers’ purchases or queries are handled automatically, there are fewer human errors, customers are presented with the right segment of content, etc.

When all of this is handled by computer programs, employees have much more time on their hands, and they can utilize their time and focus productively on the matters that require their attention.

Improved Customer Experience

AI systems like chatbots can function 24/7 without zero to minimal assistance. Hence, even when human customer support reps are off the clock, the presence of the brand isn’t really lacking; instead, it grows stealthily, resulting in improving reliability and enhancing the customer experience. AI can simplify other issues like customer retention, automation, etc.

Speedy Responses

A report by HubSpot stated that 90% of the customers expect a speedy response from the customer service rep, and by speed responses they mean 10 minutes or less. AI helps in reducing that wait time to 5 minutes or less. This will give businesses a great customer retention rate. Chatbots are available 24/7 and ready to provide responses to the customers whenever they send a message.

Cost Cutting

Since AI helps manage customer service experiences, it will save costs for the company that does into hiring employees, provides them training, and manages their resources and time. Simply put, businesses will be able to spend less and earn more.

Multichannel Support

Customers have their own preference of channels through which they wish to communicate with customer support. Xfinity-internet customers who prefer using the phone can just dial the Xfinity phone number for any troubleshooting or Facebook users could send a message to the Xfinity Facebook page. There are multiple Xfinity social media pages for customers to reach out to about their queries.

Managing all these channels of the communication might take up too much time and resources if the company doesn’t have enough budget to hire manpower. The answer to that is that there are chatbot builders that lets one create AI customer service bots for social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Slack, Hangouts, etc. to manage all these multiple channels through a single one.

Wrapping Up

Other benefits include reduced churn rate, organized business workflow, secured transactions, and more. It’s endless. To sum it up, AI is more efficient than humans. It doesn’t mean AI will take up all the jobs, rather AI will create more opportunities to perform these jobs in a better and proper way. Hence, every business should embrace artificial intelligence technology to gain customers and generate revenues.

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