Best Headsets for PUBG Mobile In 2022

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A good pair of earphones is an essential accessory nowadays that is why we are here with a list of the Best Headsets for PUBG Mobile. They allow our ears to make a private link with music, media, and entertainment.

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Nowadays, you can see numerous options in the market that can be overwhelming. There are different kinds available, but you may require some help to find out the best one.

The most popular audio devices in this modern age are earbuds and earphones. This popularity resulted in numerous brands and manufacturers in the market.

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In this article, we present different kinds of earphones suitable for various people and their needs. One common thing that everyone wants in a good pair of earphones is excellent sound quality.

If you have a low budget but want to buy the best quality earphones with fantastic features, this article will help you.

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The most noteworthy feature of earphones is their sound quality and delivery of sound without suppressing frequencies. The second significant feature is the build quality of earphones.

The build quality represents the design of the earphones. Then we consider the reliability rating to know how long they will stay. Below are the top earphones that your ear will love.

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Gionee Original Handsfree

Gionee handsfree is one of the best earphones.. There are various hands-free brands, but Gionee’s original handsfree is the perfect one with high-quality super deep bass.

This earphone pair is highly compatible with different kinds of mobile phones, computers, laptops, and tablets.

It has tremendous features like a stereo with high bass, audio jack, high-quality built-in MIC, and 3 Audio support. It is most suitable for music lovers with the best stereo sound and a high-quality microphone for calling.

It will give you a comfortable feel, and you can use it for hours easily. They are affordable earphones with a discreet microphone on the cord to confirm that your voice is heard loud and clear.

It is also the best handsfree for gaming like PUBG. You can make your gaming experience more exciting with these earphones.

Anker Soundbuds Verve

You can find a wide range of Anchor products in the market nowadays. It is a Chinese company, and its chargers and power bank are significantly famous in Pakistan.

Anker Soundbuds Verve is available at an affordable price of approximately 2000 Rupees. Its sound effect is best suitable for music, movies, and gaming.

It is available in different designs and offers improved noise isolation, reducing external distractions and focusing on the music.

Apple Airpods Pro Active Noise Cancellation

Apple Airpods Pro Active is the new mesmerizing technology in the world. The Apple Airpods Pro 2019 with a wireless charging case is available in Pakistan.

This Airpods Pro price in Pakistan is approximately Rs. 41,000. They are designed to provide the best quality audio with speech and motion detectors.

Airpods are easy to charge, and you can switch them to other devices.

Sony MDR-EX155

Sony is already a well-known name in the electronic industry. Sony earphones are available in Pakistan at a reasonable price. This earphone is reliable and long-lasting.

This brand of earphones is more focused on high frequencies and voice effects. The cost of these earphones is affordable in Pakistan.


KZ ES4 is not very famous, but it is the best quality earphones in the market at an affordable price. These earphones are excellent to give you fantastic sound quality.

The important thing about these earphones is if the cords are damaged you can use them by getting new cables. These earphones provide well proportional sound and emphasis on the mids.

Edifier H210P

Edifier is also a well-known brand for audio earphones in the market. This set of earphones is considered very suitable because of its low price and good quality.

If you choose these earphones, you will feel satisfied with the sound quality.

Sennheiser CX-213

Sennheiser is an affordable earphone with the best quality material to equalize its price. There is no need to introduce these earphones in the audio product market.

The company of Sennheiser is making inexpensive earphones in Germany, which is also a budget-friendly product in the market.

JBL T110

These earphones are manufactured by the largest company JBL. The brand JBL in Pakistan is remarkable, but people consider earphones not just because of the brand.

It is a high-quality earphone that produces bassy sounds. These are loved by those who desire to have bass in their earphones.

You can feel intimidated in searching for the one that suits your requirements due to a lot of options in the market. But don’t worry, the above-mentioned list will surely help you to find the best one.

No matter which earphones you pick from this list, each of them is long-lasting and offers excellent audio, uninterrupted connectivity, and extended battery life.

You might want to compare the compatibility of your picked earphones with the smartphone before purchasing. Make Smart purchases after thorough research that are most suitable for your budget and needs.

If you decide to buy earphones, confirm that it is comfortable and long usage will not hurt. Earphones are used for many purposes like music, calls, and gaming one must prioritize the features that are essential for long use.

The sound quality is also a very significant feature, if your earphone bass distorts it will not be a good choice for gaming.

Light quality earphones have shorter battery lives due to the limited space. You need to prefer earphones with superior battery life for long time usage.

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