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Best Place to Visit in Istanbul

With a combination of popular tourist spots and hidden gems, the best place to visit in Istanbul is absolute to excite you!

As a city that straddles two continents, Turkey’s fascinating city of Istanbul really is a place where East meets West; substitute Europe on one side of the Bosporus Strait and cross to the opposite side to the square in Asia.

Istanbul encompasses a long and vibrant history and there are myriad cultural attractions throughout the sprawling city. From viewing glorious buildings, travels on the Bosporus, to shopping, eating, and vital evenings out, there are numerous incredible spots to go to in Istanbul.

On the downside, planning a visit to Istanbul is a chore. The town is large and there are places of interest scattered far and wide.

Istanbul is a very huge, fabulously beautiful, mysterious, noisy, majestic, and important city. A bridge between Europe and Asia, between the normal East and modern West, Istanbul doesn’t tire even after the tenth visit. And, with many of the most beautiful places to go to in Istanbul, one trip here isn’t enough.

And here is my list of the most effective Istanbul places to go to. Check out the best place to visit in Istanbul to form your travel planning easier.

I feel they’re iconic and definitely should be everyone’s trip itinerary.

Best historical place in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia Mosque-Museum

I am unsure if it’s right to begin my list with the foremost touristy place but this building is so unique that it deserves all the eye it gets. It is undoubtedly the best historical place to visit in Istanbul. If you’ll bear the number of tourists, Hagia Sophia mosque is unquestionably worth your time and you can’t visit Istanbul without seeing it.

Moreover, this mosque is one of every of the most attractions and a trademark of the town. For quite a thousand years the cathedral was considered the biggest church within the Christian world – until the instant when St. Peter’s Cathedral was inbuilt in Rome.

Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul

In 1453, when Turks captured Constantinople, the Turkish Sultan Mahmed Fitch the Conqueror was totally struck by the wonder and large size of Hagia Sophia. He ordered to not touch the Orthodox Church but to show it into a mosque by adding a minaret within the western part. Later he ordered to feature three more minarets.

In 1935, Hagia Sophia was changed into a museum. The temple is almost 1,500 years of age however it resembles it’s in amazing condition. Here you’ll see the intertwining of two religions: Christian paintings and mosaics that are naturally joined with quotes from the Koran on huge billboards.

Once you visit, don’t forget to climb centuries-old stairs onto the balcony and put your finger within the “crying” column, making a wish before it. So, the most unique and best historical place in Istanbul is Hagia Sophia for sure.

Galata Tower

The Galata Tower is one of Istanbul’s most notable visuals, sitting above Beyoğlu and Karaköy from its roosted position, while the beautiful lights of the peak of the tower can be seen around evening time from everywhere the city.

Despite the fact that it’s not known when the Galata Tower was actually assembled, it usually concurs that the tower took life during the rule of Byzantine Emperor Justinian around 507 CE. In those days, the Galata Tower was known as the ‘Christea Turris,’ or the Tower of Christ.

Galata Tower Istanbul Turkey

Galata Kulesi in Turkish is one of the most noteworthy and most established heights in Istanbul. 63 meter (206 feet) high peak gives an all-encompassing perspective on the old town.

The tower houses a cafeteria on top, there was likewise a club which is shut down after the last rebuilding in 2013. A few lifts will take you up however there are as yet three additional floors to move by steps to jump on the all-encompassing patio which is 52 meters over the ground.

Moreover, a little gift shop is situated inside Galata Tower directly over the ticket office at the passageway level.

Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace is one of all the hallmarks of Istanbul.

The openwork working with rich insides and a very much kept nursery in its engineering configuration take after the sublime royal residences of European rulers.

In addition to the magnificent interior of the palace, I want to notice a good looking view of the Bosporus through the openwork gate which, sort of a cherry on a cake, complements the picture of the place.

Dolmabahce Palace Istanbul Turkey

Besides that, shortly from the crystal pavilion, there’s a house with well-fed royal peacocks which many folks who visit Istanbul with kids could also be interested to seem at.

And the very last thing, within the palace park on the very shore near the doorway there’s a superb cafe where you’ll enjoy a cup of coffee with dessert. The view is additionally stunning.

It is the best historic place in Istanbul to visit. If you have got limited time and think where to travel and what to skip, detain mind that Dolmabahce Palace is unquestionably worth a visit.

Topkapı Palace Museum

Topkapı Palace Museum is a historical center and the best place to visit in Istanbul. It shows the majestic assortments of the Ottoman Empire and keeps up a broad variety of books and compositions in its library.

Topkapı Palace Museum is the best place to visit in istanbul

It is housed in a castle complex that filled in as the managerial focus and living arrangement of the royal Ottoman court from around 1478 to 1856. Topkapi Palace Museum was opened as a gallery in 1924, a year after the foundation of the Republic of Turkey.

However, the palace is outstanding for its design and assortments as well as for the set of experiences and culture of the Ottoman Empire that it reviews.

Best places to visit in Istanbul at night

Grand Bazar (Kapali Çarsi)

There are many places for “Istanbul tourism”. However, let me inform you regarding the “Grand bazar”.

Grand Bazar is for sure the best place to visit in Istanbul and one of the famous places to go to. It’s a giant covered market lined by shops and stalls selling every souvenir and handicraft you’ll imagine. And you’ll be able to enter the bazaar from 11 gates.

Kapali Çarsi The Grand Bazar Of Istanbul

Besides, there are many traders who make transactions insides until today. Near the bazaar’s Divanyolu Caddesi entrance is that the Burned Column. This stump (still 40 meters high) of a porphyry segment set up by Constantine the positive qualities in his gathering.

For many people, Istanbul sightseeing is the maximum amount as shopping attractions, museums, and also the Grand Bazar is where everyone comes. This vast covered market is that the world’s first store, usurping an entire city quarter, surrounded by thick walls, between the Nure Osmaniye Mosque and Beyazit Mosque.

Istiklal Street & Taksim Square Istanbul

Istiklal means Independence in Turkish. When it involves Istiklal Street, it’s a requirement for all travelers in Istanbul. Istiklal Street “Independence Avenue” is a 1.5-kilometer-long colorful pedestrian street and grand boulevard cutting through Beyoglu and stuffed with all types of retailers, restaurants, cafes, street shows, and it’s located by the Taksim Square.

The nostalgic tram runs through the length of Istiklal Street. Istiklal Street is additionally simple yet the best place to visit in Istanbul.

Located within the Taksim neighborhood of the Beyoglu district, Istiklal Avenue, once referred to as Grande Rue de Pera. It is one of the foremost popular streets in Istanbul and without a doubt, is one in every of the foremost popular meeting points, a middle for leisure activities, and delightful streets in Istanbul.

Why Istiklal Street is best place to visit in Istanbul?

Istiklal Street is the busiest street in Istanbul. And, every single day and night, in both summer and winter, at any hour of the day you’ll be able to always see a flood of both locals and tourists here. It’s situated within the district of Beyoglu, formerly called Pera, which is that the center of arts and culture.

Explore Istiklal Street Istanbul

Istiklal Street starts from the northern end of Taksim Square and ends at Tunel Square, the southern end. This results in Galipdede Street and so to famous Galata Mevlevihanesi (Dervish Lodge) with its notable entryway and on the off chance that you go further downhill, to celebrated Galata Tower. On halfway, there’s a chance on the Galatarasay square.

Istiklal Street is fixed with nineteenth-century previous royal residences, manors, and consulates which are currently home to road brands. It’s even as busy at the hours of darkness with numerous great shops, bars, cafes, discos, clubs, and restaurants. It’s said that up to 1,000,000 people walk up or down through Istiklal Street every single day.

Istanbul Theme Park

Istanbul theme park is a huge complex. Containing a large theme park which is one of the best ones in the world, shopping and entertainment areas. Located within the Eyup district of Istanbul, it’s one of the best vacation spots to spend time along with your family and children.

You can enjoy the spectacular and magical world of Istanbul amusement park. Have a good time on the world’s 4th biggest roller-coaster, a similar type of great rides and thrills. You’ll be able to even have some time off to explore the shopping precinct of the park.

What makes the Istanbul theme park that amazing?

It is that it’s not only a theme and pleasure ground but also a large complex. It includes mixed theme parks, shopping, entertainment, and exhibition centers in one place.

Istanbul Theme Prak is one of the best kids’ destinations around the world. However, their kids enjoy the range of attractions like thrills, rides, roller-coasters, and carousels. In addition, they can spend time at the store, themed streets, great boutiques, festivals, and events areas, restaurants, and cafes.

The huge shopping precinct also houses an internal zoo named “Jungle” except for the theme park.

We can say that you and your kids may spend the entire day in Istanbul without losing interest.

Sea Life Aquarium in Bayrampasa Istanbul

Sea Life Istanbul is a popular entertainment area in Istanbul. It is located within the Forum shopping mall within the Bayrampasa district of Istanbul. It’s also the 5th largest aquarium in the world.

With a powerful 47 display tanks and over 15,000 sea creatures, you’ll explore the Amazing Underwater World bemused Life Istanbul. It is an excellent activity especially for families with kids.

Sea Life Aquarium in Bayrampasa Istanbul best Place To Visit In Istanbul

You can also enjoy great leisure and make shopping at the Forum Istanbul shopping center. Perplexed Life Istanbul, you’ll rehearse an impressive 83 meters long ocean tunnel. And obtain 270 degrees of panoramic views of the ocean bed while sea animals swim over your head.

Moreover, explore 21 thematic zones that include Clown-fish Alley, Stingray Bay, and the Rain-forest. See the biggest shark collection of Europe at the Shark Kingdom as well. Touch a starfish or crab within the Touch-pool Experience. Lastly, watch the fish feeding shows, and far more.

Best wedding destinations in Istanbul

Cragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul wedding prices

Do you fantasy about getting hitched in a real royal palace? Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul can make your fantasies work out as expected!

With its totally sentimental and roomy wedding patio, and the Çırağan Ballroom sitting above Bosphorus, it is the best wedding destination. And a top decision for sentimental special night objections and commemorations around the world.

Cragan Palace Kempinski Best Wedding Destination In Istanbul

You can have here a cozy family gathering or a luxurious festival, providing food for 10 to 1000 visitors. The wedding experts will organize your wedding in every single detail to guarantee that your day transformed into a noteworthy occasion for you and your visitors.

The Marmara Esma Sultan

Rejoice the most important and happy day of your life encompassed by the impressions of the great Ottoman Empire. It is inside the superbly memorable environment of The Marmara Esma Sultan.

The Marmara Esma Sultan offers an uncontrollably famous summer wedding scene. This can be credited to its wonderful green nursery, its area on the shores of the Bosphorus, and its openness by boat from its private harbor. The 4-sided glass inside invites perspectives on the enclosing Bosphorus for the correct winter weddings.

The Marmara Esma Sultan’s Banquet Sales Associates give proficient counseling. While at the same time contemplating the exceptional solicitations of the lady of the hour and lucky man, before, and on, the marriage day. To not specify, an “assigned bridesmaid” is given to go with and help each couple up their enormous day.

Best cheap hotel to stay in Istanbul

Check out below the best cheap hotel to stay in Istanbul while visiting Turkey.

Grand Sirkeci Hotel

Grand Sirkeci is the best cheap hotel to stay in Istanbul. It mirrors the soul of the old town of Istanbul in each corner. This Hotel offers a special convenient experience.

Grand Sirkeci Hotel Istanbul Turkey Best And Cheap Hotel In Istanbul Turkey

The spot, which has numerous wealth with its true legacy, will enhance your memories in Istanbul. With its uniquely arranged rooms, it will permit you to meet with the comfort, you have longed for.

Grand Sirkeci Hotel draws consideration with its nearness to transportation organizations. Amazing Sirkeci Hotel is inside strolling separation of the memorable point, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar.

Boutique Saint Sophia hotel

This lodging with 26 cooled rooms scores well with guests, not just on account of its optimal area to noteworthy locales. For example, the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, yet in addition as a result of the huge scope of civilities.

It includes free internet access, precipitation showers, and free planner toiletry packs. The building and stylistic layout of the Boutique Saint Sophia make it ideal for the visitors.


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