Do’s and Dont’s during the COVID-19

  • By Ubaid Ur Rehman
  • July 1, 2020

In this article, we will provide you with a list of do’s and dont’s during COVID-19. The world is going through a pandemic that does not have any cure, except to avoid and to add something useful in our lives.

Being a part of the worldwide community, each of us is responsible for their family’s safety. How many of us are following the lifestyle that prevents us from suffering from the coronavirus? 

Every pandemic demands a list of do’s, and dont’s during its life span like COVID-19. If you want a healthy life, you should follow these strict rules; otherwise, you will be the one responsible for the results.

Further, there are millions of deaths due to the coronavirus around the world, and there is no proper vaccination of it. So at least for our survival, we can only follow some strict guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO).

What lifestyle and habits you should follow? Below is a guide for you:

Do’s list of the COVID-19

Here is the list of some do’s and dont’s during the global pandemic of COVID-19:

Do's list of the COVID-19

Improve your immune system

One can win the battle against corona virus by improving the immune system. Eat healthily, keep yourself hygienic, and add natural sources of vitamin C in your life.

Vitamin C is an essential thing to keep your white cells armed so that they can fight against the deadly disease like corona virus. vitamin c is naturally help us in making our immune system strong and strong immune system is only the key to survive this deadly disease. moreover try to make yourself happy and stress free because stress is also the very big reason of weak immune system. try not to stress over little things.

Wash your hands frequently

According to the world health organization, the coronavirus can commonly be affected if we do not wash our hands often.

We use our hands to touch things, and the same hands to eat. 

Speaking about if we accidentally touch the place or stuff that has germs of coronavirus and then we contact our face without washing our hands, we got infected by a coronavirus.

To avoid this situation, we must wash our hands every time we touch any suspicious thing, and whenever we go out. The period of washing hands must be of 20 seconds.

Limit physical contact with others

Secondly, what we should do is avoid going to crowded places and limit our contact with other people.

As the guideline of WHO and other health experts, if we go to overfilled places, then there is the possibility that 1 out of the ten people is suffering from symptoms.

Since the coronavirus is a very viral disease and a single person affects the whole community, so it is advisable to stay home.

Clean the surfaces of your house frequently

As I discuss earlier, we mostly affect our hands during this pandemic because hands are the most exposed things to every place. so we should also clean every doorknob and main gates of the houses because there is the risk of coronavirus spread through it.

Restrain contact with pets and animals

Pets can also be the source of coronavirus spread, so try to minimize contact with any of the stray animals.

However, if you have any of the pets at home, then take good care of them and do not allow your pets to walk around during this pandemic.

Seek medical help often 

If you are suffering from mild symptoms, including difficulty breathing, fever, and cough, then seek your doctor’s guidance immediately.

Do not go out without masks, and if you find yourself with any of the symptoms, then self quarantine yourself.

Dont’s list of the COVID-19

Where you are following some of the security guidelines, then there are certain things you should avoid.

Dont's list of the COVID-19

Don’t make unnecessary visits

Avoid going out when not needed if it’s essential to go then be sure that only that person leaves home who has the work to do. Others must stay at home to avoid the crowd. 

Don’t touch your face

Avoid touching your face as it transfers the germs from hand to face and ultimately in our nasal cavity, which is the leading cause of the coronavirus.

Don’t make close contact with people

Do not get so close to people because the coronavirus is an easily transmitted disease from person to person. You need to keep a 3-feet distance when you come across to any person.

Don’t ignore symptoms

Do not ignore your symptoms. If you feel a minor of the symptoms, please contact your doctor and try to use precautions. The first precautions include self-quarantine, the use of panadol, and an increased intake of vitamin C. 

Don’t leave your home during illness

Do not leave your house during illness. If you are positive to COVID-19, don’t be selfish that you go around, meet people, and infect them too.

Meeting people when you are suffering from the coronavirus is an act of attempt to murder.

Types of coronavirus

The kinds of coronavirus that have been found in humans are as follow:

  • 229E
  • NL63
  • OC43
  • HKU1

Moreover, studies show that every human can get infected from any of these viruses in their life span. COVID-19 can not only harm you physically but can have a severe effect on one’s mental health as well. However, only those will win who have an excellent immunity system.


In short, take care of your loved ones by taking care of yourself! It is recommended to stay home during this pandemic. Eat healthy and hygienic food to improve your immunity.