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European Food List of 25 Best Eatables

What is the best European food one must try? If you are a foodie and love to taste different cuisines around the world then this article is surely for you.

Europe is not only famous for its art and historical culture but also the hub of some of the delicious foods in the world. Italian pizza to French fries all your favorite foods are coming from European cuisine.

Here is a list of 25 best European foods, worth eating.

European food list

Arancini, Italy


In the European food list, Arancini is on the top. However, Pasta and pizza are delicious Italian foods but this dish is worth dying for. Fried rice balls with stuffed meat, cheese, mushrooms, and dry fruits feel like goodness. And this European dish is worth every penny.

Byrek, Albania

Byrek-Albania European Food

This dish is a specialty of Albania. Filo pastry stuffed with spinach and lots of mozzarella cheese and sometimes meat like lamb gives pleasure to your taste buds.

Dolma, Armenia


Cabbage and grape leave wrapped around the rice and different kind of meats fried in olive oil give hype to this delicious European food. However, it comes in fifty different types and served with a diversity of sauces.

Pierogi, Portland


This Eastern European food is like dumplings filled with minced meat, potatoes, cheese, and different kind of fruits. It depends on your taste buds what fillings you prefer. Moreover, to double the taste they cover the gravy with butter, sour cream, and fried onions.

Waffles, Belgium

Waffles-Belgium best European Food

If you are traveling with kids then they will surely crave some sweets and there’s nothing better than waffles to meet your kids’ sweet craving. However, this European food is served with tons of fruits and creams and is worth every calorie you gain.

Strudel, Austria

This European dish may increase your sugar level but you cannot say no to it. The crispy dough filled with a variety of jams topped with whipped cream and vanilla sauce is the best European traditional food of Austria.

Cheese fondue, Switzerland

Cheese-fondue Best to eat in europe

If you are a cheese lover then this European cuisine is especially for you. Cheese fondue is made up of Gruyere and Emmenthal cheese mixed with white wine that gives you taste shivers. However, you should definitely try this European food.

Goulash, Hungary

Goulash is the best European food

This ultimate comfort European food is worth tasting once in your life. If you ever went close to Hungary then I suggest you taste this soup of vegetables and meat seasoned with paprika and various other spices.

Potato pancakes, Belarus

Potato pancakes

This European food is a mixture of grated potatoes, egg whites and onions served with a variety of sauces such as sour creams. While you can find potato pancakes everywhere in Belarus.

Currywurst, Germany


Currywurst is considered to be the traditional food of Germany. Fried pork sausages covered with ketchup gravy served with French fries sound like heaven food, indeed.

Moussaka, Greece

Moussaka European food

This dish is made up of potatoes layer ground with meat, tomato sauces, and baked with cheese. It probably is the best European cuisine ever and definitely one of the foods you should try while traveling on your favorite vacation spots.

Soup, Bulgaria

Soup, Bulgaria

Soups can be found on every Bulgarian menu but the most iconic and delicious soup is made up of curd, cucumbers, garlic, and walnuts. That’s why European cuisine is loved by all who try this!

Kottbullar, Sweden


This Swedish European dish is made up of meatballs stuffed with cream, bread, and milk and served with a gravy of boiled potatoes and fresh pickles. However, you’ll absolutely love this European food.

Halloumi cheese, Cyprus


Enrich with cheese of goat and sheep milk Halloumi is a specialty of Cyprus. Most people, however, enjoy this European dish with fresh watermelon in scorching summer.

Karelian pies, Finland


This delicious yet simple to make European cuisine is featuring a thin crust, stuffed with potatoes, rice, and carrots, of course, your choice, but try the one with a mixture of butter and bread. This is surely one of the best European foods to try in Finland.

Croissants, France


If we are talking about the best European food then how can we forget croissants that are everyone’s favorite? However, it does not require any intro because we all are dying heart fans of croissants.

Stew, Ireland


Irish stew mostly made with lamb is delicious mostly on a wet day in Ireland. And the fun fact is that most of the days in Ireland are wet to try this delicious European food.

Francesinha, Portugal


This traditional European food from Portugal is a sandwich consisting of beef, pork, sausages, ham, and cheese obviously according to customers’ demand. While this whole delicious sandwich is dipped in beer mixed tomato curry to taste it more scrumptious.

Tortelli, Italy


We all know that pasta is one of the famous dishes from Italy but this one is quite unique. Tortelli filled with crushed pumpkins; cookies and parmesan cheese dipped in the sauce of more and more cheese make it just mouth-watering.

Sachertorte, Vienna


This soft sponge chocolate cake layered with apricot sauce and chocolate icing fit in our European food list because of its taste and demand. And you can get the best of it when serves with whipped cream on the side.

Crostini, Italy


This European dish is served as appetizers in Italy. These are the small pieces of bread grilled and coated with a number of toppings such as olive, herbs, spinach, and tomatoes.

Cordon blue, Switzerland

Cordon blue

This Swiss origin dish consists of a large piece of meat cutlet filled with cheese, deep-fried in oil, or bake in the oven. This dish, however, was found in 1949.

Salmorejo, Spain


This is a soup by name but mostly served on hot summer days. This cold soup consists of tomatoes, vinegar, garlic, and bread topped with delicious ham and boiled eggs. Meanwhile, this cuisine from Europe will refresh your summers.

Moules Frites, Belgium

Moules Frites

It consists of mussels and is paired with Belgian fries on the side. The dish can be found in Belgium, the Netherlands, and northern France. However, this dish provides an additional note of richness, accompanied by mayonnaise.

Mussels, Belgium

Mussels you have to try once

Mussels were originally considered a poor man’s meal, and have been paired with fried potatoes for a long time at the country’s famous fry shops. Moreover, the Belgians were the first to pair the mussels with fries, commonly eaten throughout the country in wintertime, when no fish was available.

Smørrebrød in Denmark


These are open-faced sandwiches on a base of buttered bread, typically topped with some variation of eggs, cheese, meat, or fish. Some smørrebrød-makers might take it up a level and add even more fancy toppings. Resist the temptation to eat it together with your hands — the Danes use a knife and fork to create sure the toppings stay intact.

There’s actually a full social etiquette to eating smørrebrød, how they’re assembled, and therefore the order during which they’re consumed. Maybe it is best to try it with a neighborhood that can show you the ropes!

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