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Everyday Makeup Essentials: Things to Carry in Bag

This article is all about the everyday makeup essentials and the necessary things every woman should have in her bag!

Are you searching for some makeup products that will save you from carrying your boring makeup kit?

If the answer is yes, then this post surely is for you. Many women cannot step out of the house without their makeup checklist completed, but at times weather is not favorable. Sometimes a sweltering heat can melt out the powder, and if it rains, the whole makeup will wash away.

It is a big problem!

Moving ahead, every woman has their favorite beauty products that suit differently on them. But talking about to carry them, we hold some unnecessary things too.

So, here is a short list of the everyday makeup essentials to carry in your bag, which will replace the need for a whole big makeup kit.

Compressed powder

Firstly a compressed powder, it’s a great alternative to all kinds of foundations. Foundations and BB creams are good makeup products, and they are used to hide the blemishes and scars, but applying them is a bit difficult task.

Makeup essential

You can not apply it within 2 minutes because, honestly, using a foundation requires some of your time. Otherwise, your skin looks horrible.

Another important factor is that if you are wearing a foundation once, then applying it twice makes you look older than your age because too much foundation looks cakey.

To save your time and look effortlessly presentable, you should carry a compact powder that is small in size and easy to apply; you can use it anywhere in your car or even during a walk.

Further, if you are already wearing the foundation and it becomes patchy and oily after some time, then do not get panic. Tap your skin with compressed powder, and now you are good to go.

Maybelline, loreal, and many other brands offer the compact powders and now there are many shades to choose it wisely according to your shades because it is very necessary to choose the right shade.

Blotting paper

The second most important thing to carry in the bag is blotting papers.

Some of us don’t even know what blotting papers are? Blotting paper is a kind of tissue that is small in size and easy to carry. It absorbs the excess of sweat and makeup from your face and gives a mat finish to your makeup.

Makeup essential

If we did our makeup, and at some point, it starts washing away, then what to do except removing it all?

Use blotting paper. It will help you absorb an excess of oil and water from your face. Moreover, it also deals with patchy skin and gives your skin a mat finish.

Consequently, all of us should have blotting papers in our bag if we want our makeup to work more than our expectations.

Some vibrant lipsticks

Lipstick is the most popular makeup product, and 8 out of 10 women love to wear lipsticks.

Keeping your favorite color lipstick in your bag is a must need. During the day, we do a lot of things that can remove our lipstick, and some of us even eat it. So, have your favorite lipstick in the bag so that you can have a fresh look whenever you want.

Makeup products

Tip! An interesting fact related to lipstick is that you can use it as eye shadow, and blush on too. So carrying just lipstick in the bag will replace the kit of eye shadow and blush. You have to go to an urgent meeting, and no time for proper makeup so what to do? A little lipstick will at least make you presentable in the hour of need.

Always prefer normal lipsticks over matte ones because mat lipstick is difficult to manage and remove.

A bottle of your favorite perfume

Perfume is probably the most important one. Beautiful fragrance compliments the good looks. No one likes to listen that their makeup is perfect, but the smell isn’t. So one should carry a pocket perfume in a bag.


You don’t have to carry huge perfume bottles. Various brands have launched pocket-sized fragrances, easy to use, good to smell, and perfect to carry.

Hand cream

Hand cream is last in the list of everyday makeup essentials. We wash our hands many times during the day that will make them look dry, and yes, it gives a bad impression if your makeup is all set but hands look dry. So, carrying a hand cream with you is appreciated. Write it in your makeup essential list because this is the most important product one needs.

Hand Cream

After your bag must be organized well. If carrying a small bag, it doesn’t mean to throw entire makeup in the bag and make it look clumsy. In this way, you can’t find the things you need something urgently. Therefore, keep everything in an organized manner.

Pro Tip! Carry bobby pins, safety pins, and sanitary napkins too, because these things will help you in an hour of problem.

Lastly, I would like to say that beauty is how you talk and carry your personality, not how many layers of makeup you are wearing. Self-confidence is to accept what skin color you have and be happy with it. Every person is beautiful, and every skin color is attractive.

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