How to See if Someone is Currently Active on Snapchat?

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If you’re wondering how to see if someone is active on Snapchat, there’s no need to worry. The app is designed to be honest and upfront about who is using it and when. It can be useful for keeping track of how often someone is using Snapchat, but it can also be used to see if someone is ignoring you. Suppose you’re wondering to see someone is active on Snapchat or not, then this article is for you.

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How to see if someone is active on Snapchat?

Although you can see when someone was last active on Snapchat, there is no official way to tell if someone is currently active. It is not very pleasant, especially if you’re trying to have a conversation with someone and they’re not responding.

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How to See if Someone is Currently Active on Snapchat

However, there are a few workarounds that will help you. Let us tell you some ways to find out how to see if someone is active on Snapchat? There are a few methods you can use to check if someone is online, but they all require a little bit of effort.

New stories on the profile

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The first method to know whether a person is active on Snapchat or not is by checking the time stamp of their posting on the story. The time stamp will be located under the name of the person in the upper left corner of the screen. You have to open their recently posted story to find this. If they posted a few minutes or an hour ago, then there will be a chance that the person is still online.

Bear in mind that sometime the timestamps will be mentioned with the camera roll. This means that the time that is written is according to the time the picture was taken from the camera roll instead of when it was uploaded on Snapchat.

Story notification

Well, if your friend often posts stories from the camera roll and you find it harder to learn anything through the timestamp, then you can try to enable the story notification from Snapchat.

Snapchat will notify you when that particular person posts a story, and you can contact them right away. If you don’t know how to see if someone is active on Snapchat using the story notification, we’ll explain it briefly.

You can go to your Snapchat profile. Go to the settings by tapping on the cogwheel icon. And then tap on the notifications. The notification bar will be open , you can toggle on the notification button for “Stories from Friends.” Now you can get notified whenever any friend posts a story.

But if you don’t want such disturbance, you can manage your story notifications for some particular people. Click on the manage option, and the app will show you a list of your friends. Check mark the names whose stories you want to notified of.

The viewer of your story

Sometimes people don’t like to post stories. If your friend is one of them and the above methods didn’t help you to find out if someone is active on Snapchat, you can try a different approach. Check the list of viewers who have seen your story on Snapchat.

In Snapchat, the viewers are listed in reverse order which means the person who saw your story first, their name will be at the very bottom. And the person who saw your story last would be on the very top after refreshing your viewer’s list. There’s a high chance that they are online. You can send them a snap to start a conversation.

Snap Map

This method only works if your friend allows you to see their location. If they have enabled ghost mode, then you are out of luck. But if they didn’t enable that, then you can go to their profile and then open their Snap Map and tap on their bitmoji. When tapped on, Snapchat will show you when they last used the Snap Map. If it says “just now’ it means that the user is currently online.


Snapscore is the counting of stories, snaps, and messages that are sent on Snapchat. It will show under the user’s name. If you are eager to know if the person is online or not, you can go to their profile from your friend’s list and then check their user snap score.

If the score increases gradually, it means that the person is online and using Snapchat. Just wait for 5- 10 minutes before refreshing their snap score, as it takes a few minutes to update.


You can use a timestamp in your conversation. This option will help if someone is ignoring you. Enable the timestamp of your conversation, so when that particular person opens your snap or see the message, the indicator will alert you. It will give you an accurate time approximating one day.

Third-party apps

Third-party apps are always a lifesaver. If you don’t know how to see if someone is online on Snapchat through the above methods, you can get help through third-party apps. A third-party app like “Snap Map Tracker” or “Who’s On Snapchat”. These apps allow you to enter a Snapchat username and see if that person is currently active.


We’ve explored a few methods for how to see if someone is active on Snapchat in the above article, as Snapchat doesn’t have the green indicator to show whether the person is online or not, so it can be frustrating sometimes. But there are many other methods to help you find out if a certain user is online.

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