How To Start a YouTube Channel From Scratch

  • By Ubaid Ur Rehman
  • February 2, 2021

In this article, you will know how to start a YouTube channel from scratch step by step. You will also get to know about how to use YouTube for beginners and how to create a YouTube channel and make money from it. As we all know these days YouTube has become a video platform to earn a pretty good amount of money.

YouTube is driven by two kinds of users those are video creators and video viewers.

Video creators are those people who make videos and upload them on their own channels. People subscribe to the channel and interact with their videos. On the other hand, video viewers are those who watch videos.

YouTube is the place where you can make videos and create some fun, serious as well as dramatic stuff. Billions of people use it and surprisingly that is the one-third population of the entire globe who uses the internet. So the question is how to start a YouTube channel from scratch?

How to Start a YouTube Channel Step by Step

There are easy six steps to start a YouTube channel.

  1. Firstly, you need to activate a YouTube channel or create one.
  2. After that pick your channel art.
  3. It is important to customize your YouTube channel.
  4. You can upload your first video on your channel.
  5. Then you have to create a channel trailer for recognization.
  6. Ask for the shout out about your new channel a much as you can.

Moreover, try to develop a strategy for your YouTube channel so you can follow it. Learn to appreciate analytics.

How to Start And Grow a YouTube Channel

How to use YouTube for beginners? Firstly you need to know that YouTube changed the way that how we consume content. There are hundreds of content uploaded each day on YouTube. It is the world’s second-largest search engine.

For beginners, the more they consume content on YouTube the more advertisers pay to put their ads or message there and this is how you make money. This is the only reason so many newcomers are still trying to break into this vlogging to create good content so that they can attract viewers.

The number of channels on YouTube doubled between 2017 and 2019 from about fifteen million channels to over thirty million now.

How to start YouTube Channel

Therefore when you start Youtubing and create a YouTube channel to earn from it this needs consistency and patience. Don’t expect success with just a little work. YouTube viewers want consistency from your channel so try to choose those topics which trend on other social media sites so it will help to gain more subscribers. Stay active do live stream often.

Undoubtedly, YouTube is the place where you can start your career of vlogging and make money out of it but it is up to user behavior how much they make.

How to Use YouTube For Beginners

If you are a beginner then do not hesitate there are thousands of content creators starting their YouTube channel. You should first enjoy making videos rather you enjoy being YouTuber through your videos to gain a potential audience.

When you continually creating amazing stuff then you learn a lot from your own experience as well because every experience is countable. You need to respect other people’s privacy while making some videos and try not to create on controversial topics at the start this would get you in trouble. Verify your channel and start engaging.

Moreover, YouTube has its own set of parameters so you can optimize your video for search. You use keywords to describe the video and the business while making videos. If you make a video and that video is well optimized for YouTube then it easily extends to search engines as well.

How to Create a YouTube Channel And Make Money

It is easy to make money out of YouTube. First, learn how to start a YouTube channel from scratch as mentioned above. And then get accepted by YPP this is the YouTube partner program to earn money on YouTube.

In this Program, they check your viewers and most importantly your content. Your YouTube channel constantly gets reviewed to make sure that you are following all the terms and policies and also essential guidelines. By doing this you might be liable to pay some taxes from your YouTube earning

There are few things to know how to make money on YouTube and those are:

  1. Advertising revenue you can make money from it.
  2. you can offer channel membership So your followers would buy it to watch special content that you offer only for them and get paid.
  3. Merchandise your own products and you can earn from them online.
  4. By super chats and super sticker, you can earn because your fans want to get their name highlighted in the live stream.
  5. The subscription fee that YouTube pays you is YouTube premium revenue.

It is also for newcomers to know how to use YouTube for beginners all it requires eligibility on top of subscriber and view count requirements are there. If you lack to impress your viewers then this would get you out of the YouTube business. YouTube constantly reviews your content because legal requirements are important.

YouTube Channel Ideas

It is an application that is present in every smartphone and computer. So anyone with access to the internet can easily watch YouTube videos and can share them on other applications. This application is for every age group.

YouTube particularly is famous among youngsters who prefer a variety of unique content. Some people use it for fun to get entertainment by YouTube videos while some use YouTube as a career. You can earn a lot in millions if you truly start YouTubing as your career and invest your full time in it. Always choose the topic that you love to make videos on. People go to search every minor detail on google and YouTube and this is how creators earn by making videos on important trending topics.

YouTube channel from the scratch

Be relevant to what you create. For instance, if you want to share how to start a YouTube channel from scratch then you need to stay relevant to it in your videos. It is challenging to capture audience attention on a daily basis for that start vlogging on a daily basis so your fans would love to see your life. Moreover, a gaming live stream is one of the great money-making ideas on YouTube.

You can pick fashion as it is always trending. It should be something that you really like to do because you have to give all your time to it, making videos and talking about it. It can be anything like a business, sports, fitness, music, and much more.

The more you have viewers the more you have a chance to get noticed by various brands. All brand’s needs are a higher number of subscribers and viewers most importantly. As a YouTube content creator, it’s a big responsibility because you influence so many people that is why to create something that motivates people rather than putting them in a state of depression. Youtube constantly reviews your videos.