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Human Evolution Timeline and Stages

What is the Human Evolution Timeline and different Stages? This article is all about the significant phases that took place for human evolution. Have anyone thought about how life evolved and we reached this level after a complex series of survival? 

Let’s figure out!

To study evolution, we must know about the history of earth formation, and most importantly, the birth of the first living species.

What is evolution?

What is Evolution

That is to say; evolution is a gradual change from simple to complex organisms. Therefore, humans were also more simple beings a billion years ago. Then development started in the seas, and now humans are the most complex creatures found on earth.

According to Darwin, the reasons for evolution are as follow:

  • Struggle of existence
  • Variation
  • Survival of fittest
  • Natural selection

History of human evolution

History Of Human Evolution

In this paragraph, we will discuss the history of the human evolution timeline. That was only possible with earth’s formation as a planet.

Now, a question arises here that how the surface was formed like a vast planet.

Meanwhile, there are many theories on the earth formation, but the most acceptable one is the big bang theory.

What is the Big-Bang theory?

Big Bang

Big bang theory is described as a considerable explosion, resulting in the formation of our beloved planet earth.

About a billion years ago, there was an explosion in the black hole, which caused the release of matter and radiation.

Firstly, this matter and radiations reacted to form the protons, neutrons, and atoms. Then the particles combined to form the hydrogen and helium. Lastly, hydrogen and helium got together to form the planets, galaxies, and clouds. That was the starting point of life!

Earth evolution

Now when the earth was formed, the next issue got the place that it was not suitable for life. It was just the ball of fire. As time passed, it slowly cooled down by the reaction of many gases released during the volcanic activity on earth.

History of Earth

The first species in the history of the human evolution timeline, that appeared on earth, was unicellular and simple organisms. It was found under the hydrothermal vents; hence life started.

Over time, many significant events occurred on earth. Various eons and eras happened on the planet, including the Hadean eon, archaic eon, Mesozoic era, Cenozoic era, and many more.

Moreover, a question arises here, where are those species? The concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ answers many questions. Only those species that are adaptive to their environments and produce the offspring that can compete with its surroundings are more likely to survive. many of the species that are fit and strong predators were vanished from the earth due to many volcanic eruptions and forest fires such as dinosaurs.

Humans were evolved from unicellular organisms to complex multicellular species. And undergo the many evolutionary processes. the first multicellular organism that formed on earth is a trilobite and after this many other organisms such as mammals and reptiles are formed.

This was something about the history of the earth, now let’s know who our ancestors were and how we survived until this time.

The stages of human evolution

The human evolution timeline started about 15 million years ago, and humans at the start were not so complicated as they are today.

We evolved from primates, and our ancestors are extinct now. Meanwhile, the journey from quadruped to biped is a long story.


Dryopithecus the history of human

It is the earliest known ancestor of humans. At the time of Dryopithecus, another species also existed known as Ramapithecusthat is more similar to humans. They were mostly present in the region of Africa and Asia.

The human evolution started from this specie. After the Dryopithecus and Ramapithecus, the next specie is Australopithecus.


There were four types of Australopithecus including:

There were four types of Australopithecus including:

  • Australopithecus remedies

 1.2 meters long, and they were biped and have teeth like humans.

  • Australopithecus afarensis

The fossils of this species called Lucy the famous fossil record ever and belonged to Africa. They were shorter than the previous ones and had the short skull and human-like noses. They were biped, but little bent makes them similar to apes. Moreover, they could easily climb the trees.

  • Australopithecus africanus

Australopithecus africanus also live in Africa with small brains compared to today’s humans but more massive than the previous ones. They can also climb trees.

  • Australopithecus robustus

Australopithecus robustus were taller than the previous ones but ape-like. After this specie, humans fell in the homo genus. The first homo genus-species was Homo habilis.

Homo species

Homo habilis

Face similar to ancestors, but they could speak. They were called hand men because they were the ones who made the first tools.

Homo erectus

They were also biped with small faces and can communicate, less prominent, and absent chins. Further, they could easily make tools and used them. They were carnivores and found in Africa and Asia.

Homo sapiens

They are also of two types:

Human Evolution Timeline

  • Homo neanderthalensis

They were gigantic and had larger brains. However, they were powerful, muscular, carnivores, and hunters also. They were living in groups and hunter-gatherers.

  • Homo sapiens sapiens

These are the modern men similar to us. However, we all are home sapiens having reduced size of the skull, chin, and excellent communication. Omnivores powerful and have the ability to think.

And that’s how we pass from every growth and become more complicated than our ancestors.


Concluding all, every species has gone through the stages of evolution to make themselves fittest. However, the truth is that only those species can survive who are adaptive to change and can haunt as predators to live. And those who can save their lives from many predators out there.

In the start, humans were more like an ape, and they survived over leaves and green plants. Later, the time changed, they became haunter and created their houses in caves.

Now the time has come, where humans have created various technologies and made everything easy and luxurious, as we can see around the world.

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