Working Methods for Instagram Message Recovery

We often want to declutter our house and the same goes for our phones. But sometimes, when we are deleting data from our phones, we might delete something that we later regret. Some of them are our precious memories or important messages and chats. Well, if you are facing the same problem. Here we are to help you in Instagram message recovery.

As we know, Instagram is the fastest emerging photo-based social media platform. It allows us to be an influencer and share our memories with our followers.

Although it’s not designed for direct messaging, the private chatting feature was later added. So people can talk with whoever they are following. Or the brands that might want to offer them a paid promotion.

So when our messages are erased, we often regret it and want to know how to recover the deleted Instagram messages?.

There are some ways to recover instagram message that we demonstrate below.

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Instagram Message Recovery Online

When we accidentally delete the messages, we need to retrieve them. We can get help with Instagram message recovery from the Instagram server option. Because when the chat or messages are deleted from our app, they will only disappear from our app, not from the server. If we request them to recover our data for us, they might be able to help.
Read the passage below if you don’t know how to recover your Instagram deleted message.

  1. Open your Instagram profile. (If you use a PC or laptop, it will be easier)
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. A pop-up menu will show up. Hit the security option.
  4. It will redirect you to a new page.
  5. Scroll down, you will see a “Download Data” option in the data and security tab.
  6. They will ask for your email and password.
  7. Enter the registered email where you want to send a copy of your lost data.
  8. Tap on Next. Now they will ask you for a password for verification.
  9. Enter the password and then hit next.
  10. You will get a message stating an email containing a file of all your data on Instagram has been sent to the specified email ID.
  11. So your data recovery request was submitted successfully.
  12. The email can take up to 48 hours to arrive. If you don’t receive any messages from Instagram, don’t forget to check your spam box.

How to view Restored Messages on Instagram?

Once you get the recovery message for Instagram, you must remember that the link will expire in 4 days. So if you want to retrieve your data, you have to download it within the given time.

How to view Restored Messages on InstagramWhen Instagram sends you a recovery link, follow the steps below.

  1. Instagram sends you two kinds of files.
  2. HTML and. JSON.
  3. Hit the download button, and the zip file will be downloaded.
  4. Extract the file through a file extractor.
  5. Install the JSON Genie(Editor) app and run it.
  6. If you want to recover deleted Instagram messages on your iPhone.
  7. Download the JSON Pro for free.
  8. Once you run the app, locate the Instagram folder and open the file named “messages.json.”
  9. Now you may view your deleted Instagram messages.

Instagram Recovery Tool Messages

There are several instagram message recovery apps on the google play store that can help with Instagram message recovery. Enter your Gmail ID and password, and they will help you. There are also apps that provide instagram message recovery for iphone.

Instagram Recovery Tool Messages

But we recommend that you recover your messages through PC or laptop Because if you download a third-party app, it may affect other data in your cell phone or give you a virus. You could potentially lose your data because of data overriding.

Recover through Istaunch.

It is a web-based program that claims to safely recover your deleted Instagram messages. You must enter your email and password in the box given on their website. It also supports instagram direct message recovery for ios.

Retrieve your deleted messages through Facebook.

Suppose you connected your Instagram with your Facebook account. You are in luck.
Because if those two apps are connected, you can access your DMs via Facebook and manage them easily. You just have to log into your Facebook account and check your messenger. There will be an Instagram direct icon. Click on it, and you can see all your deleted chats there.


There are several methods if you lose your data on Instagram. You can retrieve your data by requesting Instagram user support for assistance and they can help your Instagram message recovery. They will send you your shared posts, photos, and messages. Or you can use 3rd party apps and websites.

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