Japan is the country famous for its appetizing Japanese street food, especially in summer. Street food culture is uncommon in Japan as compared to other Asian countries. Regular food markets are quite less. Whereas Japanese food seller sells their food by wandering around the city to city during the Japanese food festivals.

The small food stalls in japan are called Yattai and they offer a variety of food! These providers give a reachable and tasty choice of dishes that are cheap, but super and scrumptious.

List of some best Japanese street food

Here is a list of some delicious Japanese street food you do not want to miss!


The Japanese road food takoyaki is little yummy Fballs loaded up with little bits of octopus, tempura scraps, ginger, and spring onions.

Takoyaki is cooked in special kinds of iron pans. And the vendors can easily flip them in a pan with the help of chopsticks making them more attractive and delicious.

Moreover, this Japanese street food is served with Japanese mayonnaise and brown sauce similar to Worcestershire sauce and some fish flakes. Firstly this dish was famous only in Osaka but now it is completely famous in the whole of Japan.

Kare pan

Kare pan is a kind of Okazu pan, a term used to explain bread full of distinctive types of savory ingredients. Made of slightly candy dough that has been breaded and deep-fried, a Kare pan has rich Japanese curry at its middle.

However, Japanese curry is quite distinct from other Asian curries, with a darkish coloration and a relatively moderate flavor. With its wonderfully crispy from outside and smooth interior, a Kare pan makes an unusual but tasty Japanese snack.


This Japanese street food is so famous that no Japanese festival is complete without it and it is famous in Yatai.

Moreover, the recipe is easy to make with wheat noodles, pork pieces, onions, and cabbage cooked and topped with Benishoga, katsuobushi, aonori, a squeeze of Worcestershire sauce, and a fried egg.

This Japanese delicious dish is a must-try at once.


Crepes are not originated in japan but have a huge fan basis, usually serve cover into a cone so they’re easy to devour at the pass.

Japanese crêpes frequently incorporate refreshing ingredients like candy, fruit, and eggs and they’re usually a little crisper than the French correspondent.

Crepes Japapnes Street Food

Many are filled with fairly Japanese ingredients, together with azuki beans and whipped cream, or chicken with teriyaki sauce. Marion Crêpes on Takeshita-Dori in Harajuku is one of the maximum well-known places in Tokyo to try one.


This Japanese street food contains chicken skewers that are grilled over charcoal and this dish is loved all over Japan. Yakitori can be made from every part of chicken such as thighs, breasts, and wings seasoned with soya sauce, pickle plum special Japanese sauce, and mustard sauce.

Moreover, chicken is the most common ingredient of this delicious Japanese street food but it can also be made with pork and meat.

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Gyoza originates from China, where they’re known as jiaozi, however, they’re also very popular in Japan. These deep-fried dumplings are usually full of a combination of ground pork, green onion, nira chives, cabbage, garlic ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil. The dumplings generally get serve in corporations of six and eaten alongside a special dipping sauce made from soy sauce and vinegar.

You’ll find their servings in izakaya and ramen shops, additionally, they make frequent appearances at gala and road markets.


This street food of japan is a sweet and delicious appetite made up of batter of eggs, sugar, and flour and then baked in disk-shaped molds.

After this it gets coat with red bean paste, chocolate and custard make it more mouth-watering and tasty.


Similar to crepes this Japanese dish gets fill with mashed potatoes and cream coated with bread crumbs and makes it crispy as the alternative of French croquettes. The fillings of this tasty dish can also vary from region to region according to the taste of the people.


Though whole-grilled squid on a stick won’t sound just like the maximum glamorous or appealing snack to some. Japanese road food cooks have mastered bringing out the quality in an easy idea. Juicy and fresh squid is flame-broiled over charcoal, given a liberal covering of shoyu (soy sauce), and presented with a cut of lemon or lime.

The chewy texture unique to squid meat is a have to-strive for people who haven’t. Ikayaki is a meaty and flavorful meal-on-the-move that is ready to reserve almost immediately.

Yaki tomorokoshi

Corn is just a simple dish to various people but in Japan, it gets served in festivals with moderating recipes. First, the corn is boiled and then grilled to give the smoky texture and in the end, covered with butter and soya sauce makes it more delicious.

Yaki tomorokoshi Best Japanese Street Food

This dish first came in Hokkaido where most of the corn of Japan grows but soon it became the taste of the whole of Japan.


If you are a sweet lover then this Japanese street food is surely for you. Wataame is a cotton candy that is available at every Japanese festival. You can see the making of cotton candy the rich flavors spun around the stick makes it look very pretty.

In many of the shops, cotton candy is decorated with manga characters to make it more attractive and beautiful.


Shioyaki is a very simple yet enormously flavorful snack, together with baked fish and served on a stick. Mackerel (saba) is a common capture off the coast of Japan and consequently, it’s miles frequently used to create this dish. The fish is seasoned only with salt to decorate the flavor of its flaky meat.

While saba shioyaki can regularly be seen in festivals, a similar dish referred to as tai no shioyaki (salt-grilled sea bream) is actually part of conventional new year feasts.


This Japanese street food is another kind of dumplings filled with a variety of flavors. The three of four dumplings are put over the skewers and coated with a different type of sauces such as soya sauce and many more.

You will find this dish outside of the Shinto shrine and this dish is very common.

Sweet potato

Japanese sweet potatoes normally have an incredibly sweeter taste than the Western model. They’re usually visible served on the streets in autumn and winter, and maybe served in different varieties. Daigaku Imo (university potato) includes deep-fried sweet potatoes piece topped with sweet syrup and toasted sesame seeds. Other carriers roast the complete potato over warm stones or cut it into thick chips which can be then covered with salt and sugar.

Candied fruit

A street conventional everywhere, candied fruit can be discovered throughout Japan and in lots of variations. From candied apricot to candied apple those numerous types dipped in sweet syrup will make you wanting more and more.

Candied fruit Japanese Street Food

You need to especially try Ichigo ame (candied strawberries) at the time of the strawberry season for a real Japanese deal.

Choco banana

As the name shows this Japanese street food is bananas dipped in chocolate syrup. The chocolate may be black, white, and brown according to your wish. After this banana will place over the stick to make it look like ice cream.


You may think you’ve attempted this treat before, however, assume once more! Although much like its western ice counterpart. Kakigori frequently comes in precise flavors consisting of matcha green tea and lemon. It is topped with red beans to mochi (pounded rice), jelly, and whipped cream. The cease product comes out to be a pretty hearty dessert!


This Japanese dish is a type of cracker that comes in many shapes and flavors. Some of these are baked and others are grilled and their flavors are enhanced by soya sauce. You can eat them with green tea and some other teas.

Jaga bata

This Japanese street food is made up of baked potatoes with peeled skin and topped with delicious butter coating surely you should surely try this.

Curry rice

Japanese people love curry with rice. This mild spicy curry served with boiled rice can be eaten twice a week and attach to the Japanese diet.

Bebi kasutera

Kasutera is a Japanese sponge cake but in a mini version inspired by Portuguese Pao de castella. This baby version of cakes is Japanese people’s favorite.


This dish is suitable for winters made up of meats. Fish and vegetables cooked in light broth for a very long time make it a soup form and helps in warming up in winters.