John Luke Robertson | The Famous Star Of Duck Dynasty

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Who is John Luke Robertson? You might be wondering who this person can possibly be. Well, in the following passage you will learn about his background and what he does now to make an impact on others’ lives!

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John Luke Robertson

John Luke was born on February 24, 1995, in West Monroe, Louisiana, and is the oldest son of Willie Robertson and Korie Robertson and the brother of famous television star Bella Robertson. They all raise fame from their family reality show duck dynasty, an American television series. John was only 16 years old when the duck dynasty’s first season came on the A&E network.

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John Luke Robertson

Since then the audience has seen him turning into a fine young man. There are ten seasons of the series and John Luke worked in all of them. People love him and admire his work in television series.

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Bella Robertson | The American Television Star

Duck Dynasty

This is a famous American television series which got aired From 2012 to 2017. The reality television show aired on A&E. This specific series portrays the lives of the Robertson family and how they achieved success from their family-operated business.

Duck Dynasty

This show alone earned $80 million in only advertising sales in the first nine months of 2013. If we talk about merchandise then it has generated $400 million in revenue. The fourth season premiere of duck dynasty amazingly drew $11.8 million views and it is the most nonfiction-able series watched views in the history of television.

John attended Ouachita Christian high school. Luke Robertson and his wife Mary Kate both moved to Lynchburg. There they both attended and graduated from Liberty University. Now, these days fans are wondering what they are up to? Growing up he mostly spent his summers in camp Ch-Yo-Ca. It is a Christian youth camp which is started by his great grandfather back in 1967 he worked there in his summers. John Luke Robertson also participates in various missions around the world related to his faith. Moreover, he loves to speak about various events that go on around the world.

John Luke Robertson As Author

We all know his passion for his faith and for a living is no doubt the fullest. He is also the author. John like wrote 4 books that are juvenile fiction series. Be own duck commander and also he writes on his favourite blog young and beardless which was released back on May 17, 2016.

His first book was released in 2014 and the series title of his book was “Be your own Commander”. Then the “four-book juvenile fiction” series was especially inspired by his beautiful family and their incredible antics. One of his books invited readers to participate in the zany-like of a duck commander’s land and that book is “Choose your own commander”.

However, when he got married to Mary Kate he released his second book and which is “Young and Beardless” This book refers to the search for God and describes in detail the purpose and meaning of human life.

John Luke Robertson As Author

John Luke Robertson’s Wedding With Mary Kate

There is no doubt about it that over 3 million people were blessed to witness this Robertson’s wedding to his childhood love and sweetheart Mary Kate in season 8 of the duck dynasty. On his 19th birthday, John Luke proposed to Mary Kate during a surprise trip to New York City. The couple met in 2017 while John Luke was attending Liberty University. They currently live in West Monroe, Louisiana. How sweetly he followed the footstep of his own parents! As his parents also got married when they were quite young.

Mary Kate McEachern | A Young Social Media Influencer

What does John Luke Robertson Do Now?

Growing up as a star increases the curiosity in the audience what are you up to? He grew up a member of one of the famous American families. So fame is not what he wants, not even money. He is somehow bored with these two things. When he first appears on television audience quickly fell in love with his cute dimples.

After so much love and fame from the duck dynasty, choosing a difficult path for himself he started writing a book. His struggles can’t go unnoticeable, as he has now become the author of Four amazing books. John Luke Robertson is an active member of his family’s church, White’s Ferry Road Church in West Monroe. He is also involved in several charities, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Operation Christmas Child.

John isn’t the Only Author in His Family

Talking about writing books and blogs so he isn’t the only author in Robertson’s family. His wife Mary Kate is equally gifted as a writer. The best part of her life is probably that she runs a blog by the name of “The little duck’s wife”, where she lays the couple’s lives out. It’s totally like an open book to the audience and people are loving it.

As she writes there “Other than saying yes to Jesus, saying yes to John Luke was the best ‘yes’ of my life. Being married to him has been the GREATEST adventure,” She happily writes in her post’s caption about what it’s like to get married at such a young age. It’s totally amazing and loveable. Moreover, the blogs are usually about their daily life routine and their happy moments with each other. Mary is a social media influencer now.

Children of John Luke Robertson And Mary Kate

John and his wife Mary have a son, John Shepherd. While in 2021, they got a daughter named Ella and another described as “mary”. Both couples live their lives publicly they don’t hide any news from their fans. Just like an open book, they share every minor detail of their lives on social media. Through Kate’s blog, we have inside of their lives.

Children of John Luke Robertson And Mary Kate

In her blog, she explains how it feels like to get married young. She wrote in one of her blogs “I really don’t know what [‘the one’] means. I mean I do, but I don’t remember thinking a lot around that term”. She also gave some detailed explanations to her followers. “Our sole purpose on earth is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever (Psalm 86:9). That’s our goal in all aspects of life, including marriage. Then you can ask yourself, ‘With this person am I able to glorify God more? Will our relationship be honouring to God? Can I serve God better with this person or are they going to hinder my service to God?’ And then be real with yourself and real with God,” she says. “But after you say ‘I do’ that person is ‘the one!’”

Which Duck Dynasty member died?

The brother to Si and Phil Robertson, Jimmy Frank died of a heart attack on Friday, 21 Nov.

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