Makeup For Sensitive Eyes And Skin | Best Tips

  • By Ubaid Ur Rehman
  • February 5, 2021

Are you worried about the best makeup application on sensitive skin? Then this article is for you! Nowadays makeup has become part of our life. While here, you will know how to do makeup for sensitive eyes and some special techniques to apply eye makeup for sensitive dry eyes.

Symptoms of Sensitive Skin or Eyes

The use of make-up is to look attractive and good but some makeup irritates eyes which may lead you to many skin diseases. Every person should know how to apply makeup for sensitive eyes as well as skin.

However, if you have sensitive skin and any makeup doesn’t suit you then you’ll see stinging, watery eyes, redness in eyes, or red spots start appearing on the chin, cheeks, forehead. Moreover, itchiness, pressure, or pain, and your nose starts running.

Sensitive Skin or Eye
Image: getthegloss

If any of these symptoms start appearing when you apply makeup its means that you have sensitive eyes and skin to use any makeup. Moreover, some women feel irritation in their eyes after applying mascara. Their eyes become watery and all the eye makeup vanish. To avoid such cases one should get the best quality makeup product or use home remedies.

Tips For Best Eye Makeup For Sensitive Eyes

The makeup artist William Murphy says if you have sensitive eyes then you just have to treat yourself good you don’t have to avoid eye makeup. As per many other great makeup artists even if you have sensitive eyes you can apply heavy smoky makeup with a thick layer of eyeliner but all you need to do is to use good quality products that suit your skin.

As there are so many products out there in makeup for sensitive eyes. These all products are hypoallergenic and ophthalmologist tested makeup products. All these makeup brands surely provide less irritation to your eyes and skin but it is important to keep your makeup tools clean, By tool I mean your makeup brushes and other cosmetics. Bacteria can easily accumulate in these makeup items and cause severe damage to your skin.

How to Apply Shadow on Sensitive Eyes?

Makeup for sensitive eyes is not as easy even if you use expensive good quality makeup products. If you are applying shadows on your eyes then apply it in a patting motion. Make sure when you blend do not put too much pressure on the eyes.

Ballpoint Liner for Sensitive Eyes

The ballpoint liner is best for any type of eye sensitivity. It will give you a strong outlook even without harming or irritating your eyes. Easy to use and last long.

Moreover, when you apply liner you need to focus on the Outer Corners of your eyes. If you want some dramatic look. Use creamy gel-like products and apply short strokes and do not always go for full lines this is how you try to avoid tugging on the skin.

Waterproof Mascara

Dust, wind, allergies, air pollution are some of the main reasons that irritate sensitive eyes. In the case of makeup for sensitive eyes, this waterproof mascara is your best friend and helps you in the prevention of tearing eyes. Use a megaphone shaped brush and build volume with every last lash.

Makeup Brushes

In makeup for sensitive eyes use the best quality brushes. As per excellent make-up artist Murphy, you need to focus that what you are applying to your eyes and with whom you are applying it. Choose a soft brush, not the scratchy brush that would sore your eyes. Try more to tap on the eye rather than merging colors with brushes. Use brush even when you are using liquid cream and do not touch your eyes and face with your hands.

Always Read Ingredients

Before buying any makeup products for yourself must read the ingredients. If you have sensitive eyes then avoid makeup products that have alcohol, essential oil, and fragrance. Any of the products having these things would definitely irritate your eyes.

Cleansing balm

Always apply cleansing balm it helps to remove your makeup gently and completely. Removing makeup is as important as putting your makeup off that needs full effort and cleanliness. Use damp cotton to gently wipe.

Best Makeup Products for Sensitive Eyes


Rimmel London stays matte and it is the best concealer for any type of skin especially for sensitive skin, eyes. It comes in 20 different shades. These shades are designed in such a way that holds up on your skin even in the rough, sweatiest environment. Moreover, it helps to cover dark circles and also hides many marks that appear on the skin without causing any irritation in the eyes and skin.


Aveeno positively radiant max glow primer and serum are the best for sensitive skin. The best part of this product is it is without silicone which is present in other primers and serums. That is why it is the best makeup for sensitive eyes and it is noncomedogenic. This primer also contains jojoba oil and soybeans proteins these all are hydrating ingredients.


For sensitive eyes, Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara is the best. This mascara is tested and approved best for sensitive eyes. It bumped up the volume on their lashes and it also separates your lashes from one another and prominent your eyes more. It is waterproof so you don’t have to deal with tugging and rubbing issues.

Best Makeup Brands for Sensitive Eyes and Skin


BareMinerals is the makeup brand which is also known as Escentuals. It is a famous brand and uses for being one of the first companies who introduces the world of mineral makeup. Their products are skin-friendly and you can also find high-quality eye makeup here especially for sensitive skin. They don’t use parabens, synthetic fragrances, artificial oils. These products are ophthalmologist tested. It is one of the best makeup brands for sensitive eyes.


It is a famous makeup brand and it is known for its skin and eye-friendly cosmetics all around the world. All of Almay’s products are tested for, sensitizing potential, as well as toxicity and irritancy. This thing ensures that Almay does not include any kind of chemical ingredients in their products that could negatively affect eye health. Those who wear lenses Almay have special kinds of makeup products for them.


For sensitive eyes makeup, this is one of the biggest names. Cliniques offers high-quality products for skin and eyes also for those who wear contact lenses. They do not use chemicals in their products.

Physicians Formula

This brand has some of the best makeup for sensitive eyes and skin and it is a top hypoallergenic drugstore makeup brand without any doubt. Their products are specially formulated to cater to the biggest problems of sensitive eyes and sensitive skin. No use of parabens and fragrance in their products assures that their products are all skin-friendly. Organic wear lines are physician formula.

Tarte Cosmetics

This is also one of the good quality brands for sensitive eyes and skin. They do not use any harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, and mineral oil in their products. Most of their products are tested with ophthalmologists.

Makeup Tips for Dry or Sensitive Eyes

Dry eye is the condition when your eyes are unable to produce tears so that your eyes may keep moist in such condition we call it a dry eye. In this case, your tears evaporate fast. You feel dry and scratchy. The imbalance of oil, mucus, and water in your tears cause your tear to evaporates fast. Other than that aging is another cause of dry eyes and some medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or we can say thyroid problem.

Dry or Sensitive Eyes

Below are some really helpful tips for you:

  • When you start doing your eye make up then insert lubricate eye drops for 30 minutes.
  • Always wash your brush before use.
  • Apply mascara on the tips of your eyelash if you have dry eyes.
  • Try to use mascara minimum.
  • Apply less makeup on your eyes.
  • Use good quality make up products when you do your makeup.

Foundation for Sensitive Eyes

It is true that some foundation irritates eyes. If you are allergic then your eyes become inflamed easily. Foundation is the makeup product which we apply all over on our face to first set the base of the skin after that we apply blush on and other make items. Make sure to clean your eyes area and when you apply foundation to leave the space under the eyes and use the best quality concealer instead of foundation. Use the powder in such a way that it would not go into your eyes.