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Mexican Festivals You Should Attend Once in Life

Mexican Festivals will never let you spend a single dull moment, and it probably is the best part of the Mexican culture. From delicious foods to colorful carnivals the culture of Mexico has a lot of things to offer. People around the world visit here to enjoy the charm that no other place can provide ever.

The Mexican culture holds a long list of festivals to enjoy.

Firstly, let’s have a glance at the culture of this beautiful and mesmerizing place:

Culture of Mexico

Mexican culture, somehow, is a mixture of African, European, and native cultures. Mexico loves good celebrations. Not even a single moment of the family get-togethers, good foods, music, or relishing the culture is wasted. If you have ever been there then you would probably know about the diverse culture of Mexico.

There is basically a festival every week of the year. Mexican people celebrate each and every major to minor events such as official holidays of independence, constitution, and heroes. There are many civil festivals and holidays too, such as flag hanging ceremony, a day dedicated to the army, and much more.

The culture of Mexico is rich, colorful, and diverse because of its strong Aztec and Maya civilizations. The people of this place have strong beliefs in their traditions and they celebrate each of them with enthusiasm. Several groups of people portray a huge diversity of Mexican culture.

Here is the huge list of Mexican Festivals that are worth watching.

Dia de Muertos

This Mexican festival is called the day of the dead, in which people celebrate the importance of life. It continues for two days, 1st and 2nd November. The first November is dedicated to the dead children and called the day of innocents while the second November is dedicated to the older people who are dead.

At this festival, people decorate the graves, host dinner, and remember the memories of their loved ones. This festival comes from the great Aztec culture of Mexico and people celebrate it all over America.

New year eve

If a culture celebrates each and every small festival then how can it neglect the New Year eve! However, the New Year Evening is one of the fascinating Mexican festivals with the party goes all night.

New Year eve in Mexico

Celebrating the eve in Mexico is quite interesting, no matter where you are, you’ll see the fireworks at 12 o clocks. The whole of Mexico gets lighted on the 31st of December every year and these fireworks are worth seeing once in your life.

Three kings day

On January 6, twelve days exactly after the Christmas Mexican people celebrate the three kings day, in remembrance of the arrival of three men who brought a gift to Jesus. For the Mexican children, it was not the Santa who brings the gift but actually it was that three men who bring the gift for them.

Three kings day Mexican festival

Moreover, families host the famous dish of bread and dry fruits. Inside the bread, there is the figure of baby Jesus. The person who found this baby Jesus on his/her plate he is going to throw a party on the next Candlemas day.


The person with the figure of baby Jesus in his bread gives the party on the 2nd of February called Candlemas, in which people dress up the figure of Christ and child, and take them to church.

Candlemas the odd Mexican Festival

However, the people of Mexico believe that doing so will bring happiness and peace to their families.

Guelaguetza festival

Next in the list of Mexican Festivals is Guelaguetza. This Mexican festival is most famous among the tourists because it is characterized by the exhibition of Mexican culture, food, and art.

Guelaguetza festival Mexican Festival

On this beautiful occasion, the whole country is pack with beautiful colors reflecting the charm of Mexican culture. This festival usually happens in July and if you are planning to see this you should buy a ticket in advance.

San Pancho music festival

Who does not love music? Probably everyone around us loves music of different tastes. Meanwhile, the San Pancho music festival continues for three days with a variety of music food, and art and craft vendors.

San Pancho music festival

This is one of the best festivals if you are planning to make a family vacation to Mexico. Do not miss this music festival.

Festival del centro historico

If you want to know the whole Aztec history then this festival of Mexico is for you. It lasts for more than a week with 50 plus venues offering the concerts, foods, arts culture, and much more.

Festival del centro historico The Mexican Festival

Moreover, the main purpose of this festival is the preservation of old Mexican art and architecture.

Dia de la virgin de Guadalupe

This is one of the religious Mexican festivals in history. This day of the Virgin of Guadalupe is celebrated on December 12 every year. The story behind this legend says the virgin marry appears in front of Juan Diego, one of the most loved patron saints of Mexico.

Dia de la virgin de is the weird festival of Mexico

And after this specter occurred in Mexico city and church has now formed at that place. This festival is celebrated to relish this religious event of the Christian community.

Spring equinox

This festival is celebrated in March at the place of Chichen Itza for the spring equinox. On this day the light casts a shadow on the main temple that actually looks like a serpent. However, it is not just a coincidence, the locals believe that this temple dedicates to Kukulcan, the feather gods. That why the shadow appears at that place. This is worth watching sight for both the residents and tourists.

Restaurant week

If you are a foodie then this festival is for you. More than 60 big restaurants in Mexico take place in this festival and sell the three-course meal at 50 percent off cost.

Pride festival

This Mexican festival is mostly for the LGBTQ community because Puerto Vallarta is LGBTQ friendly destination. The whole festival characterizes by beach parties, parades, fashion shows, and much more, all done in the support of the LGBTQ community.

Dia de Los Locos

This festival somehow is the day a feast for fools in which the residents do crazy things wearing weird costumes and room around the streets, while other people, throw the candy to them.

Dia de Los locos

This crazy party is fun to watch and participate in. If you ever go to Mexico while this festival is happening do not miss it.

Whale shark festival

Whale Shark festival of Mexico held in July at Isla Mujeres to celebrate the beauty of the island and to see the number of whales and sharks that inhabit the water here.

In addition to sightseeing, you can also enjoy some food and music there. However, the main purpose of this festival is to make people realize the importance of marine life.

Chamber music festival

For all the classical music lovers this Mexican festival has a lot to offer. You should head to the San Miguel de Allende city.

Mexican Festival

Award-winning musicians come here from all over the world in the month of August in honor of this festival.

Vive Latino

Festival Iberoamericano de Cultura Musical is an annual music festival held in the capital of Mexico. It’s one amongst the foremost important music festivals, featuring a good style of groups of the many genres.

The event takes place in Foro Sol usually in March and April. The duration of the festival is 2 to 3 days.

Moreover, the festival’s concept is to gather new coming bands from everywhere Lbero-America for 3 days to form an area for alternative music and new proposals from different Spanish-speaking bands.

Independence Day

On 16 September Mexico celebrates the beginning of its war of independence as the festival of Mexico and it is in the culture of Mexico since they start it. The people of Mexico celebrate this day with great patriotism. The art exhibition is everywhere. Moreover, parades and costume parties are also seen on that day.

Revolution Day

On the third Monday of November people of Mexico celebrate their revolution day. That day is filled with parades, speeches, and patriotic events. As the endnote, I would recommend you to add Mexico to your world trip list and enjoy these cool and interesting Mexican festivals once in your life.

As the endnote, I would highly recommend adding these Mexican festivals to your world exploring list.

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