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Places to Visit This Christmas 2020

Are you looking for places to visit this Christmas when the world is going through a pandemic? If yes, then this is the right place to hit the idea of the best places to celebrate this Christmas.

This pandemic has changed the ways of celebrating the big events of our lives. Even though the world is experiencing a decline in COVID-19 cases but the fear is still there. So, how is it possible to have joyful Christmas celebrations this year?

People nowadays celebrate birthdays and various other occasions in their homes by wearing masks and keeping all the SOP (standard operating procedure) in check.

Meanwhile, people are worried about Christmas celebrations on some best family vacation spots. Christmas is nothing without seeing the Santa clauses show in different countries with your family but this time people are concerned that which places are safe to go. If you don’t have any idea about the places to visit this Christmas 2020, then this guide is surely for you!

The attraction of nagging in a week’s significance of sun at a tropical delight during the cold and enjoyable winter months is definitely appealing, at some of the places to visit this Christmas. Luckily, the weather allows this during the Christmas month, and there are multiple places in the world that you can pick to visit.

Besides there enchanting scenes these places are completely following the COVID-19 SOPs described by WHO (World Health Organization) to make the travel safe.

Best Christmas destinations 2020

Here is the list of places to visit this Christmas 2020.

Bruges, Belgium

Europe’s first-class-preserved medieval town oozes appeal year-round but is specifically captivating in the course of Christmas. It’s difficult to assume a place greater magical as you wander the cobblestone streets, admire the gleaming lights, and heat up with mugs of Belgian hot chocolate in cafés.

Places to visit during christmas 2020 (2)

The memorable thing you can do there is enjoying the ice skating with your family or friends near the downtown Christmas market.

There is a hotel known as grand hotel Casselbergh that throws a party on Christmas and has a lobby bar with fireplaces. It is probably the best popular place to visit this Christmas 2020.

Christmas vacations in Tokyo

This place turns into a city of lights and festivities on Christmas every year. Moreover, this year’s plans include decorating the Tokyo midtown with 100,000 blue and silver lights and turning it into the dream city and decorating the Ebisu Garden Palace with crystal chandeliers.

Christmas 2020

No worries if you reach their late these decorations will last up to February.

Further, Aman Tokyo is the restaurant to go to this Christmas, it has a two-story spa and furo soaking tubs in each room. It will surely make your Christmas charming.

Quebec City, Canada

Quebec is one of the ancient cities located in the east of Canada, it’s safe to visit there during COVID 19 Christmas as there are strict SOPs. The city’s specialty that gets you in spirit is toboggan chateau Frontenac that will open from mid-December to March. It is a fantastic ride with a speed of 70km/h and probably the second oldest attraction in Quebec.

Christmas 2020

Moreover, this city is the capital of Canada province. After its 400th birthday, this place got its famous position back and became the center of tourist attraction again.

Cobblestone streets, huge cathedrals, French chitchat, the smell of fresh bread and cheese slice, and creamy pastries will surely make your Christmas visit epic.

As being the birthplace of New France this place celebrates Christmas with the culture of its motherland.

Quebec City ranks number 1 among the best places to visit at Christmas and rank number 2 in the best cheap place to go on Christmas.

Salzburg, Austria

This place is famous for Christkindlmarket in the center of UNESCO world heritage. In the month of December, there are daily night events and traditional shows performed on the evening of Thursday and Saturday in honor of Christmas.

Christmas 2020

The performance of Mozart’s greatest hits is also making your Christmas enjoyable. Besides all these fun things this place is also safe for your family during the coronavirus pandemic.


If your idea of Christmas high spirits includes a real Irish binge, then plan a December flight to Dublin. There is no best fun place for your family this Christmas 2020 by other than Dublin. Join the locals for black puddings and few pints.

Places to visit during christmas 2020

There are tree lighting ceremonies and Christmas markets everywhere to make your trip more interesting. Moreover, the Irish baroque orchestra annual production is held at the cathedral sharp at 7:00 pm.

However, the place is warming and safe for your family this winter.

New York City

There is no beautiful place than New York City to enjoy the magical Christmas vacations.

Places to visit this Christmas 2020

You can do a lot of breathtaking things here with your family.

Cape Town

If you’re trying to escape winter this Christmas, you can’t go anywhere better than Cape Town—it’s summer within the Southern Hemisphere, after all.

Christmas 2020

You may even go to one (or numerous) of the South African city’s excursion markets while not having to wear a coat and headscarf. But the face mask is a must.

Inari, Finland

If you are planning to visit northern areas this Christmas 2020 then I suggest you visit a small village Inari located in the heart of the picturesque Ivalo region. This small village is like a wonderland in winters dotted with a lot of restaurants and hotels that make your Christmas more enjoyable.

Inari, Finland this Christmas 2020

The most beautiful thing here is the northern light safari where you can drink your wine in a calm and soothing ambiance, and enjoy the dance of the aurora. Isn’t it the best Christmas place?


This city is practically made for Christmas. Every building and street is covered with a lot of lights during Christmas. Vienna is most famous for its sweet markets, Christmas cookies, and pastries are real fun.

Christmas 2020

Moreover, the Park Hyatt hotel at Vienna serves the grand Christmas shows and a beautiful hotel with all the SOPs to live with your family in this COVID-19 Christmas.


If you think we are forgetting our favorite Dubai on this list then you are wrong! Dubai is always in the front line celebrating every occasion.

Christmas 2020

Surely you do not want to miss the Christmas tree decorations at every street in Dubai.

You can also buy a lot of things at the special Christmas sale in Dubai, UAE.


Prague’s holiday markets effortlessly make the town one of the globe’s best locations to spend Christmas. They run for a complete month, with locals and tourists passing through for mulled wine, sticky pastries, and roasted ham.

Places to visit this Christmas

The original markets take location inside the Old Town and Wenceslas squares, simply 5 minutes aside via foot—and set to the backdrop of some of the prettiest Gothic architecture you will ever see.

You can surely enjoy your COVID Christmas here.


Edinburgh castle lunch can surely make your Christmas best of all. Apart from this, there is a holiday Christmas market at east princess ST. Garden, Skiing at pent land hill Regional Park.

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Moreover, the Hogmanay festival is the best of all, try to extend your visit there till this festival. It includes outdoor concerts and fireworks dance shows surely undertaking all the safety measurements.

Park City

This city in the USA is famous for its three things skiing, snowboarding, and film festivals. Park City has two most famous hotels deer valley and Park City Mountain. These two resorts host the winter Olympics.

Places to visit during Christmas 2020

You can also enjoy the number of winter activities in this COVID Christmas and surely make your visit best.


Rome is considered the best Christmas destination of 2020. This city is famous for its great ancient Greek history. If you are an art enthusiast and a food lover at the same time then you can enjoy these places very well.

Places to visit during Christmas

Moreover, this is popular place, it has a number of art museums and historical sculptures. That relish the great history of this suspicious and fantasy place and surely make your vacations memorable.


Although December marks the beginning of Oahu’s height traveler season. Its abundant Christmas sports, heat climate, and terrific whale watching opportunities make it an extremely good place to go to.

And don’t leave out the month-long Honolulu City Lights occasion at Honolulu Hale. That features the whole thing from a tree-lighting ceremony and parade.

London UK

This year COVID and Christmas have a strong connection. And this popular place is our foremost priority for holiday destinations as there is strict enforcement of SOPs… London puts the winter market every year for the tourists and the people of the town.

Christmas 2020

Meanwhile, a number of lights, Christmas trees, wooden toys, and handcrafted presents increase the glamour of the already beautiful city. This special market takes place from 8 November to 5 January.

One of the best things here is the London New Year eve fireworks by the London eye. But you have to leave early for it. To find the best spot of this eye-catching and breathtaking moment.

Sydney, Australia

If you think the worst issue about Christmas is the climate, then Sydney is probably the vacation spot for you.

The average temperature in December is a balmy 22°C with around nine hours of sunshine. Aussie families flock to Bondi Beach on Christmas Day for a festive circle of relative’s barbecue. But if you’re concerned about partying then barbecued turkey is a must.

Christmas vacations 2020

Moreover, there’s a Pavilion with stay DJs and amusement until 10 pm. And New Year is magnificent in Sydney – there are hourly hearth and mild shows in Darling Harbor starting from 1 pm on New Year’s Eve, and now not one, but two fireworks show at 9 pm and nighttime.

Madrid, Spain

For Christmas vacations, 2020 Spain is also a spectacular city to visit because of its Catholic culture. This country celebrates Christmas according to its nativity which is quite beautiful and extraordinary.

Christmas Celebration in Madrid

Besides this, if you go there early you can also catch the three king parade and the beautiful firework. And talking about COVID protection, Spain has vanished entire corona cases and emerged as a more clean place following all the SOPs.

These destinations are a must to add to your Christmas vacation list, because of their magical Christmas celebrations, moreover, the safety measures in this corona-Christmas 2020.

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