Beginners Guide to Playing Pickleball on a Grass Lawn

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If you want to know can you play pickleball on grass? Yes, of course, you can. This article has everything you need to know about playing pickleball on grass, how to prepare the grass, what ball should be used, and much more.

Pickleball on grass

Pickleball is a tennis-like sport enjoyed by all age groups. When it originated, the game was played on hard courts, made especially for pickleball. Grass or lawn pickleball sounds more convenient and fun.

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You can try playing pickleball on your garden grass with your kids or friends. And that won’t be just a sport but rather a party full of fun. Also, you do not have to follow the hard and fast rules while playing on your lawn.

Lawn pickleball is not the first choice, but if you’re an amateur, playing on grass will bring you more fun with easy practice. Also, if you can’t afford the hardcourts, pickleball can prove to be a good alternative. These are some of the benefits of playing pickleball on grass.

Challenges of lawn pickleball

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Though it sounds more casual and social to play pickleball on grass, you may have to face some challenges:

Less bounce

The balls used to play pickleball are very small, have holes, and are made of plastic. They are designed this way to give easy bounces. But on grass, you cannot get a bounce of that level. All you can do to get a better bounce is a play on very short grass.

What ball should be used to play pickleball on grass?

To fight the challenges of ball bouncing on grass, you may use a rubber ball. It will give more bounce on the grass. But make sure it is not heavy.

The unevenness of lawns

The next big challenge is the unevenness of the yard or garden you want to play pickleball on. It may interrupt your bounce delivery, or you may not get the ball. The hardcourts, like cement courts, are made even so that you may serve the ball right, and the bounce is also perfect.

The grass may affect your momentum

Lawn grass is often damp early in the morning and especially after rain, and because you have to move quickly from one place to another while playing pickleball, the dampness may slow you down, or you may slip.

Preparation of pickleball grass court

So, to play pickleball in your backyard, first of all, you need to prepare the grass court. And for that, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a suitable spot that is free from any dips or holes.
  2. Cut the grass short, as it will increase the bounce. And you’ll be able run smoothly.
  3. On shorter grass, it is easier to mark the lines.
  4. For marking the lines, you can use chalk. But it should not be preferred as it is not clear to see and also it will fade away. In that case, you will have to chalk out the boundaries daily, which can be tiring.
  5. Use spray paints to mark the lines for grass-court preparation instead, as it will be long-lasting.
  6. The grass-court measurements should be 44 x 20 meters.
  7. Place the net in the middle, and 35 inches above the ground.

Can you play pickleball on wet surfaces?

Yes, you can play pickleball on wet surfaces. But you need to move very quickly while playing, so there are chances that you may slip and get hurt. Therefore, it is not recommended to play pickleball on wet surfaces.



If you want to play pickleball as an amateur and just for recreation or fun, then playing it on the grass lawn in your backyard is a good option. Also, this is economical, and you won’t have to spend money on renting a tennis court.

It can be great fun on weekends with your family or friends. It is the perfect way to utilize your backyard. As you will play the game more often, it is bound to be beneficial to your health.


What surface can you play pickleball on?

Hard surfaces like asphalt, concrete, and tennis court tiles are preferred for playing pickleball.

Can you play pickleball on a grass court?

Yes, you can play pickleball on a grass court. But you have to prepare your backyard, try to obtain an even and short level of grass. And a rubber ball is preferred while playing on grass courts.

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