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Shanay-Timpishka | The Only Boiling River Of World

In this article, we’ll have a look at the world’s boiling water river Shanay-Timpishka, Mayantuyacu, Santuario Huistin history, and some important myths.

Hottest rivers are the best vocational spots in the winter season. And this is the only boiling river in the whole world. It is also called La bomba and is a tributary of the amazon river. The estimated length of this river is 6.4 km long and the Shanay-Timpishka temperature remains from 45°C to nearly 100°C which is a very high temperature. Moreover, the source of heat is geothermal water in the river boiled with the heat of the sun.

Shanay-Timpishka location

Shanay-Timpishka location
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It is located in the Mayantuyacu Sanctuary which is part of Huanuco high forest. This area is inhabited by the Ashaninka community and they are not allowed to enter there.

Story of the boiling river by its legends

Legends of Peru says that this river kills everything that falls into its waters. This river water runs to the center of the earth and it destroys everything that comes in its path. The hot waters are hidden in the heart of the rainforest of amazon which is in Peru.

Moreover, the shape of the headwater of the river is like a snakehead. The locals of shamans believe that this boiling water is due to birthed by Yucamama and that is a giant serpent spirit. They call it a mother of the waters. It is a myth that this giant spirit gives birth to this river and releases the hot waters that flow through it.

Andrés Ruzo and shanay-timpishka

Andrés Ruzo was a student of a southern methodist university in texas. He realizes that this boiling river is not just a myth but it is the largest geothermal feature in the world that is in the amazon forest. He constructs the thermal map of Peru. However, it is not easy for a student to investigate all alone such a big natural thing.

Rozu lives in the province of Puerto and it is near the ancient pilgrimage area of Mayantuyacu. While Shanay-Timpishka flows through two shamanic communities but works mostly with the Mayantuyacu. Members of this place believe that the river for them is the source of their spiritual power.

Ruzo’s discovery of Shanay-Timpishka

It is compulsory for outsiders to ask permission before study about the river. Ruzo’s discovery about the river astounded him completely. Waters were too hot 120ºF and 200ºF (48.9ºC and 93.3ºC) it is extraordinary hot for any human being. You cannot walk barefoot on the riverside mud because the mud also is too hot. Animals cant cross-river because of its extraordinary hotness. Therefore, if you fall into the river then you would have third-degree burns.

Rozu in his study also said that he never heard about any river with this much high temperature. There are no volcanos and the nearest volcano from this river was 400 miles away. Moreover, he concluded that the heat is due to fault led hydrothermal feature. The mouth of the river is much cooler as per his research.

One more theory is that Shanay-Timpishka’s heat is due to the result of an oil accident. As it is located only 1.24 miles away from the oil field in that area which is the oldest oil field.

Boiling river project

Andrés Ruzo started this research and established the boiling river project. At his first visit the duration of his journey was 3 hours but now by roads and deforestation in the country it is easy to reach in less than 2 hours. This project is biologically, geologically, and culturally significant.

Furthermore, this is an extraordinary hot water to kill someone. It can kill humans in a mere few minutes without any doubt.

Mayantuyacu and Shanay-Timpishka

It is a healing retreat center covering the boiling Shanay-Timpishka’s area in Puerto province in Peru. This is located near Pucallpa and covers almost 180 hectares of this amazon rainforest. While people of this place speak Ashaninka and in that language, Mayantuyacu means water and the air.

Establishment of retreat in Mayantuyacu

In Mayantuyacu, the retreat was established by Juan Flores Salazar. He was an Ashaninka traditional healer (vegetalismo). Salazar was born into a family of traditional healers and he specially established Mayantuyacu to practice plant therapy.

Mayantuyacu the hot river in the world

He wanted to pass on the traditional knowledge of the practice of plant therapy to future generations. However, the healing techniques that he uses involve bark, natural, fragrance, and ayahuasca, tobacco.

There are many natural hot springs in Mayantuyacu. The place is one of the two native Amazonian healing and traditional knowledge centers located on the Boiling River.

Ashaninka healers (The Maestro Juan Flores)

Maestro Juan Flores belongs to a long line of Ashaninka healers on both sides of his family. The community is led by him because he is a healer and a shaman. Maestro Juan at an early age started training. As a tie pass, he studies hard and establishes himself as a well-respected healer.

He brought his knowledge to Mayantuyacu and started developing plant medicines. According to him, this hot water river is the most sacred place for local shamans. Juan explains in the past when their grandfathers were alive how some powerful shaman would come and communicate with the spirits here.

This area back then was not safe and crowded with wild animals, only the brave shaman would dare to step up for this task. Deforestation destroys everything as the wild animals were killed and the spirits went deeper to the virgin jungle.

Santuario Huistin

This Santuario Huistin is actually one of the two native Amazonian healing as well as traditional knowledge centers which is located on the Hot Waters.

Shanay-Timpishka The hottest river in the world

Maestro Enrique

This Santuario Huistin community is led by maestro Enrique Paredes. He had a vision received by his calling as a curandero of the virgin mary in the jungle. Mary told him he should heal others and appeal to the rainforest to reveal his dark hidden secrets. He gains an international reputation over the third year of his hard work in making medicines and healing others. However, he treats various illnesses such as emotional, physical, and spiritual nature.

Moreover, Santuario Huistin members work to conserve the land and live in harmony with nature’s beauty. They work to recollect all those old traditional rules and customs in preparations of their medicines to heal others and serve mankind in the best possible way through the help of nature.

Dr. Angela O’Hara

Dr. Angela O’Hara is a professor of the University of Toronto. She is an indigenous knowledge specialist. This lady works extensively with the Santuario community and describes vegetalismo, which means plant spirit shamanism.

However, the overall concept of Angela is that everything in the world possesses its own spirit which we also call genio, plants, rivers, animals, stones, which are all mentors to humanity. Especially to protect them, heal them, and feed them.

We cannot deny the reality that we can’t fight with nature. Nature is wild and beautiful. Everything within it is fantastic just like this Shanay-Timpishka. Therefore, no one can imagine that the boiling river or hot waters do exist in the world.


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