Snapchat Username and User Location Trackers – (2023 Guide)

Snapchat is one of the fastest popularity gaining platforms. It encourages you to stay at it with spicy filters and amazing stories. It was the first picture-based program with the concept of stories, which influences almost every social media now. In 2017 they also introduced the option “Snap Map” which allows us to see other people’s current locations and serves as a snapchat location tracker. Many people look towards third party tools that provide a snapchat username tracker.

It helps you to track your children for their safety or maybe you want to know how far your friends are from you. Well, it also helps people to know where a public event took place so they can join.

Perhaps it will not always be helpful as the targeted person may opt out of the Snap map option. So, you can’t trace them, you will need a snapchat username tracker. There are several ways to track the user if they disabled the Snap map. Don’t be sad. We are here to help you, if you want to know how read the complete guide below.

How to track someone on Snapchat using Snapchat username tracker

For finding the answer, let’s begin reading now.

Snapchat Username Trackers

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1. Snapchat feature (SnapMap)

It’s an inbuilt feature of snapchat which they introduced in 2017. It’s the easiest way to trace a friend who shares their location via SnapMap with you.

You can check them by doing these steps.

  1. Launch Your Snapchat.
  2. Tap on the location option that is given at the bottom of the home screen.
  3. When you click on it. The SnapMap will start loading.
  4. It will be viewed with emojis that represent your friends.
  5. When you tap on that bitmoji, the location will be shown to that person.
  6. If you pinch to zoom them you can track Snapchat user location.

2. Request a friend

If you didn’t find your targeted person with the above method. Maybe they are in ghost mode or they didn’t open the Snapmap option. Also, you don’t want to trace them in immoral ways. You can be gentle by requesting them to share their location with you.

  1. Just go to their profile.
  2. Check their snap Map.
  3. And tap on “Request location”
  4. Now it’s up to them whether they allow you to track their location or not.

However, if they decline your request or they don’t want to share their location with you. You should respect their privacy.

3. Third-party location tracker

Many third-party snapchat name tracker are available to track the snapchat user. These apps or sites are not authorized by snapchat or any other social media programs.

So if you want to trace someone you have to use them at your own risk. Those apps can be helpful but they might violate some rules. They can also trace your location or your private information, as they have hacking code it can also crash your data. But you can track your target or read their messages by using them.

Those messages can be seen for a limited time. After that, they will be automatically deleted. They can give you the right answer and are equally helpful for other social media platforms

4. IP address finder

These are also a type of third-party Snapchat username trackers or location trackers. They can be free for a trial period and if you are comfortable with them you can buy their premium version.

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This web-based program can help you to track someone on Snapchat in 2023. If the user does not allow you to see their location you can give it a shot. You just have to open the IP address finder by IStaunch. Enter the target name and hit the submit button. You will see the target location within a few seconds.

Besides this, some more questions that you might wonder about. We can give you the answer.

Why We Shouldn’t Use SnapMap?

You should use SnapMap and Snapchat username trackers. It will help you to track down your spouse or your kids.

But you have to protect your privacy. Because maybe there is someone in the friend’s list of your kids that tries to track them for the wrong reasons.

How to turn off Snapmap?

You must turn off your snap map when you don’t need it. It is essential for your privacy.
To turn off Snapmap, click on the profile and open the settings option.

How to turn off Snapmap

There will be a snap map customization option. You can customize your tracking features according to your friends so a trusted particular person can find you. But if you don’t want to be tracked down you can switch on the Ghost mode.

What is Ghost Mode?

In the settings of your Snapchat, there will be an option of Ghost mode. It means that you deny the snap map location access and now people can not see your snap chat activity or find your location. It will help your protection as we know there are many predators on social media nowadays.


If you want to trace someone on Snapchat. Snap map will be your guide as it’s authorized by Snapchat. You can see or share your location with your friends and use it as a Snapchat username tracker. But if they turn off their snap map you can request them for access. So you can see where they are.

If they deny your request you can use third-party apps or website trackers. And also if you don’t want to be seen on snap maps you can turn off this feature or turn on Ghost Mode on your Snapchat. So people will not see your activity on Snapchat. You can use Snapchat username tracker but be careful about the moral implications and your protection.

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