In this article, we will see what sport has the most injuries in the world. Sports are essential for a healthy and peaceful mind. When you play you release your mental stress. Playing any kind of sport makes you confident and relax. There are some sports in the world which can give you serious injuries or you can even die. But people love to play dangerous sports for fun.

What Sport Has The Most Injuries

No doubt some sports are based on serious injuries or even death can happen. We are going to focus in this article to know what sport has the most injuries? Because some sports are not as dangerous as we think but still cause lots of injuries.

When it’s summer then it means it’s time to start a league match in a kind of sport. People love to play sports but there are massive crowds who love to watch sports. Discussing what sport has the most injuries is only letting young athletes know that how to be safe while playing or even practicing these sports on a minor level.

Most Dangerous Sports Ranked

What Sport Has The Most Injuries?



You may not believe but basketball is the top-ranked sport that has more injuries than any other sport. These injuries include hamstring strains, groin pulls, ACL tears, shin splints, and concussions. As it is a proper sport and there are 26 million youngsters who play it regularly in their high schools as well as colleges.

Affected Age Group

Ages from 12 to 17 are common youngsters who play it. This sport causes most injuries to any age group player. Roughly we can say 570,000 players were treated for these basketball injuries in the United States alone back in 2012. However, 8000 of them were hospitalized due to serious injuries.

How To Prevent Basketball Injuries

Always wear an elbow and knee pad. There is also a mouth guard to wear while playing basketball. Do lots of strength training to avoid injuries.

Warm-up Before Playing

It is no doubt that the best thing which you can do to your body is warm it up. Then cool down whenever you are playing sports. It is important to release the laziness from your body that will make you active completely. This thing will also stretch your body and muscles.



If we specifically discuss the fact that what sport has the most injuries then football is the second most dangerous sport in case of injuries. If we talk about football injuries then it is common in teens. Back in 2012, there are more than 466,000 Americans who were treated for injuries that are related to football. Then 10,000 of whom were hospitalized because those were serious.

Affected Age Group

According to a report, this sport causes the most injuries out of all sports for children and even teens whose ages are from 12 to 17.

Prevention From Football Injuries

Always wear your all pads and other safety equipment which are required for this game. Do warm-up every time properly before you are going to play. After that mind counseling is important to keep reminding your child of proper tackling techniques while playing and also how to limit head contact.


In this game the contact and collisions are common. There are more than 231,000 people who show up only in U.S. emergency departments because of these soccer injuries each year which is no doubt a massive range.

Collision or contact sports which are, of course, soccer, basketball, football, and baseball. These sports cause most injuries about 80% of sport-related injuries, emergency departments are commonly filled with these sports injuries players.

Affected Age Group

Children from 5 to 14 years of age are involved to get injured by these sports.

Prevention From A Soccer Injury

Instruction is important to listen to your coach to know how to tackle the ball with your head.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

This sport causes the most concussions. If we talk about Ice hockey then this sport isn’t as popular as basketball, football, and soccer. But, nonetheless, if we go on estimation then roughly 3 million teen plays ice hockey and they are very good players in the United States. There are 10000 injuries caused by this sport every year and 31% out of them are concussions which is definitely more than any other sport.

Prevention From An Ice Hockey Injury

Always limit your head contact whenever you play. And don’t tough it out on you.

Baseball and Softball

Baseball and softball have some serious risks also. There are more than 265,000 people who were treated for these sports injuries in U.S. emergency departments back in 2012 report. From those, 4,500 were hospitalized due to the seriousness of their injury. Now to answer the question what sport has the most injuries? Baseball is also getting a count on this list.

Baseball and Softball

Prevention From Baseball And Softball Injuries

Wear your all safety equipment. Batting helmet, shin, and your elbow guards. Do warm-up before your every match. Stretch enough to make your body flexible and active.


Rugby is no doubt the most likely injury-prone sport. This game requires physical strength mind strategy and power. If you have all then comes how strongly you can run and push. You must have the ability to tackle your opponent and win.


The 80 min are like 8 minutes when you play the rugby match any moment you can turn the table.  This can cause serious injures in the case when you are defending yourself.


If we talk about boxing then the sole purpose of this game is to punch or hurt your enemy fully. Boxing is not an injury-free sport you have to get injured or hurt others to win the match. If we say who is the fittest athlete then boxers are the fittest athletes.


Their training is rigorous playing boxing means lots of cuts and bruises. Also, the broken bones are normal in this game. And boxing is quite a suitable answer to the question, what sport has the most injuries!

Benefits of Sports in our lives

Although there are some sports that can cause injuries, one should always stay motivated to involve oneself in any kind of sports. Because it is very essential to live a healthy life. Moreover, there are benefits that sport holds and they are:

  • It will improve heart health.
  • Playing sports lowers the risk of a heart attack.
  • This can also protect you from diabetes and stroke.
  • Further, it helps to reduce your blood pressure.
  • It is beneficial to lower your stress.
  • Sports also help to increase your self-esteem.
  • They provide you with a good mood or we can say the relaxed mood.
  • Every sport gives you the ability to handle adversity.

Always Keep Your Family Safe When Playing Sports

Being physically active is no doubt good for you. There are nearly 2 million people who suffer from sports-related injuries. These are the cases that come every year and end up in the emergency room of any hospital. Among those cases, there are 1.35 million children and teens majority.

Moreover, these sports-related injuries range from bruises and sprains and then to more serious conditions. For instance broken bones and also concussions. The ratio of numbers must be surprising for you. However, you can take some precautions in order to play safe and stay safe.

Ways To Prevent Injuries

There are always some ways to play safe and secure.

  • Always take time to rest or take off regularly whenever you play because it will relax your body from match stress.
  • When you play any kind of sport do wear a proper kit or sports uniform. Also the protective gear of specific sports.
  • The first thing you should do is to work out to strengthen your muscles and build your stamina.
  • Work on increasing your flexibility. When your body is strong and flexible you can bear any minor injury.
  • Always try to play safe and don’t play harshly.
  • Avoid playing when you are hurt or you already have some injury. This thing will increase the risk of major injury.
  • While playing any sport use proper form and techniques with full concentration.