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5 Reasons Why iPhone beats Android

Android or iPhone? In this article, we will give you major 5 reasons why iPhone beats Android in various aspects.

We all are living within the cutting-edge world. Technology is evolving every day and the most significant flex has a smartphone nowadays. Smartphones are necessary for our workplace, staying in touch with the family, and supporting your social life. And who knows what will be the future of mobile and what more functionalities it will have to offer?

Phones are fulfilling all this stuff. For this reason, we must make our investments in the accurate best phone. Because as technology increased, distinct types of cell phones came into the marketplace. And the opposition also increased.

iOS v/s Android

This is the topic of discussion since day one. Both companies are working hard to give their high-quality to win this conflict. Still, this increasing opposition makes people burdened about their choices that what to choose.

iPhone or Android

Because there are a lot of views on iOS vs Android, a person who is not always nicely aware of what they need might get confused while investing in the phone because no one does want their money to get waste.

So, here the question arises of what is the difference between iPhone an Android? Which is best an iPhone or Android? The answer is the iPhone.

Why is the iPhone better than Android?

Both iPhone and Android have their supporters. But I like the iPhone because some features and advantages of the iPhone give iOS an edge over Android.

Here are the 5 reasons why the iPhone beats Android and why a person should buy an iPhone.

Camera result is one of the reasons why the iPhone beats Android

Passion for blogging, vlogging, photography, and art is everywhere around the world, but carrying a professional camera every time is quite tricky, so what to do whenever we see a worth clicking moment, and we don’t have our camera with us?

iPhone Camera

The answer is obvious, which is having a phone with a superior quality camera is much appreciated, and the iPhone has better quality cameras vs android because the iPhone cameras have specials Sony lenses built in it.

Still, the most crucial factor in iPhone cameras is ISP. ISP is the main workhouse in the camera, and it is a more likely built-in camera chip.

Apple has specially designed ISP on its own that supplies better pixels, better color, and better brightness to iPhone pictures. Apple 8mp camera with high definition sony sensors is a great competitor of androids 21mp cameras.

Besides, iPhone cameras provide high resolution in the low light so we can take bright and pleasant pictures at night time too. So, instead of carrying your professional cameras everywhere with you. You can work on your phone instead.

Such as iPhone Xs camera with 12 megapixels and 2x moment wide lens and 2.4 apertures with a new feature of the same squad LED true tone flash is best for iPhone photography.

Speed is another reason why the iPhone beats Android

Doesn’t it bother you that whenever you are playing some game or watching some season, your phone suddenly gets hang all of a sudden out of nowhere? And all of your progress is lost, or our essential emails get delayed due to low speed?

Of course, it does that’s why we all want to buy that phone which works faster, so we don’t get irritated and don’t get fired from our job due to late work.

To avoid such nerve-wracking situations, I’ll advise you to buy an iPhone because they are faster than androids. The apple makers use individual chips that do not allow the garbage collection in the iPhone, which keeps the storage of the iPhone as minimum as possible, resulting in a high-speed experience for iPhone users as compared to android users.

High-Security is needed (iPhone Security vs Android Security)

Whenever we buy any phone, we are always curious about the prices and storage at first, but over time much personal information starts to get accumulated in our phone, and we want it to be kept safe.

For the sake of our data security, we must choose the iPhone over Android because Android is not safe. You all must be wondering what’s the reason behind it because androids have their security systems too, so why chose the iPhone over Android?

Let me in on you something, mostly hackers always require significant data to attack, and the market of Android is way more substantial than the apple.

Consequently, hackers mostly attack android phones rather than iPhones. Another important aspect is that Android sends its users data to different other platforms for their advertisement, which increases the risk of data stealing.

Simultaneously, iPhone uses the sandbox technique in which every app work in its specified place has no interaction with other apps, so if any of the apps consists of any virus, it will only affect that app. It does not get easy access to other data, while in Android, an infection will influence the whole phone.

In the closing stage, most importantly, the face ID and fingerprint lock of apple are very secure, and the iPhone is making remarkable efforts for more security in future iPhones.

recently the launch of ios 14 gives the edge of iPhone security over the android. such as this new feature enables the user to choose how much permission should be given to the apps. in this way, developers require your permission before tracking your data.

iPhone has better support and help system than the Android

We all seek ease if we have any problem. We want its solution in minutes and seconds. If we have any difficulty with the android phone, it takes a lot of time to find where the problem is.

The online articles about problem-solving are very time taking. Apple has a particular app where you can get the solution to your problem. It gets access to professionals through the video calls for problem-solving, which is quite advantageous.

One of the 5 reasons why iPhone beats Android is that if we have other apple products, it’s easy for us to transfer our data through iCloud.

Reselling of an iPhone is easy over an Android

In the end, if you are bored with your old apple phone, don’t fret over it. You can easily resell it because apple has a high resell value than others. Apple is highly strict in the field of quality and system, which lasts longer than the Android.

So, those people who do not afford original apple products can buy them at half price because of the quality.

iPhone 6s with the excellent condition is better than spending the money on an already used android device. Because of a good camera. iPhone has better battery life, a steel body, and an elegant class.

iPhone is the King

iPhones also are preferred, moreover, Android due to the accessibility features. During ahead to go comparison, Apple is the accessibility king.

Its built-in accessibility features, various adaptive and assistive apps available. And simple use makes it the foremost preferred smartphone for the majority of individuals with disabilities. For example, Apple’s iOS comes with a variety of accessibility features. (Black on white, larger text sizes for default apps, interface zoom, etc.) 

Also, apple’s voice over is acknowledged together of its most useful accessibility feature. Voice over is an accessibility feature that creates the iPhone and iPad easier to work for the blind and visually impaired.

With voice over, anyone with sight weakening can have their iPhone or iPad’s screen read to them. Which includes buttons, icons, links, and other boundary elements, and use signs to navigate and choose their options. Through which they will easily operate and run efficiently. It also has the feature of getting the sunshine of the screen getting dimmed in the dark for the users who basically like to read the items in the dark.

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