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5 Reasons Why Life Exists only on Earth

What are the reasons why life only exists on earth?

There is much to know!

Life requires certain conditions to exist, such as oxygen, water, and many other essentials. Earth is not the only planet to provide these requirements. So, there are chances that life can exist on other planets.

Sadly, astronomers didn’t prove it till now. A lot of you may have wondered about the fact that, do life only exist on earth? If so, then why? In my childhood, I used to read books about the different worlds of the solar system. It made me curious to know about the existence of life on other planets than earth.

For the earth, all the scientists have possible and acceptable reasons to support the stance that only earth is the planet that gives the perfect suitable conditions for life to exist.

Earth is an extraordinary and unique planet of the solar system that supports every kind of life, from small microorganisms to sophisticated and complex species of mammals.
There are a lot of points in support of our dearest planet Earth.

Here we will discuss the reasons why life exists only on earth.

Earth provides the breathable atmosphere

Earth’s atmosphere mostly consists of oxygen and the least amount of carbon dioxide. This combination is necessary for the sustenance of life on earth. Whether it’s animal or human, we all require oxygen to breathe. So, the earth is the only planet that provides a breathable environment to species.

Why Life Exists only on Earth

At the same time, a moderate amount of carbon dioxide is also necessary because we have plants that need a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide.

Both oxygen and carbon dioxide provides the perfect environment for the survival of different species on earth. If we take a look at the other planets, we’ll realize how the earth is nurturing for various individuals.

The environment of different planets

Let’s have a view on the 5 reasons why life exists only on earth, discussing the environment of some other planets.

Mercury environment is mostly composed of helium gas that is dangerous for human life. The atmosphere of Venus mainly contains the thick clouds of sulfuric acid. This acid is fatal for humans as it causes skin burning and complete blindness. Our red planet, Mars, is full of heat and lava.

our Jupiter planet consists of hydrogen, helium with ammonia methane, and other carbon compounds that are fatal for life. The atmosphere of Jupiter consists of three layers. the first layer consists of ice and water droplets, the second layer has ammonia and hydrogen sulfide which is big no for human life and the third layer consists of liquid hydrogen. that the reason no other planets are suitable for human life.

life on earth


Consequently, only the earth provides the most suitable atmosphere to support life.
Similarly, the earth has the most appropriate climate because of the refreshed carbon dioxide continuously due to volcanic eruption.

The temperature of the surface is moderate at all; it doesn’t go from one extreme to another. The temperature of the earth always remains in between to hold up life.

The temperature of other planets

Let’s take a look at the temperature of other planets as compared to earth.

Mercury has a temperature of 200 to 375 Degree Celsius, that is cold. At 375 degrees, the water only exists as a gas. So, mercury does not have water, and the planet is arid.

Life on earth

Simultaneously, Venus has 480-degree heat, which is too hot that it can burn anything.
Mars is also very hot, and the rest of the planets are extremely cold.

Water is necessary for life

We all need water for survival. Water is the most critical chemical for every specie. And the plus point of the earth is that it has a pool of water. Water only contains oxygen and hydrogen.

Oxygen is necessary, and hydrogen is not harmful at all. While other liquids have dangerous elements, water neither burns the skin nor cause any sort of diseases, but other chemicals do.

Water is necessary for life

Water is drinkable; as being humans, we need it for our life maintenance. Scientist believes that there are oceans of water on many other planets such as Jupiter. It somehow provides a chance of life on other planets, but it’s not authentic enough.

On earth, water exists in three forms of matter, such as ice, liquid, and gas. The earth contains 1.386 billion kilometers of water volume, which is a significant concentration.

On the other hand, our body requires water for every cell and tissue. Moreover, water is necessary for temperature maintenance. Around 60 percent of our collection is composed of water. And we can only live five to six days without water consumption.

Hence, water is the crucial element for any kind of life to exist—for instance, bacteria, reptiles, and mammals.

Light is essential for life to exist on earth

The amount of light that reaches on earth is also responsible for the life existence. Sun provides light to many other planets. But none of them uses it in the way that earth does, therefore life exists only on the planet earth.

Imagine the process; plants use sunlight for the operation of photosynthesis.
As a result of photosynthesis, plants produce carbon dioxide. Which, in return, is used by humans and animals?

If there is no sunlight, no photosynthesis will occur, and there is will be no release of carbon dioxide. So as a result, no life can exist.

Moon and Sun provide a protective environment for the survival of life

The earth-moon also provides a friendly and protective environment for the survival of life. It’s the earth-moon which regulates the rotation of the earth. It also prevents the radical movements of many poles that can create a massive amount of destruction.

Why Life Exists only on Earth

Similarly, it’s the moon that controls the tidal flow of oceans. If the tidal current is so high, it can be the reason for life destruction. The earth’s moon naturally has this capacity to maintain the movement of the ocean.

In conclusion, we need the moon for our survival, whereas the mercury and venues are those planets that do not have moons at all. So, life on those planets would be like a dream.

Now we are going to talk about the most important thing for the survival of organisms on earth. It’s the Sun!

Sun is a star, having immense of glowing gases. All planets receive the sunlight, but are they receiving a sufficient amount of sun? Are they at an ideal distance from the sun?
The answer is no.

What makes the earth sun’s favorite is the adequate distance of the earth from the sun, which provides the exact amount of sunlight that we need.

I was thinking about what would happen if the sun suddenly disappears. Will we be able to see it? How could we make ourselves warm? And most of all, can we get the food?

Location of the earth

It is to be said that earth luckily is located after the Jupiter in the solar system. Some researchers believe that any comet or large object in-universe the is not able to cause massive destruction. Even though it has a chance to hit the ground.

Location of earth

The immense gravity of Jupiter sends them back from where they have come and causes those comets to hit its surface itself.

If Jupiter suddenly disappears, all the comets will crash and hit the earth, causing immense destruction. That’s the reason Jupiter is called the “earth’s big brother.”

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