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5 Reasons Why Vitamin C is Essential

In this article, we will highlight the fact why Vitamin C is an essential need of our body. What if you don’t have proper growth and immune system and your wounds are not healing quickly? What can be the reason for this breakdown?

You can get the answer from our title that all these diseases are because of the deficiency of Vitamin C, it is essential for us.

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient, and it is significant. But sadly, our bodies cannot produce it on its own, so we must take it externally. It is also called ascorbic acid and is a water-soluble vitamin. It helps to maintain our body functions.

The proper synthesize of collagen, the formation of cartilage are all balanced by Vitamin C so, we can say that the vitamin works as the building block of our body.

Historically Vitamin C can be called an immune booster. And is an excellent treatment against the cold and flu. However, studies claimed that taking Vitamin C can prevent the risk of every infection.

Now moving towards that what are the significant health benefits of vitamin c what is the perfect dosage of it according to it and what are the sources of Vitamin C.

What is Vitamin C

If you want to know the answers to these questions and wanna treat any of the Vitamin C deficiency diseases, stay with us.

Firstly, we will talk about the benefits of this vitamin.

Why is Vitamin C essential? What are its benefits?

Remedy for the common cold

Vitamin C is the best remedy for the common cold treatment, which is called the defense mechanism against the virus. However, the weak immune system causes the common cold, and the nervous system is more likely to be affected by bacteria and many other infections.

Vitamin c is the best for health

Most importantly, Vitamin C helps us maintaining a robust immune system, and it will ultimately prevent the common cold.

Vision loss

One of the most crucial benefits that Vitamin C provides us is an excellent vision. It helps to slow down the eye muscle degeneration and prevents the eye aging processes, however.

Vitamin c is the best for Vision


Simultaneously, Vitamin C helps us to maintain good long-term eyesight. A recent study has revealed that 500 mg of Vitamin C helps to do this miracle.

Strong anti-oxidant

Anti-oxidants protect against cell damage, and Vitamin C is one of the best anti-oxidants. Meanwhile, it will help us to enjoy a secure lifestyle by increasing the life span of our body cells. And it will protect us from dangerous, life-threatening conditions and diseases.

Lowers the blood pressure and increase iron absorption

As we all know and previously mentioned that vitamin c is water-soluble, so dissolve in water and act our kidneys to remove the excess sod sodium and water from our body and maintain our blood pressure. If we have low blood pressure, there are small risks of heart stroke and many other heart-related diseases.

Vitamin c Essential

Talking about iron absorption, we all know that iron deficiency can lead to many diseases. Hence, vitamin c make our body to absorb more iron through iron-rich seeds and cereal to maintain this deficiency.

Good for skin

We all know that our skin made up of collagen, and Vitamin C is necessary to keep collagen healthy. If our body lacks Vitamin C, then there is no vitamin for collagen. Ultimately, our skin starts showing signs of aging. So, if we want to look young and pretty, we must regular our vitamin intake.

The sources, usage, and side effects of Vitamin C

Firstly, we will discuss the sources of Vitamin C. What are the sources from where we get it and fulfill our deficiency.

Why Vitamin C is essential

Secondly, let’s talk about the usage of this vitamin here. The question arises that if our body does not produce Vitamin C, then from where we get it and how to use it.

Finally, we’ll let you know some of the disadvantages this vitamin can cause.

Sources of Vitamin C

Here is the list of Vitamin C providers. Mostly this vitamin is present in fruits and vegetables, so it is kind of affordable for everyone. Moreover, we can also get Vitamin C from supplements, but it is quite expensive for ordinary people.

Here is the result of fruits and vegetables and the amount of vitamins in them.

Red pepper 127.7mg

Orange juice 50 mg

Grapefruit 31.2 mg

Kiwi fruit 92.7 mg

Broccoli 89.2 mg

Tomato juice 18.3 mg

Cabbage 36.6 mg

Potato 19.7 mg

Spinach 28.1 mg

Furthermore, we will discuss the usage of Vitamin C according to age and gender.

Usage of Vitamin C

We all know that excess of everything is terrible, so there is always a specific limit of things according to age and gender.

Here is some of the usage measurement of Vitamin C.

Why vitamin C is essential

Age and gender amount

Teens till 18 years 65-75 mg

Adult women (above 19) 75 mg

Adult men (above 19) 90 mg

Children 25 mg

Side effects of Vitamin C

When a thing provides advantages, similarly, its excess also gives you some side effects. So it is said that everything should be taken in the right amount. If we take Vitamin C more than the suggested amount, then the side effects we will feel are nausea, vomiting, heartburn, cramps, and insomnia. the safe amount of vitamin c is 2000 mg for daily use but if you are pregnant then try to keep the amount minimum as possible because it can cause problems with newborns.


Concluding all, Vitamin C is essential for our proper growth and healthy immune system. Still, high doses can also cause many other problems, so we must take its appropriate amount.

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