Here is How to Clone WhatsApp on Another Phone

There are several modern smartphones on the market today that have the WhatsApp clone feature. You can easily replicate WhatsApp using these programmes, which will simplify your work. But the problem is that outdated mobile phones lack this feature.

So, the question is how should you clone WhatsApp on another phone? Here are some fantastic methods you can attempt if you want to clone WhatsApp on two phones. Let’s talk about each of them individually.

How Do I Clone WhatsApp To Another Phone?

Making use of WhatsApp Web Cloning

One of the top WhatsApp dual apps is Whats web clone. It is a messaging app that allows you to set up secondary WhatsApp accounts on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. To utilize it, you need to do three effortless actions.

How to Clone WhatsApp on Another Phone

  1. Run the app after downloading it from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the QR code in the dual Whats web and ClonApp messenger apps.
  3. Your cloned app is ready after you launch WhatsWeb in the following step.

WhatsApp Clone Apps For Android

These WhatsApp clone applications are compatible with Android and are simple to download for current and previous versions. Let’s talk about all these Android WhatsApp clone apps.

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First Parallel Space

The best method to use if you want to replicate WhatsApp is parallel space. This app is conveniently offered in the Google Play Store. The following are some of this app’s features:

  1. Simultaneously logs in too many apps.
  2. The user interface is basic and straightforward.
  3. It can be more attractive by including other themes.
  4. You can manage two accounts simultaneously.
  1. Simple user interface
  2. Very Safe
  3. Works with nearly all devices

After updating, there may be problems with notifications on some devices.

2. Multi-Parallel

It is a program that enables you to clone WhatsApp quickly. It has a password protection option, preventing unauthorized access to your personal information. Additionally, it aids with icon customization.

  1. These are some of the features of this app:
  2. Clone several programs with a single click
  3. Pleasant user interface
  4. Offers tools for status downloads
  1. Suitable for daily use
  2. Suitable for all Android smartphones
  3. Simple to use and control
  1. The search box is ineffective.
  2. It frequently crashes at times.

3. 2Accounts App

Do you find it challenging to maintain two accounts simultaneously? Fortunately, 2 Accounts is your ideal app, so don’t worry. You can operate two accounts simultaneously. These outstanding features of this Android app are listed below.

  1. You can replicate Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many other applications.
  2. You can easily manage your job and personal life.
  3. After purchasing this program, unwanted advertising is bale to get removed.
  4. Features like secret zones and security locks help in preserving user privacy.
  1. Handling is simple.
  2. VIP features are offered
  3. Cloning is enjoyable without any limitations.
  1. Customers complained about crashes
  2. Some apps, like TikTok Lite, have login issues and aren’t compatible with all devices.

4. Dual Space Lite

Easy installation is offered with Dual Space Lite. It is an easy-to-use program that doesn’t need any additional apps to be installed. By using it, you may effortlessly balance business and personal activities. The primary attributes of this application are listed below.

  1. WhatsApp clone applications
  2. Several accounts are open
  3. The privacy zone function is incredible.
  4. You can quickly change between accounts.
  1. There are no advertisements.
  2. The application that’s easy to use and clear.
  1. It frequently crashes at times.

5. Dr Clone

As the name implies, it is an excellent tool that makes it simple to clone accounts. Additionally, it offers settings so that you may view your hidden and open programs.

Here are some of this mobile application’s incredible features.

  1. Display all of the apps’ notifications.
  2. Work on two accounts simultaneously.
  3. Support a variety of social media accounts, such as Facebook, Messenger, and many others.
  4. There’s a security lock available.
  1. Simple to use
  2. Suitable for all Android smartphones
  1. It stucks occasionally
  2. Some users have complained about alerts.

Final Thoughts:

You may look for ways to clone someone else’s WhatsApp account onto your phone for various reasons, and you might need varying degrees of information from the clone. Select one of the above ways according to your needs.

You can use all these apps to transfer WhatsApp chats and data on Android or iPhones.

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