How To Give Yourself a Fever – 4 Easy Ways to Trigger a Fake Fever

Health is wealth; we all know that. And we can do a lot to improve it. It includes eating the right food, exercising, taking care of our sleep, doing yoga, staying away from stress, etc.

Unfortunately, sometimes we all wish to fall ill to break up the routine of our lives. Sometimes, it’s to take a day off from school or the office. Other times, it’s a mean to stay away from a party you don’t want to go. However, creating a fever at home can be dangerous.

As a result, if you do it, you should proceed with extreme caution. There are various methods for inducing fever in yourself. However, before attempting any procedure, you should always see your doctor to ensure safety for your specific case.

How To Give Yourself a Fever Quickly – 4 Ways

It is possible to cause a “fever,” but only for a short time because fevers are caused by your body’s effort to fight off infections. The only way to get a fake fever is to get sick (which is not suggested).

  1. Put onion in your armpits.
  2. Use raw garlic in your armpits.
  3. Wear multiple layers of clothing.
  4. Thermometer rubbing technique.

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How To Get Fever With Onion | Overnight Method

Before answering a much-asked question, does onion under armpits cause fever? And what are the steps to get it in 5 minutes? Remember that the fake fever technique should only be practiced at your own risk. This method works because onions contain many compounds like sulfoxide and allicin that are absorbed by the thin skin of your armpit.

These compounds raise the temperature of your body.

However, talking about how to give yourself a fever by onion, you need to cut two pieces of raw onion in half and then slice them (3-5mm slices). Place 2 of these slices under your left or right armpit (or you can place them on either side).

But how much time to keep onion under armpit?
Well, let them sit overnight (6-7 hours). Then, in the morning, you will have fever. There is no way you’re going to get it in just 5 minutes.

You can also put more than one slice in each armpit. You will smell unpleasant like most sick people because of the firm, pungent smell.

Keeping onion slices in your armpits will raise your body temperature, and you will smell BAD.


How To Get Fever With Ginger within Minutes

How To Get Fever With Ginger

Ginger, like onions, raises body temperature where it is touched. Ginger has long been used as a natural remedy for various illnesses and is known to help raise body temperature. To use ginger to get a fever, start by slicing the fresh ginger root into thin pieces. Then, add the ginger slices to boiling water and let steep for 10 minutes.

Once the tea has cooled slightly, drink it up! You can also try eating raw ginger or taking ginger supplements. If you do not have access to fresh ginger, you can also use powdered ginger. Just be sure to follow the directions on the package and start with a small amount, as too much ginger can cause an upset stomach.

You should start to feel your body temperature rising within a few hours. Additionally, wash the ginger thoroughly before crushing it to cause a fever. Then apply the crushed ginger paste to your underarm and let it sit overnight. You can also do this a few hours before taking a temperature reading.

If you have the option, you can eat it uncooked.

However, a single slice of raw ginger the size of your thumb is enough to raise your temperature. Because ginger stimulates your digestive system’s activity; as a result, your body temperature will rise naturally, and that’s how to give yourself a fever naturally.

Getting Fever By Warm Clothes

The theory is simple; more warm clothes will raise the body temperature and your chances of getting a fake fever will increase. You can also snuggle under multiple blankets and keep a pillow over your mouth to increase the effect.

Getting Fever By Rubbing The Thermometer

For this method, you have to rub the tip of the thermometer with your hands so that its temperature rises. This happens because of friction. If this doesn’t work, put it under hot running water for some time but make sure that it doesn’t rise too much (that will be suspicious:p).

And act all sick with coughs and a heavy voice when your parents or elders come to wake you up for school or office 😆.

Fake Fever Symptoms

When faking a fever, your symptoms must be as accurate as possible. And we often neglect to pay attention to the most evident signs:

As we know, fever is a condition in which our body temperature rises from 36 to 37 Celsius or up to 97 Fahrenheit. So follow these steps that we mention below.

  • Get up early and ensure your body is ready by raising its temperature.
  • Then go to bed late and let your parents wake you up when it’s time.
  • Tell them you’re feeling good, not ill, when they ask. Of course, to be prepared, your mother’s initial thought will be to check your temperature (we discussed that above).
  • Mention that you’re suffering from a bit of stomachache and headache.
  • People usually check your forehead to see if you are sick or not. For that, you can place a towel dipped in hot water or hot bottle on it for 2-3 minutes.
  • When people have a fever, they lose their appetite. So, while you’re alone, eat as much as you want, but when you’re around others, make sure you’re continuously declining food.
  • Keep a sleepy expression on your face and occasionally keep your eyes half-open.
  • Mention that you’re feeling goosebumps every few hours. It’s simple to make fake chills by tightening your leg or arm muscles and holding them there for 30-60 seconds. You will feel goosebumps throughout your body.
  • Drink plenty of water because dehydration is common in persons with a fever.
    Furthermore, add a little black or brown eyeshadow or even lip liner underneath your eyes to look for dark circles, depending on your skin tone.

Important Tips

Act as if you’re sick because your body language can reveal much about your health.
Don’t fake being unwell if you think being truthful with your supervisor or someone in authority is the best option. It has the potential to become a bad habit.

Don’t lie about having a fever to avoid responsibility. It will not help you improve your character, and you will ultimately be disadvantaged. Moreover, if you’ve decided to induce a fever, do so convincingly that your efforts are not useless.

The best policy is still, to be honest.


Make sure you don’t jump the gun and begin “displaying” all symptoms simultaneously. Your parents will be skeptical of you if you do that. So, talk about not feeling well, having a headache, and then having a stomachache.

All of this happened in a matter of minutes. We hope our guide has helped you answer the question of how to give yourself a fever with Onion and Ginger.

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