How to See Hidden Status on WhatsApp | Secret Tricks of 2023

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Are you concerned about looking into the hidden status of your friends or family and not finding an appropriate method for it? Then you are at the right place as we are going to explore different ways how to see the hidden status on WhatsApp in this article.

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As we know, the WhatsApp status is only visible when someone has saved your contact number on their phone. But, if you save someone’s number and their status section disappears from your list that means they hide their status from you or maybe they blocked you.

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So, if someone in your contact list has excluded you from seeing their status then you can read our step-by-step guide on how to see someone’s private status on WhatsApp.

Refresh your contacts in WhatsApp settings and reinstall WhatsApp.

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Firstly, Install ‘Parallel space’ then close WhatsApp on it.

Secondly, Register a new mobile number there.

Finally, Once you set it, now go to the statuses folder, you can see the Recent updates.

That’s all you have to do to see hidden WhatsApp status.

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Parallel space

If you’ve got the other mobile which isn’t known to the other person then make another WhatsApp with it. You mustn’t erase the present WhatsApp, instead create a clone on Parallel space and register there.

Now, once you visit the status tab from the new WhatsApp account, you may view the WhatsApp update. While the blank profile picture issue also will escape and you’ll see the first recent DP there.

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Moreover, people are also concerned about looking into the conversation history of WhatsApp or other social apps such as Snapchat. So, you can also learn about how to see Snapchat conversation history with just one click.

There are many alternatives to viewing someone’s private WhatsApp status on your Android or iPhone, such as the status viewer app. The app shows you another person’s status even if they blocked you.

There are a few steps for seeing WhatsApp blocked status:

  • Open your GBWhatsApp.

How to see hidden status on WhatsApp

  • Go to the top icon and tap on hiding view status.
  • Once you activate it you can easily see others’ WhatsApp private status.

How to see hidden status on WhatsApp

How to see someone’s hidden status on WhatsApp and not let them know

If you were missing the ways that unlock the status, all you need to do is to check the status tab as a preview and do not tap on the status. It may record your name as a viewer.

So, to view the posts on status updates just turn off the internet. Now, quickly go to the status tab and the same preview will be there, where you can see the status.

Just turn off the Read Receipts

Turning off the read receipts is the only official method of seeing someone’s hidden status on WhatsApp. Note that, with this alternative, you lose access to see receipt pointers (blue ticks) in WhatsApp visits.

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android cell phone.
  • Go to “Settings” then “Account” next “Privacy”, and Read Receipts.
  • Then, go to the specific contact’s status and view their updates.

How to see hidden status on WhatsApp

View Status while Offline

WhatsApp keeps a tab on the status saw exercises locally, while in offline mode, and can adjust them with the servers once you reconnect.

Moreover, one can utilize the WhatsApp Web in Incognito mode to see a specific status in disconnected mode, and afterward, close the program window before you interface with the Internet.

  • Open your WhatsApp Web on any of the internet browsers, recommended in Incognito mode.
  • Go to the status screen to see the rundown of contacts who have shared stories with you.
  • Disconnect the internet of your PC and open the status of the specific contact which you wish to see.
  • Now close the program window in Incognito mode, without clearing your program data. In case you were in Incognito mode, the information of the meeting would be thusly deleted when the window is closed.
  • Then reconnect the Internet back on your PC.


How to See Hidden Status on WhatsApp of a Person after Blocking Him

When someone posts a status on WhatsApp before you block him/her, his status will be accessible on your status segment. Try not to be surprised about this, as this status will remain there for 24 hours from the time the uploader posted.

Yet, the new status won’t come your way. That’s it in a nutshell.

WhatsApp is the most useful social media platform when it comes to communication. The users of this chatting app can easily share pictures, emojis, videos, gif, with their contacts. They can upload it on the WhatsApp status story for 24 hours.

While these statuses automatically get removed after 24 hours. And if someone has blocked you you’ll be unable to see their status and much more. You can read our article if we block someone on WhatsApp will they know, this will surely help you know whether the other person has blocked you or not.

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Process How to Hide Private WhatsApp status

Some people don’t like to share their personal information with everyone as privacy is the priority for them. So, if you are one of those people then the hidden trick you need to follow is:

  • Launch the latest version of WhatsApp on phone.
  • Go to the settings icon.
  • Click on account from the settings.
  • Account option named privacy tap on it.
  • Click on status.
  • Tap on my contacts except.
  • Now select the contacts you want to hide your status from and lastly make it done.

There are a few more things to know about WhatsApp-related queries that people ask often!


What does it mean if you can’t see someone’s status on WhatsApp?

When you can’t see another person’s most recently seen, DP, about, status, or read receipts, it might be because of one of the following reasons:

  • Your contact has changed their privacy settings to Nobody.
  • You’ve changed your last observed privacy settings to Nobody.
  • Your contact has changed their settings of privacy to My Contacts, and you’re not saved as a contact in their cellphone anymore.
  • You’re obstructed by the contact.
  • There may be an association issue.
  • Your contact hasn’t set a profile photograph either.

How do I know if someone is checking me on WhatsApp?

It’s quite easy to know if someone is checking you on WhatsApp. There are just a few to steps to follow:

  • Open your ‘WhatsApp’.
  • Then tap on the ‘Status tab‘.
  • Next, tap ‘My status’.
  • The status will show the option, ‘Look for the eye icon’.
  • Now tap on the eye icon.
  • A list of users who are checking you on WhatsApp will appear.

How do I appear offline when I am online on WhatsApp?

  • Open your ‘WhatsApp’.
  • Then go to the ‘Settings tab’.
  • Now, head to ‘Chat Settings‘ or ‘Privacy’.
  • Then click ‘Advanced’.
  • Click the Last Seen option to ‘OFF‘.
  • After choosing ‘Nobody’ to disable your application timestamp.
  • Consequently, it will permit you to proceed in “disconnected” mode.

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