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Half Up Half Down Quick Weave | The Best Hair Technique

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In this article, you will know about the half up half down quick weave. We all love hair because for women hair makes their day. If the hairs are messy then the day would be messier. Every woman wants good and healthy hair but unfortunately, it cant be possible due to various reasons.

A hair weave is a form of hair extension method where hair wefts are sewn onto braided hair and styled to any desired style. The wonder of a hair weave, and also the reason why it’s such a preferred method, is how undetectable it’s.

It typically depends on both your hair texture and also the style you’re looking to realize that determines how blended your hair is with the extensions for that overall seamless look.

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To cope with daily hair issues Christina Jenkins developed a half up half down quick weave. No one can imagine before you can weave hair. This incredible experience liked by so many women and became a trend back in the 90s. Hairs can make your personality so easily.

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Half up half down quick weave is the technique that is developed by Cristina Jenkins back in the 1950s. This technique became popular and patenting her processes of weaving hair in 1951. Christina Jenkins revolutionized the hair world by just introducing this technique to the sew-in.

Before this technique, the women have pinned down their wigs and used hairpins specifically for this purpose. After Christina Jenkins’s method, a new wave of exciting hair weaves came. This thing also brought so much security to women. Then it was noted that women from different professions began to wear weaves more often without any hesitation.

Quick Weaves

These are a hairstyle in which you use hair extensions. Then this hair extension is glued to a protective wig cap. That cap is already being worn prior to bonding the hair to your head.

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There is no doubt that Quick weaves were designed in such a way to provide a faster method of installing weaves as well as cutting the installation time in half. This quick weave was designed in such a way to be a faster method for installing beautiful weaves.

Quick Weaves

If you want To install a quick weave then one takes a weft or tracks anything of hair extension. After that applies it to the natural hair or a cap by using bonding glue it.

These quick weaves can be of simple human hair or they can also be synthetic hair. It can be a mixture of both human hairs as well as synthetic hair. This quick weave comes in a different texture.

A Time Limit Of Half Up Half Down Quick Weave

This quick weave time limit is less than the sew-in weaves because of those bonding glue. If this thing is done properly or we can say fixed properly then it can last up to 4 weeks.

You cannot remove it once it fixed it can only be dispatch when the given time is over and the stickiness of glue becomes loose. There is no doubt that these quick weaves are fast and easy to install but the style is not good and healthy especially for natural hair.

However, the bonding glue can easily cause major damage to our natural hair even if you use it with the cap.

Hair Damage Due To Hair Glue

Our hair blessed with natural hairs. Any artificial thing would definitely damage our hair. The glue used in the process of weaving can cause breakage or even loss of excessive hair just because of improper installation technique or excessive use of hair glue.

Hair Damage Due To Hair Glue

So, always choose a professional installation process and also remove a quick weave.

An Iconic Look

The hairstyle can be done at home even by a professional beautician. One of the iconic looks of this quick weave is half up half down weave straight end bob. This is a more adopted look and very stylish. Every woman has this look on any type of occasion.

For a party or any important business meeting this look compliment every look. There are more looks of quick weaves such as curly manes, color-blocking hairstyles, short hair, half up half down dos.

Easy Way to Install Quick Weaves

It is easy to install a quick weave but first, you need proper guidance on it. You need hair extensions, scissors, hardening styling gel, hair glue most importantly. a wig cap, lastly the hairdryer which we also called blow dryer.

  1. The first step of quick weave, installation is to braid your natural or original hair into the cornrows or we can say plaits. There is an alternative to braiding you can also use a strong hold gel to harden your hair down in a sleek pulled back do throughout the application of the quick weave.
  2. In your next step of the installation, you need to put a protective wig cap over your original hair. This technique prevents your hair from getting bonding glue directly onto your natural or we can say original hair.  This process potentially causes your original hair to bind permanently with quick weave extension.
  3. Here comes the third step to install the quick weave. In this step take a weft or track your hair extension and then cut gently. Then after doing this apply it to the wig cap by using your bonding glue. Once all the hair is glued on the cap then each weft should then be blow-dried or even allowed to air dry. By ensuring that it has been installed completely or we can say properly.

When to Remove Quick Weaves

When your hair begins to shed excessively from quick weave Then it is the best time to remove the hairstyle. This happens because the glue which we use to holds quick weaves together is beginning to deteriorate. Due to this, it is becoming totally unable to hold the hairdo together anymore.

In the process of removing the quick weave, all you need to do is o gently peel the wig cap from your head. Then you will notice that the hair extension is glued off from your head. you have to place your fingers under the wig cap to start peeling it from the forehead area.

Slowly go back until the whole wig cap is completely off from your head. You also need extra care and so gentle with this peeling process as it won’t take off your natural hair in this process.

After that shampoo your original hair. properly deep cleanse your hair with the best conditioner. comb your hair and detangle them. remove any leftover bonding glue.

Some Pros of Getting Quick Weaves

  • The first and foremost pros of this quick weave are it is low maintenance hairstyle. All you need a little muse to reapply it on your hair for shine.
  • One of the best advantages of this quick weave is it is affordable for every class its price tends to range from $60 to $150.
  • Quick weave can cause less tension if we compare it with sewing in. It does not require your original hair to be tightly braided before applying it.
  • It also takes less effort in its installation as well as removal.
  • You can wear it in extreme hot as well as cold weather without any hesitation.

As human hairs have a variety of functions. They come in different colors and textures. Most importantly they protect us from our environments such as UV radiations, dust, and debris.

It also helps us psychologically how we perceive ourselves. hairs regulate the temperature in our body. Anything that we apply to hair directly affects our brain and thinking.

When we are stressed our hair starts falling. So before applying anything to your hair you must think twice and always choose the best product for your hair.

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