How Can You Log Into Someone’s Facebook With Ease?

Have an urgent need to learn someone’s Facebook password? With the help of Facebook’s Trusted Contacts feature, you might be able to retrieve it. With this function, you can log into someone else’s Facebook account and access their password.

However, there are limitations to its use, which we’ll discuss below. In this article, you will find the ways to log into someone’s Facebook (Meta) account. So, keep reading!

Getting into Another Person’s Account

Open a browser and go to You can do this on a computer, tablet, or phone in any web browser. Even though breaking someone’s Facebook password is illegal, if you have access to their email or text messages, you can sign into their account and see their communications.

This technique will enable you to log in using Trusted Contacts if the user added them and you are aware of their identity and contact information.

  1. If you are a close friend or relative of someone who is missing, in distress, or has requested you to use their account for some reason, you should use this technique.
  2. Sign out if you are currently logged into your account.
  3. Click on Forgot your password? It’s on the right, just below the “Log In” button.
  4. Click Search after entering the user’s phone number or email address. That will open several options for recovering account access.
  5. Click on the “no longer have access to these” option.
  6. If the person’s email address or phone number is accessible to you, choose that option and then follow the steps to get the verification code. You can access the account with the help of this verification code.
  7. Click Continue after entering an accessible email address. If you successfully reset the password, you will be issued an email with the reset URL.

Go to Reveal My Trusted Contacts and click:

Facebook advises users to add Trusted Contacts in case they get locked out. As long as they have included you (or anyone you both know) as a Trusted Contact, you will be able to access their account.

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Click Confirm after entering the full name of any Trusted Contact. Enter your name if your friend selected you as a Trusted Contact. If not, enter the name of a possible Trusted Contact who will assist you in gaining access to the account. You must enter the name precisely as they appear on Facebook.

Get assistance from the Trusted Contacts:

  1. Each Trusted Contact will now need to follow a few procedures to generate a code. You can access the account once you get codes from each Trusted Contact.
  2. Each Trusted Contact should contact via phone, text, or message. Then go to and check-in. The contact will provide you with a code generated as a result.
  3. You will also need to do this if you are a Trusted Contact. You must do it while signing in to your personal Facebook account.
  4. Click Continue after entering the codes produced by each Trusted Contact.
  5. To change the password and enter the account, follow the directions.

To try a different approach, follow the instructions:

You might come across a message stating that you can’t log in without access to the related email address or phone number if you cannot register and log in using the above techniques.

Follow the instructions provided if you are offered another choice to access the account, such as responding to security questions or identifying specific friends of the individual in question.

You can try looking for a password-storing document on the person’s computer if you can still not log into the account. The document may be titled “Passwords” or “Logins” if they made it.

Final verdict:

To log into someone’s Facebook account, you must know their basic information like what is their email address? You can also log in to someone’s Facebook without them knowing if you have access to their phone text messages.

A two-factor authentication code is sent to the mobile number, and you can use this code to enter into their Facebook account.

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