How to Find Unknown Number Name: 14 Weird Ways 2022 – 2023

We often get calls from unknown numbers and it can be really annoying, especially when it’s a telemarketer or someone we don’t want to talk to. But there are times when we get calls from people we don’t know and we want to find out who they are. Therefore, you surely want to know how to find an unknown number name.

I’ll tell you the best ways to check who is calling!

Whether it’s a WhatsApp unknown number or any other type of unknown caller number, our 14 easy ways will assist you in finding unknown numbers quickly.

How to find an unknown number name?

There are a few ways you can go about tracking down an unknown number. You can use a reverse phone lookup service If you decide to use a reverse phone lookup service, then you will need to provide them with the number that you want to find out the name for. They will then search their database and return the results to you. However, this option can be quite expensive and it is also quite time-consuming. If you would prefer not to use a reverse phone lookup service you can try to find the number on your own. If you want to try to find the number on your own, you can start by doing a search online. Below are some helpful methods to find an unknown number:

1. Look up the unknown contact on Truecaller.

It is by far one of the most popular ways to find out who’s calling. Think of it as a phone book, but for cell phones.

Look up the unknown contact on Truecaller.

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When you look up unknown numbers on Truecaller, their database will search through hundreds and thousands of other users’ contacts to match an unknown number to a name.

2. Find the unknown contact on Facebook.

This one is pretty straightforward, and it works best if you have a lot of friends who use WhatsApp.

Find unknown number on Facebook Page

You need to search their Whatsapp phone number in Facebook’s search bar to find exactly who they are! You can also do this with other social media platforms to get results.

3. Check contact number on Whatsapp.

WhatsApp has a built-in function that allows you to look up unknown numbers! The only catch is, that they have to accept your request first.

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Here’s how it works:

If someone messages you from an unknown contact and asks for your name, don’t reply with your Whatsapp name.

Check contact number on Whatsapp

Instead, ask them to share it with you in a private message. Moreover, they’ll have to accept your Whatsapp request before you can see their details!

4. How to find unknown number names on Google.

As weird as this sounds, I’ve found that numbers that start with ‘+’ are usually associated with Whatsapp or another type of messaging app.

Search unknown numbers online

Whether it’s an international Whatsapp or an unknown local number, Google will find the answer for you!

Just enter in a “+” sign and a country code before typing in your phone number to get started.

5. Find unknown caller numbers on Twitter.

WhatsApp has become super popular worldwide, and it’s no surprise that some people use Whatsapp to market their business. If you’re ever curious about new Whatsapp unknown numbers, look them up on Twitter.

Because people tend to tweet when they get a Whatsapp message from an unknown contact (or any other type of phone call) with the help of ‘Caller No’.

6. Unknown number details app – Instagram

Instagram is another popular platform to look at Whatsapp numbers. Some people use Whatsapp as a way to market their business.

So if you ever see an unknown number in one of your followers’ photos, take a closer look! Chances are it’s their contact information.

7. Unknown number search on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another social media site that you can use to look up unknown numbers. It’s easy! Just search the number in their search bar, and it will bring up any results with a name attached (if they shared it).

8. Search unknown numbers online

If you’re looking for Whatsapp and other unknown numbers and don’t want to waste time on social media, there are plenty of websites that will help you out.

Find contact in Phone Book Directories

Most popular online search engines like Bing have a built-in feature where you can type in an unknown number and immediately get the name connected with it!

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9. Get unknown number details online by email.

If you’ve ever received a Whatsapp text from a contact that isn’t saved on your phone, there’s another way to find out who it is!

If they emailed you instead of messaging with their Whatsapp name, search for the person on Gmail. Their profile might give away their company name, and you can use Whatsapp to find out who it is!

10. Find an unknown number on Facebook Page.

If someone from your contacts list has a business page on Facebook, chances are their name will be tagged in the description.

So, search for that person’s profile on FB with ‘Whatsapp or ‘cell phone’ to find out who they are!

11. Search the unknown number name on Whatsappers

Whatsappers are free apps that track Whatsapp numbers by location or keyword search.
It gives you the ability to see unknown numbers without having them saved in your Whatsapp contacts list!

12. How to find an unknown number name on Viber

If you have Whatsapp but are missing the other person’s contact name on your list of contacts, look them up!

You will be able to search all the details of the person by entering their username into the search bar within the app. Furthermore, by clicking on any Whatsapp unknown number you have saved in your Whatsapp contacts list to see who they are.

13. Find unknown numbers using Messenger.

You can also use Facebook’s messenger app to search for unknown caller numbers. Just type the word ‘call’ into their WhatsApp name, or go to a person’s profile and click on their number.

14. Find caller name on LINE.

If someone from your WhatsApp contacts list has a LINE account, you can search their username to see who they are!

This service is fast and easy to find out the phone numbers of people that don’t have WhatsApp or emails saved in your contact book.


As you can see, there are many options on how to find unknown number’s names online! So, try searching for phone numbers on the websites mentioned in this article.

It should help you to give a faster way of finding out who someone is without having their Whatsapp name or email saved in your contacts book.


How to identify an unknown caller’s name?

You can use Whatsapp to find out who it is! Look up the unknown number on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You’ll be able to see their profile and identify them. Another way is to use a social media search engine. If you have the person’s number but not their name, you can enter it into a search engine like Pipl or Spokeo and see if anything comes up. This won’t work for everyone, but it’s worth a try.

How do I know if a Whatsapp mobile number exists?

It’s possible that someone has Whatsapp but doesn’t have their details saved in your contacts list. You can search by entering their username into the ‘search bar within the app.

How do I find out someone’s email address?

If you know the Whatsapp name of the person you are trying to find the email address for, enter it into the Facebook search bar or Google.

If you still can’t track them down, consider using the Whatsapp app, which is free and will show all the details.

How to track unknown numbers?

You can Whatsapp an unknown number on Whatsapp to see who they are!

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