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Kapalbhati Benefits and Dangers

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While performing kapalbhati you need to know all the basic kapalbhati benefits and dangers for your good health. The main purpose of yoga is to bring our minds and soul together and promote good physical as well as mental health.

Kapalbhati is the popular yoga asana. It is a type of breathing exercise with some of the kapalbhati breathing contraindications and benefits. The literal meaning of this word is the shining forehead in Sanskrit. Why it is shining forehead? Because it improves mental health and intellect.

In kapalbhati yoga, you have to sit in a specific pose and do breathing exercises. Every doer of this yoga needs to know before ahead the kapalbhati benefits and dangers.

Three type of kapalbhati pranayama

The first type is vatakrama in which you sit cross-legged on the floor and breathe with a relaxed mind. Your inhalation should be passive and your exhalation should be active in this type of pranayama.

The second type of kapalbhati is vyutkrama. In this technique, you sniff in water through your nostrils and let it go into your mouth, and spit it out. This is a little difficult for beginners of this yoga as we know there are many kapalbhati benefits and dangers. So, this technique is a bit dangerous for beginners.

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Lastly, there is the vyutkrama, the opposite technique and that is sheetkrama. In this type you take in water from your mouth and expel it through your nostrils. Kapalbhati benefits and dangers are side by side in this technique.

Kapalbhati benefits and dangers while practicing

This asana has many benefits for our body and mind. Let us first discuss the benefits of kapalbhati. Some of them are as follows:

Practicing kapalbhati soothes your eyes. The yoga asana also helps in removing dark circles under your eyes. This pose de-stresses you and brightens your mind completely. It also helps you to get rid of heartburn, acidity, and gas. Kapalbhati asana increases the capacity of your lungs and makes them strong.

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Kapalbhati Benefits and Dangers

Moreover, it improves your concentration and memory. You can cure asthma and wheeze through this asana. Alleviates sinusitis, which is good for you. The biggest problem of all women is hair loss, while it stops hair fall and prevents premature greying of hair which is a major issue. It improves the health of your skin, makes it glowing and shining, also helps in reducing weight because it improves the metabolic rate of your body. Amazingly this can also aid in digestion.

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Further, kapalbhati boosts the production of endorphins which makes you positive all day long. Blood circulation improves after doing this asana. It also controls your sugar level, stimulates the pancreas, cures uterine fibroids, and boosts your energy level.

Moreover, helps in strengthening your bones, regularise the menstrual cycle, and helps in reducing cramps. This can also be curing insomnia. Practicing kapalbhati pranayama regularly can also provide relief from constipation which is a major issue in old age.

What is the maximum time for kapalbhati pranayama?

Pranayama is a breathing technique. This technique helps a human being to stay healthy and fit. We do kapalbhati pranayama and oxygen flow in our body. That means our brains, blood, and other body parts are able to collect fresh oxygen.

Yoga prevents us from many diseases, and doing daily yoga will make you fit and healthy. Doing kapalbhati will reduce the chance of being ill. There is a maximum time for kapalbhati and you can not exceed the time limit as it will give side effects or may be harm your body.

As per many yoga experts, 40 to 45 minutes is enough time of doing yoga. However, the maximum time for kapalbhati pranayama is 10 to 15 minutes on a daily basis. This will give many benefits to your body.

In this modern world doing any kind of exercise is necessary. Prevention is better than cure that is why doing yoga with its time limit is important for all yogis. Before starting yoga note the maximum time for kapalbhati asana.

Did you know?

You need to take a bath before performing kapalbhati because it will make you fresh. After that wear loose clothes because in tight clothes you would not breathe properly. Find a good place to perform this yoga to refresh your mind. You have to sit straight and look all around to refresh yourself by seeing a natural beauty. Keep your head and neck straight. Your spine should be as straight as your body.

anulom vilom

Before discussing anulom vilom precautions we must know about it. Anulom vilom is pranayama which means breathing yoga. In this pranayama, you take in a breath through each nostril and make calm the overstimulated area of the brain.

This yoga is stress-relieving as you breathe out a little portion of stress from your brain or body. It is very essential to see anulom vilom precautions side by side its benefits.

anulom vilom precautions and tips

  • Perform this asana early in the morning as it is a good time to take a fresh breath and refresh your body with fresh air. Also in the early morning with an empty stomach, you can perform this asana better. One thing you need to be very careful of is to maintain meal gaps while doing this anulom vilom pranayama.
  • When you sit to do anulom vilom pranayama think about all your impurities are getting out from your body when you exhale. Then you’ll feel your body and mind are getting fill with positive energy. You’ll feel relaxed.
  • If you are suffering from any major disease such as anemia and you lack blood cells then avoid doing this yoga. You can continue it but in a slow manner only for 2 minutes is more than enough.
  • Do not perform this yoga if you are having a problem with high blood pressure. Avoid it if you have any heart disease. In case of surgery, you can’t perform this anulom vilom pranayama as it is risky for your life.
  • Pregnant women should also avoid doing this Pranayama. They can perform it under a qualified yoga practitioner. There are some conditions for pregnant women to do this yoga they need to be very slow while doing it.
  • If you are suffering from heart ailments should not attempt to do this. You should refrain from doing retention of breath it will be dangerous for you.

These are a few anulom vilom precautions.

side effects of kapalbhati and anulom vilom

Yoga is an art kapalbhati that has many benefits as well as side effects. Before starting this asana you should consult your doctor or any yoga expert. Performing yoga brings side effects of kapalbhati and anulom vilom. Let’s discuss the side effects of kapalbhati and anulom vilom.

anulom vilom
anulom vilom

Only the professional can perform it well or you can perform it well under any professional yoga expert master. Practice this yoga with extreme precaution because health comes first. It should be done in the morning after 3 to 4 hours of taking food.

Few side effects that may be caused by Kapalbhati pranayama asana are:

  • Performing this yoga without taking any consultation would cause you a hernia and high blood pressure. You can feel nauseated and headache while doing this yoga. This kapalbhati asana may make your mouth dry.
  • It can increase salivation and sweating. If you practice this yoga in Overspeed, then it gives rise to spinal disorders that are totally harmful.
  • After doing this you can also have ulcers and gastric problems. However, some issues are associated with the respiratory system and it may obstruct the thyroid.
  • Do not try this yoga if you have any chronic respiratory cardiovascular condition. In such cases, people will face trouble in normal breathing. This may also lead to a heart attack.

Always consult your doctor before doing any yoga as it is compulsory.


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