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Left Or Right Nose Piercing Which Side To Pierce?

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If you are wondering should I get a left or right nose piercing? Then this article is undoubtedly for you. Here we’ll discuss that how to choose which side to pierce?  Will it just come down to a coin toss? The answers are down below!

Moreover, we’ll check out some amazing pros and cons of nose piercing, so stay tuned to read an article full of informative facts.

What is A Nose Piercing?

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When you hear about a nose piercing, most probably you’re thinking that of a nostril piercing, which is the most typical, or a septum piercing, which is the second commonest and looks sort of a bull ring between the nostrils.

What Is A Nose Piercing

You’d be right on the two tallies, as either type falls into the classification of “nose piercing.” notwithstanding the nostril and the septum, there are a few different variations of piercing that can decorate the nose.

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Well, we all know that with time the old trend of getting a nose piercing is everywhere back again. it’s becoming a top favorite trend among teenage girls then because of the elder ladies.

Moreover, nose piercing is in numerous sizes, shapes, or styles which range from luxury ones to the exotic look. Girls choose nose piercing to enhance their beauty just like microblading and microneedling is becoming popular among girls to enhance facial beauty.  Regardless of whatsoever form of piercing, you’re getting for yourself, it brings a complicated and stylish look to your whole personality.  Changing the piercing jewelry and its coloration will add charm and finishing to your face.

Left Or Right Nose Piercing For Girl: How To Pick?

As a rule, the best side for a nose piercing is whichever you like. But if you’re having a tough time deciding, some aspects can help narrow down the choices.

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Getting a nose piercing is also one of the most fun decisions and experiences of your life. After all, it’s an easy body modification that changes your entire appearance. The practice of piercing the pose has been an element of many old cultures. In some, girls must urge a nose piercing at a particular age.

Throughout the years, different subgroups have embraced nose piercing uniquely. Now, people across different cultures choose to get nose piercings for a range of reasons.

If you’ve decided to urge a nose piercing, you will have already picked a nose piercing stud or ring. However, you will air the fence about which side left or right nose piercing you must get.

Nose Piercing Left Or Right

Nose Piercing Left Or Right

Sure, you will have to bump into many people with a nose piercing, but it’s still hard to make a decision now that it’s your address to get one. Most people have asymmetrical-faced shapes, making it difficult to decide on a side as both must look perfect.

Some factors influence your choice for a specific side, and if you wish to know what that side is, you need to read further down. This article is the perfect guide to nose piercings and where they’re going to look best.


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Left Or Right Nose Piercing Meaning

There have been ongoing myths for quite a long time stating that the side of a nose piercing ought to be decided upon a person’s sexuality, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Wear your nose piercing precisely how you might want to, and whichever way is most comfortable to you.

Left side

Nose piercings on the left as a girl, people will assume they’re trying to alleviate pain in childbirth and/or their period, in some cultures, anyway.

Nose Piercing Meaning Left side

Nose piercings on men on the left in civilization, some people will assume the person is gay or bisexual.

The placement of a piercing (including the side of the body on which it’s worn) has some significance in other cultures. But in Western society, nostril piercings on the correct (or the left), or septum piercings within the center—or any others, don’t have any particular meaning

Right side

Nose Piercing Meaning Right side

Nose piercings on women on the proper in Western culture, people will assume they’re bisexual or a lesbian.

The placement of a piercing (including the side of the body on which it’s worn) has some significance in other cultures. But in Western society, nostril piercings on the left (or the Right), or septum piercings within the center—or any others, don’t have any particular meaning

Nose Piercing Process


The anatomical structure that covers the nostril is the commonest area for a nose piercing. Other nose piercings are through the columella, an anatomical structure that separates the nose’s correct and left sides.

This piercing is thought of as a septum and is done on the pineal eye and bridge of the nose.

The Basics

There is over one variety of nose piercings. Camp says, “Most nose piercings are through the nasal ala or the cartilaginous structure that covers the nostril. Some are through the columella, the skin that covers the septum.

Another cartilaginous structure that separates the proper and left sides of the nose,” also referred to as your septum. The sense organ and bridge are also placed together with the nose that’s pierced.

Have fun and be creative when it involves the anatomy of your left or right nose piercing. Your piercer will place a tiny low dot on your nose to point out where the needle is going.

The benefit of this change is to create sure you prefer the aesthetics of the position. If you plan on wearing a hoop, you’ll be able to experiment with placement before your actual piercing employing a faux hoop.

Pain and Healing Time

Although everyone contains a different threshold for pain when it involves body modification, nose piercings can be relatively discomfort. Brooks ranks it between three and 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. “For an instant, your eyes will water, but only because your nose bone is near to your eye bones,” she says.

“Otherwise, it’ll desire a small amount of a pinch.” Expect to feel a soft bruise immediately following the piercing. Within daily, pain should subside unless you snag it on something, like your T-shirt or washcloth, so be extra mindful of your face.

“Do your best to not sleep thereon,” advises Brooks, adding that playing with a brand new piercing will be tempting but can impede healing.

How much is a Nose Piercing?

It Doesn’t Cost too much. A nose piercing won’t make you broke, and you almost certainly don’t have to save cash over several months to pay the prices. the worth of a typical nose piercing is $30 to $80. this is often the full cost for the piercing and therefore the jewelry.

If piercers charge independently, the commonplace expense of the penetrating is $30 and hence the adornments are around $10-$60, figuring on the norm of the metal and in this manner the plan.

How to Prepare for a Nose Piercing

Before you opt to get a left or right nose piercing, try some potential places that supply high-quality services. The primary thing your service provider will do is connect them to a pair of sterile gloves.

This could end before they touching any instrument or your skin. Next, your skin or cartilage area that must be piercing can sterilize thoroughly.

A nostril piercing is a flattering, fun way to accentuate your face. To get the foremost comfortable experience and therefore the smallest amount of healing problems, it is vital to arrange some research before you opt to get pierced.

Things to know about getting a Nose Piercing

Exploration the piercing to ensure it’s ideal for you. Reading about other people’s experiences and problems will cause you to conscious of what to expect from the piercing. And you may have a concept about what to do and what to avoid once you’re pierced.

One thing to stay in mind is that a nose piercing closes up very quickly once they remove the jewelry. So it’d not be the most effective choice for those who have to take facial jewelry out for work or other reasons.

Visit several body piercing shops in your area to search out an area where you are feeling most comfortable.

Read reviews of every place online to work out which one is most reputable. This may make an enormous difference in the quality of your piercing. Preferably, the shop ought to be an individual from the Association of Professional Piercers.

Nose Piercing what to Expect

Firstly ask how the piercing is going to happen. Employing a needle is the only safe, sterile way to pierce a nostril. A piercing gun causes trauma to the world and may damage the cartilage, which may lead to the formation of connective tissue and keloids.

Select jewelry made of high-quality, hypo-allergenic material. Surgical steel is one of the simplest choices for a replacement piercing because it doesn’t irritate the skin.

Your piercer can recommend the simplest option for you, reckoning on what the shop has available. Avoid jewelry products of metal. It can oxidize and leave a lasting dark blemish on your nose.

Bring a follower with you if you’re nervous and confirm you have got extra cash. Usually, the piercing and therefore the jewelry have separate prices. You may also purchase an aftercare solution.

Do not forget to tip your piercer! If you’ve got selected a reputable shop and listened carefully to the cleaning and care instructions. Your nose piercing will likely go smoothly and heal properly.

Which Side do Most Indian People Mostly Get Their Nose Piercing on Left or right?

Some people get their noses to pierce supported culture. In India, the left side is mainstream, because of Ayurvedic convictions partner.

The left side with “female” conceptive organs (uteruses, ovaries; not all ladies have them, and not all those with them are female). The remainder of people is no longer to flip a coin or something.

But, seriously, wear it where you wish left or right. it’s your priority and luxury that matters.

All You Need To Know About Nose Piercings: Facts

If pierced with a hoop, don’t twist, turn, or rotate your piercing for a minimum of eight weeks. When it is time to change out your jewelry for the primary time, it is best to return to the studio for professional assistance.

Did you recognize that nose piercings originated within the Mideast where its first known documentation was made around 4,000 years ago?. Even The Old Testament of the Bible mentions this manner of body art. And since the Mughal rule, they relate it to the Hindu culture too.

For the sake of fashion, nose piercings are of various types; there’s the Septum piercing, Vertical Nose tip piercing, Nostril piercing to call some (but these are the common types).

The septum piercing is the piercing done on the cartilaginous wall that divides the 2 nostrils. you need to have seen a bull with a ring, that’s what septum nose piercing looks like!

Nose Piercing Facts

The Nostril piercing is happening on one or each side of the nose and therefore the vertical nose tip/Rhino piercing is ending at the tip of the nose. However, fun and funky these piercings may have clothed to be fashionable they need their effects!

Nose Piercing Facts

  • Having your nose pierced is kind of painful and might heal from two to four months (nostril piercings) while bridge piercings can heal between eight to 10 weeks and septum may heal between six to eight months.
  • Ligament penetrating can bring about a hematoma, the American Academy of Family Physicians cautions, which is the point at which a messed up vessel fills the tissue with blood. Corruption, or dead cells, is another threat of nasal ligament Piercing.
  • Left or right nose piercing can result in infections including staphylococcus which sometimes lives within the nose before infection as LiveStrong explains.
    Piercing your nostrils can damage your septum if handled by an amateur or someone inexperienced.
  • Infections may occur during the amount of healing or after healing.
    Diabetic individuals or individuals with certain allergies are also greatly affected by nose piercing if they don’t consult their doctors.

Piercing Between Nose

Standard Nostril Piercings

The standard nostril piercing is a very tiny adornment typically finished with a tiny low, 20-gauge needle. Although it’s usually always pierced with a stud, after the wound is completed healing (it usually takes about 4–6 weeks), the jewelry will be replaced with a distinct stud or a hoop if you so desire.

Variations on Standard Nostril Piercings

Double Nostril Piercing

A variation on the quality of nostril piercing is the double nostril piercing, where both nostrils are pierced. Matching jewelry is typically worn in both holes.

High Nostril Piercing

High Nostril Piercing

High nostrils are a nostril piercing that’s typically done much to a higher place, towards the bridge of the nose. When a high nostril piercing is combined with a double nostril piercing, the result’s an upper nostril piercing. Still with me?

Septum Piercing

A septum piercing also called the bull-ring piercing, goes through the septum at the center of the nose. in line with

“The septum is that the cartilaginous tissue dividing wall between the nostrils. Generally, the cartilage itself isn’t pierced, but rather the little gap between the cartilage (also called the “sweet spot”) and therefore the bottom of the nose.”

The septum is generally pierced with a 14-gauge needle and may take up to 1–3 months to heal completely.

Gauged Septum

Some people are keen on stretching or gauging, their septum piercing. While gauging may be a common technique within the piercing world, excessive stretching of the septum can create an unsightly dropping effect.

Cons and Pros of Nose Piercings

I’ll begin with the cons.

  • They leave a mark once you remove them. this might be a little dent, invisible to anyone but yourself, or a little hole that may resemble a blackhead.
  • They can scar. like several other body piercings, they’ll heal unpredictably and will scar. If you’re considering a piercing, be prepared for the slight chance of a visual scar/bump on the piercing.
  • It hurts. An obvious one but a needle through the very sensitive skin of your nose does feel rather unpleasant, although not for long.

Now for the pros!

  • They look absolutely lovely on everyone. I’ve never seen somebody who sometimes fell short for their nose piercing.
  • They are a reasonably easy piercing to heal, just a sea salt soak twice daily will work perfectly!
  • There are numerous jewelry options to do. From nose screws to hoops, there’s a mode that’s guaranteed to be comfortable and fit your taste!
  • They’re super acceptable in most places of labor. If not, you ought to be ready to very easily find a discreet retainer that may be switched for something more noticeable in your free time!

Have fun on your nose piercing adventure!

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