Top 10 Countries with Most Blue-Eyed People

Blue eyes are great; they seem to hold the tranquility of the water and the serenity of the sky in them. But it’s not like you can get them artificially. Sure you can wear blue lenses but the natural beauty and color have no competition.

Let’s find out the top countries with blue eyes.

Countries with most blue eyes

Researchers show that 89% of individuals in Estonia and Finland have blue-colored eyes. Additionally, a large portion of individuals in Ireland (57%) and around 50% of the inhabitants of Scotland also have blue eyes. Blue is one of the more unique eye colors on the planet, as just 8% of the total populace has blue eyes.

The blue-eyed-looked is comparatively a distinctive eye tone. Blue eyes can be tracked down for the most part to the eastern and northern locales of Europe, particularly in nations close to the Baltic Sea.

1. Estonia – 89%

This northeastern European country has the most number of people with blue eye color. Findings from genetic studies describe that their ancestors with blue eyes lived in the Black sea around 10,000 years ago. Over the years, their offspring moved and settled here. It is also one of the top countries with blonde hair color.

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2. Finland – 89%

Finland stands eye to eye with Estonia at 89% blue-eyed people. This leaves only 7-10% of the people with brown eyes, which is quite unique. They also have one of the highest percentage of blonde-haired people (almost 80%.) Other things unique about Finland are they are the largest consumers of ice cream, obesity is on the rise there since 1970s and going to the sauna is their weekly activity.

3. Iceland – 57%

Iceland is located in northern Europe and is known for its mighty glaciers and unspoilt nature in addition to being a country of blue-eyed people.

4. Scotland – 50%

Scotland has also got the most number of people with green eyes. It’s a European country as well.

5. England – 48%

England’s not only known for their football team and royal family history; their blue-eyed people are another feather in their popularity crown.

6. Wales – 45%:

Wales is a country that is the part of UK and has only 6 cities. This little country has 8 universities and is connected to UK via road, rail, sea and air.

7. Belgium – 28.9%

Blue eyes are not the only thing Belgium is proud of. Did you know that french fires actually came from Belgium? And there are three official languages in the country?

8. France – 20.2%

With the largest Art museum and being the most visited country, France is also amongst the countries with blue eyes. Such a special country, right?

9. The United States – 16.6%

In the United States, 1 of every 6 persons have blue eyes.

10. Spain – 16.3%

What is Spain most renowned of? Their soccer team?
No. It’s their world’s largest tomato fight each year. Well, blue eyes just adds up to the list.

These👆 are the top 10 countries with the most blue-eyed people.

What is the cause of the blue eye color?

Researchers thought that parents are responsible for the color of eyes. Since brown is predominant over blue, a blue-peered individual would have two blue eye qualities, and two blue eyed guardians could never have a kid with brown eyes.

We currently realize that it’s considerably more complicated than that. Your eye color is not set in stone by the genes that control melanin creation in your iris. Hazel eyes have a great deal of melanin, while light eyes have just a bit.

What is the cause of the eye color

Melanin absorbs light. When any article ingests light, it doesn’t look very interesting. Yet, when it doesn’t retain a light, the light is reflected, and the article is the shade of the light it reflects. Light reflected from your eye is the cause of eyes that appear blue. Earthy-colored eyes have a ton of melanin, so they absorb light, which makes them appear dark.

Since you acquire qualities from your parents, your eyes will certainly be comparative to either of your parents. But at the same time, it’s possible for you to have light colored eyes, regardless of whether both of your parents have dark eyes.

There’s another theory as well.

Researchers also imagine that quite a while in the past when everybody resided in blistering environments where the sun was radiant all year, everybody had earthy-colored eyes.

As individuals moved north, sun harm was an issue to a lesser extent. Eye tones became lighter, which might have contributed to the blue color.

Some facts about the blue-eyed people

1. Just 8 percent of the world’s population has blue eyes

If you have blue eyes, you may be part of a rare group of people without realizing it! Since blue eyes are hereditarily latent, just 8% of the populace has blue eyes. While blue eyes are altogether more uncommon than earthy colored eyes worldwide, they are often found in ethnicities situated close to the Baltic Sea in northern Europe.

2. There is no blue tint in blue irises

The iris is comprised of two layers. For nearly everybody,even individuals with blue eyes, the back layer (called the color epithelium) has an earthy colored pigment in it.

The front layer of the iris comprises a covering of filaments and compartments. For individuals with earthy colored eyes, a portion of these cells have earthy colored shade. Assuming there is no shade in this front layer, the filaments dissipate and retain a portion of the more extended frequencies of light that come in.

3. Blue eyes are more sensitive to light

Melanin in the iris of the eye seems to assist with safeguarding the rear of the eye from harm brought about by UV radiation and high-energy “blue” light from daylight.
Hence, having less melanin in your irises implies that you want to safeguard your eyes more from the sun’s UV beams. Hence, it is prescribed to those with blue eyes to avoid the sun for significant periods and attempt to wear defensive eyewear when they are outside.


This article will help you know about the top 10 countries with the most blue-eyed people. It will increase your information about eye color and how they come about.


What country has the most blue eyes?

The people of Estonia have the most blue-eyed people in the world. Almost 89% of the people there have this color.

What are the Asian countries with blue eyes?

In Asia, mostly Russians have blue eyes.

What are the Arab countries with blue eyes?

Syria has a high ratio of blue-eyed people compared to other Arab countries.

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