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Are you curious about knowing the most dangerous sports ranked worldwide? So, get to know some really interesting facts about dangerous sports 2023 in this article. We cannot deny the truth that there is always a danger involved in every sport. If you are a sportsman you will definitely know how important it is for you to get fit.

But some sports nearly give you life-threatening injuries even if you are a perfect athlete. Each sport has some risks and rewards accordingly. This is the reality of all the sportsmen that they do not fear playing in their field even if it’s dangerous enough. They follow their passion and then money, pride, glory, and fame come along.

Most Dangerous Sports Ranked in History

Ranking sports on the basis of how dangerous it is then every sport has its risk some sports even include the death of so many professional players due to severe injuries. People love the thrill of dangerous sports. It is the most dangerous sport ranked worldwide for the excitement and the adrenaline rush. Here are the top most dangerous sports in the world, based on the number of injuries and fatalities per year.

most dangerous sport


Bull-fighting comes at number 3 in the list of most dangerous sports ranked. It is one of the most aggressive sports. This deadly sport involves a rider who rides on the back of a bull, not just a bull but an angry bull and stays mounted while an animal tries to let him down. The longer you stay on bulls’ back the greater player you are. This is not enough as it involves lots of risks and many dangerous injuries.

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Bull fighting most dangerous sports ranked

The rider only gets one hand on a rope that is tied with a bull and another hand on air to balance his body. In case if the rider falls on the ground that bull whose weight is 1800 pounds can crack him up completely and the rider would get fractures. It is not an extreme sport but yes it is surely a dangerous one. Each year, there are over 100 reported injuries and up to 20 deaths associated with bull riding.

Downhill Biking

This sport is dangerous because it gives you a thrill. The player of downhill biking risk their life and ride a bike on the rocky surface of the hill with no safe place around. If you fall you may die at the spot. People love to watch and play this death game.

Downhill Biking most dangerous sports ranked

In this game injuries like a broken bone, internal bleeding, organ damage, and concussions are major injuries. Out of every ten downhill bikers, one suffers from one of these injuries. When any accident happened then it’s 70% of biker’s mistake or error and 30% trail condition. That is why it is included in our list of most dangerous sports ranked.

Car Racing

Cars racing is not for everyone because no one can imagine that any person can get away from a hurtling track at over 150mph without an accident. But true racers has done this auto racing. In this game, the driver is protected by a fire-retardant suit and helmets but frankly speaking, these things would not help if your face any accident. Smashed bones, trauma to the head, excessive blood loss are common injuries in this game.

Car Racing most dangerous sports ranked

As per record since 2001 even after improved technology, there have been over 40 driver deaths recorded due to major racing circuits.

Big Wave SurfingBig Wave Surfing

Surfers surely have lots of hurt to interact with high-level waves and it is not easy to ride your surf on 50 feet giant water wall. These waves we normally called monster waves that took you miles away from the beach into deep coastlines. The pressure of water is soo high and forceful that one cannot bear it. If you fall underwater these giant monster waves will smash you onto hidden rocks. So this is amazing but one of the most dangerous sports ranked on our list.

White Water Kayaking

Like any game, there are a lot of dangers associated with kayaking. From hazardous water highlights to dehydration, a day on the water could undoubtedly transform into something unstable.

White Water Kayaking

The considerable injuries related to kayaking include: the strong power needed to push the oar through the water can cause a physical issue, for example, a strain or sprain in the shoulder. The dreary movement of moving the paddle can, in the long run, lead to wounds of the wrist joints. Many Players of Kayaking play Pickleball to strengthen their shoulders and wrist.


Mountain climbing is a thrilling sport that comes with a significant risk of injury or death. Each year, there are approximately 1,000 reported mountain climbing accidents, with an estimated 100 to 200. Climbing up and down is not easy if you are not physically tough. The climber may receive different natural injuries related to their hands and arms such as sprained muscles, twisted ankles, concussion, back injury, and broken bones. Moreover, deaths are common in this sport. There are various cases in which climbers lost their lives without even completing the mission.

Climbing most dangerous sports ranked


The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) has indicated that, in the previous 10 years, about 40.6 individuals have lost their lives in snowboarding, which is quite considerable. Therefore, snowboarding comes in the list of some most dangerous sports ranked, as it carries the risk of life and even severe injuries. Serious wounds due to snowboarding include (loss of motion, head, and other serious wounds).


MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

There has been no death due to this game but it brings violence because the main goal of MMA is to beat your opponent unless or until that your opponent submits their will, that he loses. The way a person knocks out his opponent is quite dangerous.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

According to Dana White people who love to participate in this game must need to train first by fighters. If you won’t train enough and choose it as your career then your career would be finished at the beginning because you may get some serious injuries.

And you would not recover from those injuries. Although this macho sport has its charm and glory and lots of rewards, first you need to get thick enough to cherish those rewards.

Brock Lesnar and Tito Ortiz made Mixed Martial Arts extremely mainstream. however, it is the real definition of bloodsport.


It tends to be a hazardous sport. Throughout the long term, various individuals have kicked the bucket while doing risky tricks, such as hopping from rooftop to rooftop or jumping on high edges and rails.


Parkour can, however, cause serious injury by landing incorrectly or tumbling from a high spot. There is likewise the danger of a drawn-out physical issue, for example, loss of motion, that’s why it’s been considered one of the most dangerous games ranked.


Boxing is one of the most dangerous sports ranked. If we see then there are a number of boxing deaths per year. Moreover, some injuries due to boxing are unrecoverable.


Some players have to leave boxing because of lasting injuries, including speech impediments, coordination problems, vision problems, or even brain damage. But they still love to watch boxing. This game is all about violence you hit the other guy and then he hits back. According to some estimates, there are as many as 500 boxing-related deaths each year worldwide.

Mohammad Ali the legendary name fought and won but paid the physical price to all those winning years. Passion is everything in this game.


This is one of those sports that got no virtual coverage in the US. This is a popular game because it combines all the rules of football and soccer and some rules from polo are also in it. We can say the tougher version of American football and much appreciated in Europe. There are an estimated 3.8 million rugby injuries each year, with around 1,000 of those being considered serious or catastrophic. There have been recorded some deaths in rugby due to the dangerous nature of this game. So yes it is also the most dangerous sport ranked.

Rugby most dangerous sports ranked


Every sport is dangerous if played wrong. But some sports need lots of practice and fitness to play otherwise you will face serious health injuries. Football is the ultimate sport in the United States, loved by people. In this game, you need to have speed, strength, teamwork, planning, and power of execution.


Injuries would finish your career in a second if you don’t practice well. There are almost 41,000 injuries in 25 million athletes from 2004 to 2009.


What Sport Has the Most Deaths?

3 to 4 children die each year due to baseball and their age is between 5 to 14. After baseball bicycling, over 2000 children are getting their treatment from the hospital and their ages are between 5 to 14.

What is the most dangerous sport in 2020?

The most dangerous sport of 2020 is basketball, rugby, soccer, and football. These are the sports with the highest injury rates recorded back in 2019 than any other sports. These sports are easy to watch but hard to play. They need strength, teamwork, and planning.

Which sport is the safest?

The safest sport for both males and females is swimming. In this sport, boys would get injured 17 injuries only after 1000 times of practice. Girls would have 38 per 1000 times of practice.

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