How to See Who Rewatched Your Snapchat Story?

Everyone can view a Snapchat story. The people on your friend’s list. We know that Snapchat lets you see who has watched your story on their phones and how many users have viewed it. When someone replays one of your stories on Snapchat, are you notified? In this post, we’ll discuss it.

You can keep track of both the total number of views and the individual viewers of your stories. If a user simply sees a piece of a video story before closing it, the story won’t be listed among those who have watched it.

The best way to find out who has seen your story:

You may display the total number of views for your story and the characteristics of those viewers. To view who has seen your story, open Snapchat.

To check who has watched one of your tales, go to the following screen and tap on My Story under “My Stories.”

After that, tap or swipe up the view count.

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The list of persons who have seen your story will appear when you hit the eye icon.

Does Snapchat notify you if your story is replayed?

When you watch someone’s story twice or more, the story uploader has no idea if you replayed it or how many times you watched it. Snapchat also doesn’t let you know when the story viewer plays it again. In addition, it is impossible to know how many times your story has been re-read.

You won’t receive a notification when your story is played on a phone because seeing a story doesn’t qualify as an active interaction on Snapchat.

Discover who often viewed your Snapchat story:

If your Snapchat story has been viewed more than once, it is unclear how to tell. To find out who and how many individuals saw your story again, you might employ a technique. It should be mentioned that this technique prevents you from knowing how frequently a single user watched your story.

You can compare your current viewer’s list to a prior one to see if someone has watched your story again.

Why is the same individual at the top of the list of my Story viewers?

In case you weren’t aware, Snapchat stories are watched in reverse chronological order, so the person who viewed it first will be at the bottom, and the person who viewed it most recently will be at the top. Every time someone sees your story on their phone, Snapchat updates the list of viewers for it.

Your Snapchat story’s most recent viewer is shown by the fact that even when the number of views on your story has increased, only one individual consistently appears at the top.

Your story’s length is another factor that might make that possible. There might not be anyone on your friend list remaining to view your Snapchat story if you shared it yesterday and you’re about to reach the 24-hour time limit. Since there is no need to update your viewer list if no new viewers have recently viewed it, Snapchat will continue to display the name of the individual who last viewed it in such a scenario.

Tips for determining who saw your Snapchat story many times

  1. Occasionally, capture a screenshot of your viewers’ list.
  2. Avoid leaving your viewer list open. While the list is available, it does not update. You must repeatedly open and close it.
  3. Ask a friend to quickly see your snap if someone is at the top of your viewer’s list, and then watch if they go back to the top to see if they replay your shot.

Can an app be used to see who visited your story several times?

Although you can come across many apps that make promises about being able to inform you how frequently your Snapchat story is seen, you should be aware of all of these false statements. There is no way for other apps to access information from your Snapchat account about who or when has viewed your story more than once.

Installing such apps is not advised for your safety, as they might have been made to trick you into exposing your Snapchat account information. To safeguard your user data, we recommend avoiding such programs.

Final Thoughts:

The simplest way to see who rewatches your Snapchat story is to check how many times they are showing on the top. We advise you not to use any third-party Apps because these Apps may steal your private information on Snapchat.

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