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Crescent Lunge Twist: The Detoxifying Yoga Pose

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In this article, we will discuss crescent lunge twist, horizon lunge yoga, its benefits, and variations as well. Moreover, how to perform these yoga poses, and their important benefits regarding specific poses. This article is bliss for a gym bunny though.

What is a Crescent Lunge?

Crescent lung is also called Anjaneyasana. The crescent lunge twist is a powerful standing yoga pose. In this pose, you stretch in such a way that it stretches and flexes your entire body. It stretches out the spine, chest, and shoulders.

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It is a Sanskrit name and it comes from three words Parivrtta means revolved, Anjaneya means to praise or a salutation, and asana meaning pose.

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Crescent Lunge Variations

There are various names of the crescent lunge. These variations include:

  • Revolving crescent lunge
  • Warrior twist
  • Twisting lunge
  • Prayer twist
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5 Must Try Crescent Lunge Variations Image

Practicing crescent lunge benefits us in a different way. It calms the nerves and relaxes the mind.  First, we need to know our body type and which yoga is suitable for our body then after taking doctors’ consultation start doing this yoga. If you do any yoga without taking proper doctor’s consultation that would defiantly harm your body.

Crescent Lunge Twist

It is a subpart of the crescent lunge. It adds twists into the yoga pose. If you practice this yoga regularly you feel that it carries detoxifying elements to the poses. This helps remove toxic elements from the body. When you twist your torso and digestive organs are flushed with oxygen-rich blood and clear our body naturally. Crescent lunge twist is helpful in maintaining your digestion routine which is the ultimate cause of all diseases.

Crescent Lunge Twist
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Moreover, this pose can be seen in several types of hatha yoga practices. This is found in vinyasa style classes. Crescent lunge pose has versatile styles and there are multiple variations of the lunge. In high crescent or in low crescent you can add a twist. You can add binds or even make them into an arm balance which needs practice.

Further, it can be done by revolving crescent lunge from high or low with a deep or slightly light twist option.

How to do Crescent Lunge Twist

You can take this pose from a downward-facing dog position or by standing. All you need to do is to plant your right foot in between your hands and rise slowly to set an angle. When you stand step back deeply with your left foot.

Now stack your back heels over the ball of your back foot smoothly. After that sink your hips towards the ground and then stack your front knee over your ankle. Then lift the front of your pelvis and hug both sides of your body into the centerline of yours. When you do it then puff your back knee up towards the sky in this way it adds muscle actions and it also stabilizes your body.

Option 2

In crescent lunge twist option 2 you need to bring your hands to the heart center. Then lean forward on. Now inhale as you draw your belly in and up to create space. After this hook your left elbow on your right now. Then gaze over your right shoulder simultaneously press your shoulder blades into your mid-back. In this, when you inhale it extends, and in each exhale it twist deeper.

Option 3

In the third option starts in crescent plant your left hand on the inside of your right foot. It is either on the ground or on a block. Now extend your right fingers into the sky. After that, when it comes to gazing then take it, which means your gaze on your lifted hand.

These twist options can be done from a high or low crescent position. In a low crescent lunge twist, you simply have to lower your back knee to the ground and all the other cues which are already mentioned above. Just sink your hips towards the ground and stack your front knee over your ankle. Now left the front of your pelvis and then hug into your centerline calmly.

Crescent Lunge Benefits

Crescent lunge benefits in stretching your entire body and tones legs. It also benefits in stretching your hips and butts. There is a number of crescent lunge benefits as it opens the hips and glutes plus gives strength to your arms, legs, and spine. This helps in opening the chest and shoulders within your arms. Moreover, it helps in improving balance and you can increase your energy and confidence. Your body feels relaxed and calm after performing this yoga.

Crescent Lunge Benefits Image
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Crescent lunge benefits in any way as it helps to expand the front of your body. Reduces all types of fatigue and releases the stress and increases energy by only building mental focus. This pose also develops flexibility and stability in your body to maintain balance. Crescent lunge aids in strengthening the thighs your hips and built. In the case of stretchiness, it stretches hips flexors. Legs as well as groin of your body. This pose specifically helps to relieve Sciatica pain.

Crescent Lunge Twist Benefits

Parivrtta Anjaneyasana is a challenging balance posture for anyone because that creates stability throughout the entire body. It is twisting the torso of yours and in that way, it applies pressure to your internal organs. Then helps in toning them and increasing their abilities to detoxify your body properly.

Crescent Lunge Twist Benefits Image

After performing this pose, you feel your torso and digestive organs are fully flushed with oxygen-rich blood. This helps to remove toxins while at the same time improving digestion. This Parivrtta Anjaneyasana also stretches and tones your legs, hips, and butt.

Crescent Lunge Twist Cautions

We need to consider a few things while we practice any yoga. In this yoga practice you need to take care of your health first, consult with your doctor before you go for this pose. However, below are some cautions to have a glance on:

  • You cannot perform this yoga if you are suffering from any major injury to your shoulder, knee, elbow, etc.
  • Pregnant women should avoid it as it would be dangerous for baby and mama.
  • Patients with high blood pressure should also avoid it.
  • If you have any heart disease then do not practice this yoga without consulting your doctor.
  • All you need to do is to first see your self your range and abilities then practice this pose.

Modifications & Variations of Crescent Lunge Twist

This pose works on every muscle in your body when you practice it correctly. We can find crescent lunge variations that fit your body type if you try these changes to find a perfect version of this pose that works best for you specifically for your body.

If You are trying the high lunge version and finding difficulty doing it then you must go for a low lunge version. Practicing this can easily lengthen and strengthen your whole body. It will be rejuvenating your energy in less time.

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Horizon Lunge Yoga

This horizon lunge yoga category is arm leg support or twist.

How to perform horizon lunge yoga? You have to begin in a lunge with your arm extended up. After that reach your top arm up higher into the sky properly. While doing it at the same time extent it towards the back as you roll onto the edges of your feet smoothly. Now flex both feet to protect your joints. Then firm your extended leg and drop your hip. You need to drop your hip as low as you can and keep a very strong and straight supporting arm. This is quite easy way to do horizon lunge yoga.

Best Yoga For Students

This is good for students or we can say for our youth as it is easy to perform. Why it is good for young people because it stretches the whole body and any young person wants a flexible and fast-moving body. If you practice this yoga on a daily basis then you can participate in sports. Because it not just improves balance in your body but relaxes your mind and muscles.

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Reduces the level of stress and depression which is the major cause of suicides in our youth. Yoga keeps you busy and at the same time provides you relaxation.

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