How Much Money Do TikTokers Make | Top TikTok Earners 2023

TikTok has become an immensely popular app in a short period of time and people have started earning from it. You might be curious about the fact that how much money do Tiktokers make and who are the top TikTok earners. If so, then here you’ll find the answer to this question.

On average, top TikTokers can earn $50k–150k for a successful brand partnership. An average Tiktoker must gain 1000 followers to reach out to their first potential advertisement. On the other hand, famous TikTok or TikTok influencers can earn from $500 to $20,000 per video. It depends on the content and the type of promotion.

So, what are the best ways to earn from this app? We’ll share a complete guide to earn from TikTok. But let’s first have a brief discussion on what Tiktok is? When it came into being and why it has become a sensation these days. As we see people of all ages just love to use this app in their free time and Tiktok has got a great boom in recent years.

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What is Tiktok?

Tiktok is the most popular application all around the world. It released in 2017 for android and iOS. TikTok only took about 7 years to reach 1 billion users. While this app is for people who want to create short videos from their smartphones. These days it is the quickest and easiest way to get popular in a short time. The app is incredibly popular with young people, and it has been downloaded more than 2 billion times. Tiktok is especially known for its creative and entertaining videos, which often feature music and dance. The app has also been used to promote social causes and to raise awareness about important issues. In addition to being a lot of fun, Tiktok can be a powerful tool for social change.

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Moreover, TikTok is commercial friendly as it is not specifically built for monetizing. But it is possible to earn from TikTok by creatively using the platform. It’s just a game of a large number of followers by this creator can secure sponsorship and brand deals.

How to gain followers on TikTok?

Below is the step-by-step guide on how Tiktokers make money and gain immense followers on TikTok:

Firstly download TikTok and make a unique profile. Set your target to create good content that people would like to see. Choose an appropriate profile picture, or you may choose to disable your TikTok profile picture. Increase your followers as much as you can. Go for trending sites to see which songs or topics are trending and make videos on them to gain followers. Moreover, try to research audience moods, and swipe to different apps to see top trends. And choose such topics that will grasp people’s attention.

How to gain followers on TikTok

To get instant fame is not always easy for you to pre-plan your actions. However, link your Instagram and YouTube accounts with TikTok. Post your TikTok videos in your all other apps so the audience will reach out to you easily. Moreover, the most important thing is hashtags. It is similar to Instagram and Twitter use trending hashtags to boost the visibility of content.

Once your videos reach the audience and they started searching your name to follow you then you have a decent amount of followers. After that, you can be approached by brands to showcase their products on your short videos as an advertisement. Brands offer money to influencers for their product promotion. That’s how money is made by Tiktokers and they have a Tiktok balance.

You can collaborate initially with other content creators to gain followers. However, you can also ask celebrities to give you a shout-out for your videos. By this, you can have market attention. These steps will not only help to gain followers on your account but also provide an option of earning money through promotions.

How to Monetize and Earn From TikTok?

Monetizing is the process in which you turn non-revenue-generating items into cash. First, we need to know how to make money on TikTok. Then we will discuss how much money Tiktokers make.

We have a list of the most effective ways to monetise TikTok or to know about monetizing TikTok.However, some tips that may help include posting regularly, using hashtags strategically, and collaborating with other TikTokers.

Age Restriction

If you are 16  then you can make money from TikTok with your parent’s consent. If you are less than 16 then you can’t earn from it. You need to be 18 to get a direct link with brands and third-party legally.

Be An “Tiktok Influencer”

An influencer is someone who influences someone. People nowadays get influenced by so many things. They start doing the things which they see their favourite influencers are doing. For instance, how to dress? What brand they are wearing? People put so much effort to build their online reputation in order to become an influencer.

Organic Following to Earn From TikTok

It is important to have an organic following as brands only approach them. Influencer helps a brand in selling their product. If you want to gain followers and their attention, it is important for you to be honest in giving brands ads and you have to keep maintain the level of trust.

A large number of organic followers is the key to earning a good amount of money. You promote products of various brands through your TikTok videos or you link these videos to your other social media accounts to gain the attention of people who belongs to different social media platforms.

How to Earn From TikTok by Gifting?

Live-Streaming and Gifting

Live streaming platform is an extremely popular platform in every app to come live and talk to your followers face to face. On the live stream, followers can gift you the coins. Once you have enough coins you can trade coins for real cash. Coins as a virtual currency of TikTok. TikTok users buy these coins at different rates ranging from 100 coins to 10,000. However, purchasing rate is different because it depends on the currency.

how much money do Tiktokers make

TikTok users buy these coins and store them in their online wallet. They spend these coins on their favourite TikTok when they perform live. The exciting part is TikTok and Google/Google keep half the amount you spent on. This is how much money do Tiktokers make by gifting.


Monetizing TikTok by Brand Partnerships and Influencer Marketing Activations just like other social media apps, TikTok is no different. On every social media if you are famous then brands will start noticing you. They approach and boom your door of income gets open. But attracting a brand is not so easy for any TikTok user.

They need to put their best hard work to achieve respect and fame from their audience. Once they manage to get a regular high amount of likes and comments then brands will follow to see their activities and examine them. After that, they give a chance to work for them in promotions.

Tiktok Earning Through a Partnership

When TikTok user ties with any brand partnership he/she must act accordingly and keep it natural. TikTok followers watch you and your videos so it is your responsibility to voice the brand in a natural way that they really get the internal message.

Make them believe that whatever product you are promoting is in your daily routine use. Make them curious about that product. This is what content creators do to appeal to someone. It is important to go through FTC guidelines about influencer marketing if you accept money to make a promotional post then disclose it to the audience.

Attending Brand-Sponsored Events

If you gain enough reputation on TikTok then it will be easy for you to get invitation letters from different brands to attend their events and you get paid. You get to earn from brand-sponsored events. the most popular methods are sponsorships, product placement, and affiliate marketing.

Sponsorships are when brands pay Tiktokers to promote their products or services. This can be done through challenges, product placements, or simply by mentioning the brand in a positive light. Product placement is similar to sponsorships, but instead of being paid to promote a brand, Tiktokers are paid to include products in their videos. For example, a fashion blogger might be paid to include a certain piece of clothing in one of their videos. Affiliate marketing is when Tiktokers promote products or services from other companies and receive a commission on any sales that they generate. For example, if someone clicked on an affiliate link and then bought the product, the Tiktoker would receive a percentage of the sale.

However, how much money do Tiktokers make from it is not some hard and fast rule? It totally depends on the time given and hard work.

Selling Merchandise

How much money you make on TikTok is the most common question asked by any other person. If you have a good support base on TikTok. You can set eCommerce store and sell merchandise to your audience.

However, your fans can buy your brand T-shirt from there and feel special as non-Tiktokers don’t have access to it. To sell your merchandise you first need to build a community. Live streaming is perfect for this. Make videos to show your products and upload them on your different social media accounts. some TikTokers also make money by offering paid subscriptions to their private content. For example, they might offer exclusive access to certain videos or live streaming sessions for a monthly fee. Whatever method you choose, there’s definitely potential to earn money on TikTok!

Cross-Promote on Your Other Social Networks

Most Tiktokers cross-promote on their other social networks they link their accounts and share their videos to other accounts also. This helps them to attract a large audience. Moreover, cross-promoting helps them in promoting any product or even their own videos or merchandise.

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