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How to Use Jio Phone Sim in Smartphone Step by Step Guide 2021

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Have you been using the Jio phone, and now you want to switch to an android phone? If yes, then your next question must be about how to use Jio phone sim in Smartphone? To know the helpful method, keep reading till the end along with its benefits.

Benefits of Jio Sim

Let’s first talk about how the Jio Sim is beneficial? So, unlike other sims, the Jio phone sim offers many advantages to the user. You have to pay the very minimum amount to recharge the Jio sim. Moreover, it provides voice calls and internet at a significantly lower cost. People want to use the Jio phone sim in a smartphone because of the cheap recharge plan.

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Moving forward, imagine you have bought your first phone, which is a Jio phone. So, you will also get a Jio sim along with it. You keep using it, and the number of that sim becomes your primary number. All your contacts have this number. Now you want to upgrade your mobile to a smartphone and not change your contact number.

For this reason, the first thing that comes to your mind is whether I can use a Jio sim in a Smartphone? And if it is possible, then how to use it in a Smartphone.

So, here’s the answer:

Possibility: How to use Jio phone sim in Smartphone? ( स्मार्टफोन में जियो फोन सिम का इस्तेमाल कैसे करें)

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Yes, it is possible to use the Jio sim in smartphones, including Android and iOS. You cannot activate and use the Jio sim directly by inserting it into a Smartphone; instead, you have to follow some steps to use the sim.

People buy new Jio sims for their new smartphones. But when you buy a new Jio sim, you need to pay Rs.99 for the Prime Membership. Further, when you use the Jio sim in the Jio phone and then on Smartphone, there is a difference in the recharge plan cost.

It is not possible to use the am recharge plan as a Jio phone in Android. So, when you start using the Jio sim on the Smartphone, you need to use a prime membership recharge plan.

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Follow the below steps:

  1. Just put Jio Phone Sim into your smartphone
  2. Go to settings > Mobile Network > Set the preferred network type to LTE/4G
  3. Recharge with any Jio Plan for Smartphone
  4. Call 19914 to activate your plan

Enjoy Jio Sim on your smartphone.

Convert Jio phone sim to the Smartphone

To use the Jio sim on a Smartphone, if you directly insert the sim into your new phone, the sim will not be activated. Therefore, you need to pay for Prime membership and then recharge your sim to activate it.

After this, you will activate all the services of the Jio sim on your Smartphone. If you are ready to buy Prime Membership, you are not required to go to the Retailer or Jio Store. You can buy the membership through your Smartphone at your ease.

Methods: How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

You will have two different methods to activate your Jio sim on the Smartphone.

Port your sim to another service provider

To use this method, you don’t need to buy a membership plan. Instead, you are required to port your Jio sim to another service provider such as Vi, Airtel, etc. This technique will help you to use your old number with another service company.

Change the Plan

This one is the most effective method for how to use Jio sim in smartphones. If you want to try this method, first you need to exert the sim card from the Jio phone then insert it into your Smartphone.

After that, go to My Jio App and recharge your sim with Prime Membership. After following all the procedures, the service of your sim will be activated. If you do not have the Jio app installed, you need to install it from Play Store.

After installing, log in with your Jio sim number. You will see many recharge plans on the app, and you can buy any recharge plan according to your wish. Moreover, you can also do this by visiting the official website of Jio and follow the same process.

Wrapping Up

Do we hope you may have got the solution to how to use Jio phone sim in Smartphone? We have provided you with both possible ways to use your existing sim on the Smartphone while enjoying all the benefits.

You can try any method and solve your problem without going to any mobile shop and paying money to them. Additionally, you can fix your problem by yourself.


What is required to use a Jio phone sim in other mobiles?

You can use Jio phone sim on other phones, but you need to have TLE access on your mobile phone.

Can we call through Jio sim while using 3G mobile?

It is not possible to use the services of the Jio sim on a 3G phone. Instead, you will be required to have a 4G mobile to use the service.

How to use Jio phone sim in Smartphone, which is a 4G phone?

You can use the Jio phone sim in other 4G phones by activating the Prime Membership plan, or you can also convert your sim to another service provider.

What is the difference between Jio Prime and non-prime?

The main difference is that Jio Prime uses your sim on a Smartphone, whereas non-prime uses the sim in Jio phone. You have to buy a Jio Prime membership when you use your sim in a Smartphone. This membership gives a Jio TV subscription, Jio cinema, etc.
Non-prime offers cheap recharge plans for Jio phone users.

Does a Jio phone recharge works in a smartphone?

You are required to change the plan and buy Prime Membership to use on the Smartphone. Otherwise, the sim will not work.

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