How to Archive or Unarchive Instagram Posts

Instagram, I think almost the whole world knows this name. It’s the best-influenced platform around social media. That grabs the attention of every brand and celebrity out there. We can say that it’s one of the most popular social media platforms that made the career of millions.

So the developers of Instagram try to add more features every day to grab the attention of their users and make them stick to it.

This series introduces an “Archive” option for users in 2017. This option benefits those who don’t want to delete their Instagram posts or want to share with followers. If you’ve ever wondered, about a way to archive your Instagram posts? There is a simple method to quickly archive all Instagram posts.

Archive posts on Instagram

Archiving the post allows you to keep your memories to yourself without sharing them with the public. So you are the only one who can see them whenever you want. And your privacy will remain.

This option allows you to move your post to the part of your profile that is only accessible to you. You can easily learn how you can archive multiple Instagram posts. You can undo this process if you want. We mean that you can restore your pictures from archives and share them with your followers. Let us show you the way.

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Is there any way to archive Instagram posts?

Archiving posts on Instagram is not a complicated method. You can easily archive all Instagram posts free of any cost.

  1. Just launch Instagram.

Just launch Instagram

2. Go to your profile.

Go to your profile

3. Find the post you’re looking to archive.

Find the post you’re looking to archive

4. You can see the three-dot option on the post’s top right corner.

You can see the three-dot option on the post's top right corner

5. Hit it; a pop-up will appear.

6. Select the archive option.

Go to your profile

Now that it’s done. Your post will be an archive now, and it will be no longer visible to the people on your profile.

Can I archive all my Instagram posts on mobile?

Most of us use Instagram on a mobile device. So you can archive posts on Instagram through the method we’ve provided above. This is a traditional method to achieve Instagram posts one by one.

How to Archive Posts on PC?

Well, there is no one size fits all solution to archive posts on PC. Because if you are a PC user and want to achieve. Sadly you are out of luck. Instagram doesn’t support the archive feature on browsers. This process can only be done on a mobile phone.

How to mass Archive Instagram posts on mobile and PC?

As Instagram gets more popular, people have become obsessed with it. They post and share their daily life with their followers, but sometimes we regret what we share with everyone. and want to keep that with ourselves.

So, using the traditional Instagram method to archive posts one by one can be time-consuming sometimes because we have more than one post that we want to archive. Unfortunately, there is no default option for mass archives posted on Instagram. You have to select each one in particular. But there are other solutions.

3rd-party Apps

There are many 3rd party archive all Instagram posts apps that will help you in this regard. The Instagram developers do not authorize them.

  1. You can launch those apps on your mobile.
  2. Run them, and then go to your Instagram profile. Tap on the three lines at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select settings and then select the Archive option.
  4. After that, select all the posts that you want to archive by clicking on them.
  5. They will ask you for assurance. Confirm it, and Voila! You are done in one shot.

Wrap Up

If you are an Instagram user and wish to keep your memories to yourself, or perhaps you regret making them public. You can archive them on your Instagram profile without deleting them.

Instagram allows you to Archive your posts with a built-in feature. But this feature will only help you on mobile devices. It doesn’t support the PC version of Instagram.

If you are getting tired of archiving photos one by one, you can use third-party apps for a mass archive, as Instagram doesn’t have this option by default.


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