How to Use Tattoo Numbing Cream Properly?

Getting a tattoo can be an exciting yet daunting experience, as it can be quite painful. Many people wish to get a tattoo or a stylish piercing as a form of self-expression. If you’re looking to minimize the discomfort of the tattoo process, you may want to consider using numbing tattoo cream. However, this article is all about how to use tattoo numbing cream to reduce pain.

Sometimes referred to as topical anesthetic cream, numbing tattoo cream works by temporarily numbing the skin in the area where the tattoo will be placed. It can help to reduce the sensation of pain during the tattooing process. Although it won’t eliminate the pain, it can make it more tolerable.

How to use tattoo numbing cream before a tattoo?

If you’re interested in using numbing tattoo cream, you should keep a few things in mind.

  1. You need to pick a reputable brand of cream that is specifically designed for use before tattoos. There are several different creams on the market, so do your research to find a safe and effective one.
  2. Additionally, be sure to follow the instructions carefully when applying the cream. Most creams need to be applied about an hour before the tattooing process begins, in order to be effective.
  3. And finally, don’t forget to wash the cream off thoroughly once the tattoo is finished!
    Although it’s designed to be safe for use for tattoos, you’ll want to avoid leaving any residue on your new ink.

How to use painless tattoo numbing cream?

Tattoo numbing cream is applied directly to the skin before the tattooing process begins. Make sure to follow the given directions very carefully, as applying too much cream can increase the pain.

Here are some tips on how to use tattoo numbing cream:

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  1. Make sure the area you’ll be tattooing is clean and dry before applying the cream.
  2. Apply a thick layer. Make sure the area is covered in numbing cream completely.
  3. Wrap the area in cling film or a similar material. It will ensure that the product has time to numb the skin.
  4. You will need to leave the cream on for at least an hour. So, make sure to leave enough time before starting your tattoo. The longer you keep it on, the better.
  5. When you’re ready to start tattooing, remove the cling film and wipe away any excess cream. You should be good to go!

Once the cream has been applied, it’s important to wait before starting the tattooing process. It will give the cream time to work its magic.

How to make tattoo numbing cream?

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself creatively, but they can be quite painful. If you wish to get a tattoo, you may want to consider using numbing tattoo cream. While several commercial creams are available, it’s also possible to make your own.

Method 1: Lidocaine powder

The most important ingredient in any numbing cream is lidocaine. Lidocaine is a powerful numbing agent. To make your tattoo numbing cream, you’ll need to purchase some lidocaine powder and mix it with a moisturizing cream or ointment.

Lidocaine powder

Once you’ve mixed the ingredients, apply the cream to the skin area where you plan to get your tattoo. Most numbing creams need to be applied for at least an hour to be effective, so give yourself plenty of time.

After your tattoo is finished, wash the area with soap. It is best to apply a thin layer of moisturizer. If you follow these steps, you should be able to numb the area sufficiently for a pain-free tattoo experience.

Method 2: Ice

Ice is a classic remedy for pain. You can use it to numb any area of the skin. It will be helpful to minimize the pain of the tattoo gun striking against your skin.


Method 3: Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has a large number of soothing components. It can calm the skin.

  1. Cut a large piece of aloe vera leaf.
  2. Rinse it with water.
  3. Extract the juice between the layers of the leaf.
  4. Now mix a Vitamin C capsule of 500 mg and a Vitamin E capsule of 400 mg.
  5. Mix them into 60 ml of extracted aloe vera juice.
  6. Blend it until it becomes smooth without any clumps.

Aloe Vera

Store it in a cool place. You should apply it half an hour before getting a tattoo.


If you’re worried about how to use tattoo numbing cream and how well the cream will work, don’t be! Many people find that it makes a big difference in how much pain they feel during and after their tattoo session. So if you’re looking for a way to reduce the pain of getting a tattoo, it’s important to use the cream properly to get the best results.

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