How to View Posts Deleted from Your Instagram?

Instagram is a highly famous picture-sharing site that grabs the attention of brands and celebrities in no time. Millions of brands and influencers use the platform. If you are an influencer, you can understand how valuable any post is for you and your followers.

Your career depends on the content you post, it would be no good to lose it. But as its popularity has risen, Instagram developers have introduced features for the betterment of the app. They’ve tried to fulfill the demands of users.

So, now they’ve introduced the option where you can see deleted posts. Suppose you don’t know how to see all your deleted Instagram posts. Here are a few steps to follow.

  1. First, click on your profile picture
  2. Then, go to your activity page.
  3. Find the “recently deleted” option.
  4. There you will find all the deleted posts.

How to see deleted Instagram posts in 2023?

In February 2021, Instagram introduced the highly anticipated option to see deleted Instagram posts. Since then, Instagram has stored our removed posts. They are moved to the recently deleted tab when we erase them.

See Deleted Instagram Posts

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If you delete stories, they will be stored for 24 hours, and normal posts will last for 30 days. If you accidentally delete a post and want to recover it, you can do it within 30 days. Now you know how to see deleted Instagram posts. Let’s learn how to see old deleted Instagram posts and also recover them.

  1. After going to the activity tab, log in to your profile.
  2. When you see the “Recently deleted ” option, tap on it.
  3. There will be different icons for different categories i.e. videos, posts, reels, or stories.
  4. Choose the post you wish to recover.
  5. There will be three dots in the top right corner of the post.
  6. Click it. Now pick the “recover” option.


Your posts will be recovered. If you delete them permanently, you can use the same method. Just remember you will only find the posts deleted in the last 30 days. If you can’t find anything in the recently deleted option, it might be because you haven’t deleted something in the past 30 days or the last 24 hours.

Besides this, if you want to retrieve your data on Instagram, you must have the updated version of Instagram. You need to get an authentic code. It’s a two-step verification policy to protect your data from others.


If you want to know how to see deleted Instagram posts, the above article is for you. You can retrieve your posts within 30 days. Suppose you want to restore deleted Instagram posts after 30 days. You have to contact the Instagram support system or use a 3rd party app to retrieve the data.

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