How to Send Gift Message on Instagram – Here Are the Best Methods

Sending gift messages is a unique and lovely way to connect with your friends and family. Therefore, many users want to know how to send Gift Messages on Instagram. Instagram gift message hack is a new feature, many users are curious about how it works.

Send gift message on Instagram

Sending gift messages on Instagram is another milestone of this social media site. On Instagram, you can go for a friendly chat, share stories, and comment on the posts of your friends and followers. Similarly, your friends can leave comments on your posts.

But if you don’t want comments on a specific post, you can disable Instagram comments on a post. These are all unique features of Instagram. But in 2021, Instagram introduced a new feature of sending gift messages on Instagram to your friends, family, and followers.

Send gift messages on Android and iPhone via Instagram

Sending gift messages on Instagram on Android and iOS adds more fun to your simple chatting experience. Now you can celebrate a victory or win of your friend in a more promising way. Moreover, you can send gift messages on Instagram to your family members to wish them happy birthday in a warmer manner.

The gift message option is appealing because you can wrap your message in a bright and colorful gift box. With an Instagram gift box message, the recipient of your gift message cannot see what is written until they open the gift message.

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Sending gift messages on Instagram is undoubtedly great fun. Many of you will want to try out this new feature. It is a new addition to the platform; therefore, several people are not aware of it yet. Many people are unfamiliar with some Instagram features, such as advanced Instagram settings.

Send gift message on Instagram – Two basic steps

To send gift messages on Instagram is very easy. With only a few clicks and taps on the right options, you will be a master of sending these messages. This page will be a useful guide for you. First of all, if you still haven’t updated your Instagram to the latest version that offers this feature, you need to do it immediately; then, you can send a gift message to your dear ones in no time.

Here are the two main steps to help you send a gift message.

Enable the option of the gift message

  1. If you’re facing the problem of Instagram gift messages not showing, follow the simple steps provided below.
  2. First of all, you will go to your Instagram account and the profile page of your Instagram account. Here in the top right corner, there are three white-colored lines. Tap on these white lines. Once you do that, you will see the settings option.
  3. Click on the Settings option. There will be a box with some options, and one of those options is an option of help. Here you can click on the help option.
  4. When you click on the help option, you will further see three choices: A)Report a problem B) help center C)privacy and security help
  5. You have to go for the option of reporting a problem. When you tap on this option, you will have more choices like reporting spam or abuse, sending feedback, and reporting a problem. Here you will touch on the option of sending feedback.
  6. When you click the option of sending feedback, you will find a chatbox to communicate with Instagram helpers. Write about your problem and type a message like:
  7. I’m unable to use the latest feature of Instagram gift messages. Can you activate this option for my account? (user id).

Note: Do not forget to include the user id for your Instagram account. Once you have gone through all procedures, you will be able to send gift messages to your loved ones.

Send Gift Messages on Instagram – A Step-By-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on sending gift messages on Instagram.

Open instagram app & Contacts

When you open the Instagram app, you can see a message icon on the top right corner of your mobile screen. When you tap on this message icon, you will have a list of your contacts.

Open instagram app & Contacts

Now select a person on Instagram as a receiver of your gift message. Next, click on the name of your potential recipient.

Type a gift message

Here you will find a message bar just like regular messaging. Click on this message bar. Now type a gifts text message here like Hello, this is a gift message for you, or happy birthday or congratulations. You can word your greeting however you like.

Place a gift message

Once you type a message, you will find a search icon on the screen. Click on the search icon; you will have different options for gift messages here. Here you can select a message out of four options.

So, make up your mind about a gift message and then choose the message of your own choice by a simple tap on the option; this will send the gift message. You are successfully done with sending the gift message. Click on the icon of the letter. That is the end of this whole process.

Hopefully, you have learned the super easy process of sending gift messages on Instagram to your friend or loved ones.

How to send a gift card on Instagram

Instagram further gives offers gift cards to its users. You can send a gift card to anyone as long as they have not restricted you on Instagram. Business profile accounts can avail of the option of Instagram gift card stickers and Instagram chat effects. Gift cards are a fantastic surprise for your loved ones, as they can use them however they wish.

Let’s have a look at how to send gift cards via Instagram.

The process to send a gift card

The process is straightforward as you can select a gift card online any time and anywhere on your mobile phone. The digital gift card option facility is available 24/ 7.

First, you will go to the settings option. Then select a gift card and customize it in your style. Then, mention the amount of money you want to give to your recipient. After that, you will have two blank boxes with recipient details caption and expected date caption. Fill in the details about your recipient and date accordingly.

Furthermore, you need to select the option of sending a gift card via message. Click on this option. You have paid online now, and your receiver will have a gift card on the date you have mentioned inside. This is undoubtedly an easy method to save you energy and time.

Instagram chat effects

Get the latest updated version of Instagram. First, update your Instagram account with the latest version and open the chat menu.

Instagram chat effects

Go for the chat menu

In the chat menu, type a message you want to deliver, and then on the right side, you will have an option with a magnifier icon.

Magnifier glass icon

Give a friendly tap to this icon, and you will have many effects to put in your message now. But first, select any product of your own choice.

Instant message

When you send with a gift wrap effect, you can save some messages with effects to give a quick reply in the future. For this, you will go for a long press and then click on save on your selected message. So now, you can easily share a saved message as a quick reply at any time. This is a modern trick to send a message quickly.

Ending Note

The exchange of gifts is undoubtedly a beautiful tradition all around the world. However, we usually wait unintentionally for gifts or greetings from our dear ones on special occasions. This digital age is rapid, and we are always in a hurry and unable to procure time for family and friends. Anyhow, Instagram is a friendly and helpful app in this regard. Now learning how to send a gift message on Instagram or send a gift card is relatively easy. It is economical and convenient at the same time.

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