How to Share Your iPhone Battery With Another Device

Imagine, you are on a long trip. Far from your house and your phone battery died. You need an urgent call and there is no charging station in sight. This situation can make anyone frenzy. But you can make a situation better if you know how to share your iPhone battery with another device.

What is battery sharing on iPhone?

Battery sharing is the process of using one device’s battery to power another device. It is accomplished by connecting the two devices by the PowerShares option. You can tap on them and your device will start to share battery percentage with another.

The experts say that a 12-second charge can allow you one minute talk and 2 minutes of charging can give you a view of a 4-minute video easily.

Can toy share the battery with Iphone 11?

Yes, you can power share all the devices that have IOS 14 or a later version. It will help you to get your phone changed when you forget to bring your extra power bank or bulky batteries with you. You can use the Airpower app for sharing batteries on iPhone devices.

How do share the iPhone battery with another device?

If You are getting a low battery charging and you don’t have any backup power bank or any charging station. You can get help from your friend who has high battery charging.

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  1. Just follow these simple steps.

2. Go to the settings of your device.

Go to the settings of your device

3. You can see the battery option.

You can see the battery option

4. Turn on the “Battery sharing percentage”.

5. Now tap on the Top of the screen and it will allow you to share your battery percentage on iphone.

6. It’s the feature by IOS.

7. The other way to share the battery on iPhone is using the power share apps.

The other way to share the battery on iPhone is using the power share apps

Bear in mind that you can only share your battery if you have IOS 14 version or later. You can also share your battery on Android devices. But the device must have a coil and copper tape. One is for transmitting the power and the other for receiving.

Here is another way

If your battery is running low and you need to share it with another device, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that both devices are turned off.
  2. Locate the power port on each device. On the iPhone, this is located at the bottom of the device. On the other device, it will be located in a similar spot.
  3. Once you have found the power port, insert the iPhone’s power cable into the other device’s power port.
  4. Wait for the battery icon to appear on the screen of the other device, indicating that it is charging.
  5. Once the battery icon appears, you can turn on the other device.
  6. When you are finished using the battery, be sure to unplug the cable from both devices.

How to transfer the battery from one iPhone to another?

You can transfer your battery from one iPhone to another but remember that every IOS generation has a different battery. they can be different in size and capacity . so if you’re transferring first try to match them and then follow these steps.

  1. At First, shut down your IOS gadget and remove the sim tray. you can also eject the Headphone jack instead of removing sim tray.
  2. Now Open the iPhone case by using any thin metal object. Be careful as it can damage the inside components.
  3. Remove the screws holding the battery together.
  4. Now remove the battery and transfer it where you want.

Well, we did want to want you that if you are not an expert handling the mobile you should consult Your phone’s manual.

Benefits of Sharing battery on iPhone

There are many benefits of battery sharing on the iPhone, including being able to extend the use of your devices, charging multiple devices at once, not having to carry around extra batteries and devices in areas where there is no outlet available, and being able to charge multiple devices at the same time.

It is a great way to keep your devices powered up and extend their use, especially in situations when you need to call or attend a meeting urgently but you are in the middle of somewhere. So, battery sharing can be a lifesaver for you.

Benefits of battery sharing include

  1. Never worry about having a dead phone again
  2. Save money when you don’t have to buy extra batteries
  3. Stay connected, even without any outlet


Battery sharing is the term used when two devices are connected and one device is providing power to the other device. You can connect the devices together with a cable, or wirelessly using Bluetooth.

Battery sharing is a handy feature if your iPhone is running low on battery and you need to charge another device. You just need to have an IOS 14 version mobile and a good friend with a high battery.

To share your battery wirelessly, both devices must have Bluetooth turned on and also have a coil and copper with a ferret plate. It’s a built-in feature for sharing batteries on iPhone. Once both devices are paired, the battery share feature will be available. To share your battery with a cable, simply connect the two devices together with a Lightning cable.

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