Bring Your Pictures Come To Life By Creating a Video

Photos and videos carry the weight of the indefinite memories created throughout life’s journey. While taking pictures to preserve a memory is easy, videos are visually appealing and strike differently on so many levels. Videos do the charm much better for personal purposes or business than pictures expressing something.

Undoubtedly, videos have immense potential for businesses to tell a story, market a product or reach out to a large target audience. According to a study by HubSpot, nearly 83% of people prefer sharing video content with their friends or families when it strikes a specific interest. This makes videos more engaging than photos, creating a memory of the content. Irrespective of the purpose, people nowadays consume more video content than static images.

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Combining the power of photos and videos to weave out stunning content is now easy. Do you want to transform your photos into a video? Here are a few ways to convert the images into a video and thrive on higher engagement:

Create a Slideshow of the Photos to turn into a Video

Using the photo video maker is one of the easiest ways to turn photos into lively videos. Slideshows are the easiest way to convert pictures into videos by topping the images with beautiful captions and music. Create a picture slideshow video to put together all the memorable moments. However, ensure that every image’s timestamp is not too long, as it reduces the impact of a video.

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Photos to turn into a Video

There are a bunch of online editing tools that will help you make a video with pictures. The in-built tools and simple templates require you to upload the photos in a sequence and add some background music, captions, and cool transitions. And, you are all set with a video made from photos.

Focusing on the Essentials for Creating Video from Photos

Irrespective of the purpose, you cannot simply use some random, sub-standard photos to create a video or slideshow. Before creating the slideshow, here are a few things that you need to take care of so that the process is easy and smooth:

Pick the Right Photos

Select all the photos you will use for creating the video. You cannot just stitch together any random photos but a series of photos that tell a story or connect in the sequence. The pictures are a crucial element of the video; hence choosing the right ones is important. Ensure the pictures are preferably taken from the same device to maintain uniformity. If the slideshow is for business purposes to introduce a new product or promote a brand, it is a good idea to get professional help clicking the images.

Editing Tool

Once you have selected the photos, the next step is to edit them to look professional. If you plan on creating a commercial video from photos, you cannot simply put together a bunch of photos and present it to the target audience. The quality of photos is a significant factor, and the picture video maker helps in putting together the photos in cohesion to create a video. Use an online editing tool to brush up on the photos, and adjust the colours, brightness, saturation, etc.

Find the Right Music

Music plays an important role in carrying the weight of emotions throughout the videos. In converting the photos into a slideshow, it is important to add the right music to it. Without music, slideshows are quite dull, and viewers often lack interest. However, always use royalty-free or copyright-free music to avoid copyright issues later. Most editing software has a stock library of music to make it easy to find the right tune.

Once these three essentials are in place, it becomes easy to add the photos one by one, customize the template or slideshow, and create a video from photos.

Creating the Video using Photos Step by Step

Once you have the well-edited photos, the next step is creating the videos using the pictures. Video editing was a daunting task a few years back, but with the range of online video editors, it has become quite easy to create and process all types of videos.

Video using Photos Step by Step

Before you make a video with pictures, understand the purpose of the video. Here are some reasons to turn your pictures into a wonderful slideshow video:

  • Wedding Surprise – A wedding is one of the most important occasions of one’s life. Surprise your partner by adding pictures from one’s childhood, first date, special moments, etc., to create a beautiful video.
  • Marketing Videos – One of the best ways to market a brand and its product is to turn the photos into a slideshow. It helps the target audience to understand things better in a sequential manner and improves engagement.
  • Vacation Memories – Create a slideshow video of the photos from a trip to create a beautiful, memorable video.

The reason to convert the photos into video is not only limited to the above reasons. You can create a slideshow video for any purpose and surprise your loved ones.

Pick the Light Template

Editing tools or software has tons of pre-made templates that make it easy to add the photos in a sequence to create a video. Most editing tools have a range of pre-made templates, text-to-video options, and black templates, allowing full customization.

Pre-made templates make it easy to create a video by adding photos, whereas blank templates offer full customization from scratch. Choose a template depending on where you want to post the video.

Import the Photos

Once you have selected the template or decide to use just a blank template, it is time to import the photos you want to add to the video. Keep the photos in a sequence in a folder to upload them easily. The editing tool has an upload button that allows users to import the photos to the software. Once you have uploaded the photos, add them to the timeline sequentially to create the slideshow video.

Use the Stock Library for Images

You can choose to use a mix of your photos and photos from the stock library. Navigate through the royalty-free images and add relevant photos to the video. Searching for photos that align well with the video context is easy. Once you have added all the photos to the timeless, resize or edit it as per the requirement.

Add Captions, Music, and Transitions

Once you have added the photos to the timeline, add texts and music. For example, if you are creating a video from photos for a wedding surprise or birthday party, adding relevant captions will help bring out the emotional factor as the photos progress through the video timeline. Music sets the mood right.

Always make sure to use music that suits the tone and purpose of the video. Adding transitions is unnecessary, but these features embellish the videos to make them more captivating. Add text caption, filters, effects, transitions, etc., as garnishing for the video.

Export the Video

Once you have created the video, make sure to watch a preview of the video before exporting and sharing. Export the video in high quality and minutes and converts pictures into a professional-looking video. Always use high resolution for exporting the videos. You have the option to download the video, and some tools allow direct sharing of the video across social media platforms.


In summary, slideshow videos are trending nowadays to convert still photos into interesting videos. Whether you want to surprise someone by putting together photos in a sequence into a slideshow or making a business presentation, slideshows are the best ways to convert photos into videos. An editing tool with templates and many in-built tools further simplifies the videos’ creation process.

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