Celebrities With Dental Implants 2023 List of Top 30

In this article, you will get to know a huge list of famous celebrities with dental implants. In Hollywood, where the smiles are totally white, completely straight, and entirely adjusted, celebrities with teeth implants are more noticeable than you feel. A number of Hollywood’s most iconic smiles were actually crafted during a dentist’s chair.

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.Before heading to a huge list of famous celebrities with dental implants. Let’s have a look at what is a dental implant?

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a careful apparatus set into the jawbone and permitted to combine with the bone over a couple of months.

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What is a Dental Implant

The dental implant goes about as a substitution for the foundation of a missing tooth. Thusly, this “counterfeit tooth root” serves to hold a substitution tooth or scaffold.

Most dental implants are made of titanium, which permits them to coordinate with bone without being perceived as an unfamiliar item in our body. Over the long run, innovation and science have advanced to incredibly improve the results of dental embed positions. Today, the achievement rate for dental implants is near 98%.

Top List of Celebrities With Full Dental Implants

There are many celebrities with full dental implants. It’s a well-known fact that Hollywood is about appearances, and there isn’t anything more significant than an incredible grin.

Famous people with fake teeth and numerous renowned celebrities and people of note have paid a great deal of cash to get covers, facades, dentures, and false teeth to consummate their silvery whites.

Most famous people with dental implants don’t discuss their fake teeth. However, it is really simple to detect those grins that are amazing to the point that they must be fake.

You probably won’t even notice that somebody around you has had a dental implant; including these celebrities:

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Famous Actors With Fake Teeth

Check out the list of famous actors and celebrities with dental implants before and after, it may surely leave you amazed!

Jim Carrey

Fake Teeth Jim Carrey

Carrey wanted to form his “Dumb and Dumber” character, Lloyd Christmas, to look more “deranged.”

Jim Carrey visited extra lengths for his role in dumb and dumber. So he asked his dentist to get rid of some bonding on his anterior.

It dawned on him that he could ask his dentist to get rid of some bonding on his anterior. The star had the repair made when he chipped in as a baby.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron has come a protracted way from starring in Disney’s “High School Musical” to playing the role of a serial murderer.


Fake Teeth Zac Efron

Ted Bundy and his rotten teeth have undergone quite a transformation too.

He had originally had a niche within the front two teeth. This can be just speculation because it appeared overnight to be corrected.

As a child, he sported a niche between his two front teeth. It disappeared seemingly overnight and without the employment of metal braces. This leaves two potential dental techniques; Invisalign or facade.

Ed Helms

If you’re acquainted with The Office or the Hangover movies, you’ve got a chuckle out of Ed’s smart remarks.

Fake Teeth Ed Helms

In fact, he even looked as if it would pull one in all his teeth during the primary Hangover movie.
You most likely remember the scene where “Stu” is gazing in the mirror at his missing tooth after an evening spent in an exceedingly drunken stupor.
But it wasn’t a true tooth…it was an implant. You see, Helms was born with the condition that causes missing teeth, so he’s had the implants for nearly 20 years without anyone ever realizing it.

Charlie Sheen

Fake Teeth Charlie Sheen

Sheen has had his ups and downs when it involves his public appearances and the health of his smile.
Fortunately, he’s had the assistance of plenty of cosmetic dental work and an implant dentist to keep his smile looking healthy and young, irrespective of what he’s put it through in the past.

James Cosmos

fake teath James Cosmos

Actor James Cosmos had the entirety of his teeth supplanted with “full curve” dental inserts. This feature works best when all of the teeth have to get replaced just once and might be employed instead of single implants for every individual tooth.
Instead, as few as 4-6 implant roots can support a full arch prosthesis, like an implant-supported bridge or “All-on-4” denture.

Tom Cruise

Fake Teeth Tom Cruise

You’ll catch a glimpse of his natural teeth in “Risky Business.” Suffice it to mention,

Tom Cruise had quite a bit of straightening to try and do, gaps to eliminate, and chips to correct.

Tom Cruise Had to possess teeth straightening. When he showed up in “Mission Impossible,” the heart breaker had wonderful teeth, politeness of support, and a porcelain facade.

George Clooney

Actor George Clooney has one of the simplest celebrity smiles. It evolved a small amount over the years, though. George Clooney uses dental veneers due to his earlier habit of grinding his teeth.

Fake Teeth George Clooney

In his earlier days, his pearly whites were visibly shorter thanks to his alleged grinding. Called bruxism, this habit wears away the biting surface of teeth. It may also result in other issues like cracked teeth and articulation temporomandibular (TMJ) problems.

Those who grind in the hours of darkness can have a nightguard made by the dentist to guard their chompers. Upheld Clooney’s splendid white teeth and full look, it shows up as though he’s had a dental facade set to address the harm and improve his look as well.

Ben Affleck

Actor Ben Affleck also comes on the list of celebrities with dental implants.

Fake Teeth Ben Affleck

However, he surely has one of the foremost charming smiles in Hollywood. Ben Affleck has one of the foremost charming smiles in Hollywood. He has been using caps before filming Armageddon. Nevertheless, a fast study of his teeth in “Goodwill Hunting” shows the star has had some dental procedures done.

His teeth were once shorter and had some gaps. Now, they’re no longer brighter and are more evenly spaced. As per People magazine, Producer Jerry Bruckheimer masterminded the star to possess covers set prior to recording Armageddon.

Matthew Lews

Fake Teeth Matthew LewsIn the recent past, Matthew Lewis substantially improved his looks by changing his teeth completely with a cosmetic dental makeover with porcelain crowns.
A replacement smile may be prepared for brand new porcelain crowns in one session. He had a big improvement along with his new teeth.

Nicholas Cage

Fake Teeth Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage’s imperfect teeth also had a major improvement. A dental makeover for him was over necessary. He had very stained teeth, probably because of many factors that might include smoking, poor hygiene, genetics, etc.

Nicholas looks fantastic together with his new Implants. He looks impressive together with his new smile design.

Gary Busey

Fake Teeth Gary Busey

Gary Busey was injured in an exceedingly motorcycle accident in 1988. The actor wasn’t wearing a helmet and sustained injuries to his face. HE had to own dentistry to repair damage and replace missing teeth. Most reports propose his dental work was simply restorative.
However, dental medicine to repair damage and replace missing teeth is typically necessary after accidents like this.

Morgan Freeman

Fake Teeth Morgan Freeman

Actor Morgan Freeman had a spot between his front teeth and some staining.
The latter is common as people age. Morgan Freeman had gaps in his teeth. He took care of this, and with teeth whitening and dental veneers or bonding, you cannot tell.
A couple of years back, he had the hole shut, and his teeth turned out to be more brilliant. Teeth whitening with dental veneers or bonding is the usual fix.

Famous Models Who Have Teeth Implants

Check out the list of models who has dental implants. In this list, you are going to know which celebrities have fake teeth! 

Christie Brinkley

Famous Models Teeth Implants Christie Brinkley

Chances are, you’ve seen Christie on one amongst the over 500 magazine covers she’s graced throughout her career.

But did you recognize that she is one of the celebrities with dental implants? Two of her molars had to be pulled after she was in a very 1994 helicopter accident that almost took her life.

Kylie Jenner

Famous Models Teeth Implants Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has experienced a major transformation since she began her career. But dental veneers could be one of the most effective changes she could go for.
She chose a white color that appears fantastic on her. She looks stunning! The porcelain veneers did a wonderful look enhancement for her. She is a famous person with dental implants.

Kathy Ireland

Famous Models Teeth Implants Kathy Ireland

This gorgeous Illustrated swimsuit model has come together face-to-face with her share of accidents. one in all of them involved kissing the pavement, leaving her with broken teeth still as facial bones. She selected dental inserts (and some restorative facades) to fix her severely harmed smile.

Christie Brinkley

She attributes this to good genes and proper tending. Christie Brinkley has always had good oral health and attention. However, the bombshell was involved during a horrifying helicopter crash some years ago.

She injured her wrist and broke two of her teeth during the accident. Brinkley says they were supplanted with dental inserts and straightforward spouts about how to feel regular.

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Famous Players who have Dental Implants

Here is our list of Players who come on the radar of celebrities with dental implants.

Steven Tyler

Famous Players Steven Tyler

Previous Aerosmith vocalist and American Idol judge Steven Tyler experienced getting two teeth broken out after sneaking in his lodging shower (he had been dried out after a terrible episode of the ailment.) The rock ‘n’ roll musician didn’t skip a beat and had the teeth immediately replaced with dental implants.

Mike Tyson

Famous Players Teeth Implants Mike Tyson

Boxer Mike Tyson has had over one smile makeover in his lifetime. in keeping with his wife Kiki, the gold tooth he was accustomed to snapping at some of Evander Holyfield’s ear was necessary. “His tiger, Kenya, headbutted him,” she says. Mike Tyson has had a good share of missing teeth.

At the point when he later redid his grin, he scrapped the gold and shut the hole between his front teeth. This was presumably accomplished with dental veneers. Tyson’s boxing career reportedly left him with some missing teeth to switch with dental implants likewise.

Ken Daneyko

Famous Players Teeth Implants Ken Daneyko

NHL player and Devils defensemen Ken Daneyko is simply one of all many professional athletes now looking for dental implants to exchange missing teeth.
He says he went through “20 years of getting my teeth obliterated,” and the inserts offer a decent method to revamp his real smile. During his career, he’s lost a total of 12 teeth, 7 on the underside and 5 on the highest.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Famous Players Teeth Implants Cristiano Ronaldo

Isn’t it amazing to see your favorite Ronaldo on the list of celebrities with dental implants? Cristiano Ronaldo’s teeth when are noteworthy. He attempted to restore his full mouth. He managed that metal post he had in his front tooth; notwithstanding, it appears that that tooth should be tended to, as it should be obvious that he has some dim shade around his gum.

At any rate, we are certain Ronaldo dealt with numerous issues of long stretches of rot and now has a grin that makes him look more youthful. Keeping the unmistakable front-facing hole would have been a smart thought.

Famous Singers Who Have Dental Implants

Next comes the list of famous people with dental implants who are great singers and entertainers.

Miley Cyrus

Fans watched Miley Cyrus get older on TV as Disney’s Hannah Montana. Her crooked teeth were adorable in her youth. However, she had some work done to realize today’s gorgeous smile. Miley Cyrus had crooked teeth. But she had work done. Now observe her teeth whitening. Her look can be achieved with orthodontics and teeth whitening.


Celine Dion

Before turning into a super hit, Celine Dion had a gummy grin and pointed incisors. This made her teeth look uneven. Celine Dion had to possess gum recontouring to assist her in not having such a gummy smile. Gum recontouring was likely wont to create a wider smile. The form of her teeth may be addressed through minor reshaping or veneers too.

Victoria Beckham

Her front left tooth calculated clumsily toward the midline a modest quantity. Victoria Beckham had to have dentistry because her left anterior angled awkwardly.

Famous Singers Teeth Implants Victoria Beckham

Now with dental veneers and bonding, her smile is gorgeous. In addition, four of her upper teeth were reshaped, recommending dental facade or holding. Beckham later extended it to 6 teeth, expanding the complete width of her smile.

Shane MacGowan

This Pogues singer had a tough life of drugs and drunkenness that tense, destroying his real smile. It had often been the middle of focus during his public appearances. It wasn’t until his late 50s that he decided to try to do something to alter all of that.

Famous Singers Teeth Implants Shane MacGowan

He underwent six different operations over a period of 6 months, and the way encompasses a completely new smile (with a gold tooth to boot) because of dental implants.

50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent has had over his justifiable share of dental woes. He was shot eight times in 2000, and two bullets struck his face. After addressing the leftovers, he decided to own dentistry work done. He opted for Implants and whitening.

It left him with shrapnel in his tongue and valued him a tooth. Because the years rolled on, his teeth yellowed. This made a crown on his anterior look out of place.

Because this was paired with a spot, other musicians called him “Bugs Bunny,” prompting 50 Cent to revamp everything with a full suite of dental medicine, including veneers and whitening.

Taylor Hicks

It’s been ages since American Idol season 5 was on TV, but you almost certainly still recognize Hick’s charming smile.

Famous Singers Taylor Hicks

Sadly, an unpleasant round of secondary school ball nearly left him with a knocked-up grin. Lucky for him, his dad could be a dentist! After the sport was over, his dad worked it out in order that he could get two implants to switch the teeth that were knocked out.

Cheryl Cole

Famous Singers Teeth Implants Cheryl Cole

They jutted out a small amount from their neighbors too. Chery Cole had visibly pointed canines. She has had porcelain veneers done. These days, she’s sporting a wonderfully even red-carpet smile.

Keith Urban

the Canadian singer also goes through dental implants in his early days. as he had a gap between his teeth which made his smile flawed.

Famous Actresses With Fake Teeth

Before discussing the celebrities with dental implants, we present the list of famous actresses with fake teeth!

Demi Moore

Famous Actresses Fake Teeth Demi Moore

Demi Moore also experienced yellowing as she aged. Her smile makeover included protracting and preceding turning into an X Factor judge, Cheryl Cole had obviously pointed canines. Demi Moore had yellowing early in life. She has had dental veneers which makes her look younger. The younger look was likely achieved through dental veneers.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones wasn’t born with an excellent smile. In fact, she says she was teased as a toddler over her crooked teeth. She was teased as a baby for having crooked teeth. Zeta-Jones now’s one among the famous folks that have a full set of veneers.

Famous Actresses Teeth Implants Catherine Zeta-Jones

She wore supports this, however, it wasn’t sufficient. She’s now one amongst the various famous folks that went all out with a full set of veneers.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff grew informed on the Disney Channel, playing the role of Lizzie McGuire. She had a small crooked smile. Then she had her tooth chipped. She had no choice but to travel with veneers after.

Famous Actresses Fake Teeth Hilary Duff

Like Miley Cyrus, the opposite Disney Channel starlet, Duff had a crooked smile. She initially opted not to correct it. However, a rogue microphone chipped one among her anterior teeth. It left her with no choice but to deal with it with veneers.


Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was hesitant about her abnormal smile. So, she didn’t smile much during the ” Jersey Shore period.” Snooki had a crooked smile

Famous Actresses Teeth Implants Snooki

She had Lumineers placed. It’s basically an ultra-thin veneer. To correct it, the fact lead reportedly had Lumineers placed. That’s a name for a special sort of ultra-thin veneer.

Do Dental Implants Stink?

Implants feel more natural than dentures, and an expert cosmetic dentist in Houston, TX, can ensure smile perfection. However, there’s a possible downside to dental implants. They can cause bad breath. The great news is bad breath caused by dental implants is fixable!

In most cases, Stinking dental implants are caused by an infection. But sometimes, the signs of the infection may be subtle. The signs are as subtle as a nasty taste in your mouth, bleeding gums, or gum swelling.

Thanks to advances in dental medicine, implants are rarely the explanation for implant infection. Instead, infection is caused by human use errors. Those with implants don’t get a pass away on dental hygiene.

Dental implants still require regular brushing, flossing, and cleanings to stop bacteria from build-up near an implant — or elsewhere in your mouth, for that matter! When left untreated, an infection along the gum line of an implant can cause bone loss, which could end in a loose implant or its break.

What are the Advantages of a Dental Implant?

Of course, there are some great benefits of dental implantation. That’s why various celebrities with dental implants come to our list. So, here are some of the noteworthy benefits of dental implants, including:

  • Enhance appearance. Dental inserts closely resemble your teeth. Furthermore, because they are intended to meld with bone, they become lasting.
  • Improved speech. Dental implants permit you to talk without the concern that teeth may slip. Poor teeth implants can cause you difficulty in speech.
  • Develop comfort. Since they become a piece of you, inserts dispense with the uneasiness of removable false teeth.
  • Simpler eating. Sliding false teeth can make biting troublesome. Dental implants work like your teeth, permitting you to eat your #1 food varieties with certainty and without torment.
  • Improved oral wellbeing. Dental inserts don’t need to diminish different teeth, as a tooth-upheld connect does. Since close-by teeth are not changed to help the embed, your very own greater amount of teeth are left unblemished, improving long-haul oral wellbeing. Particular inserts moreover grant less complex access between teeth, improving oral neatness.
  • Strength. Inserts are genuinely solid and will last various years. With great consideration, numerous inserts endure forever.
  • Accommodation. Removable false teeth are only that; removable. Dental inserts remove the humiliating burden of eliminating false teeth, just as the requirement for muddled glues to keep them set up.

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