Does Messi Have Autism? A Complete Answer Under The Light of Reports & Videos

Does Messi have Autism? Let’s try to answer this question by adequate research on Lionel Messi’s personal life and looking into all the reports talking about his Autism.
Messi is one of the famous Argentinian footballers who play in the international teams of Barcelona and Argentina. To date, he has achieved six Ballon d’Or titles and scored numerous unbelievable goals that speak of his almost unmatched skills and undeniable persistence.

There is a controversy about whether he does or not as an article was published in 2013 stating that while on his way back from scoring two goals against Ghana at age 16 years old during World Cup 2010; it says “He had shown signs for Asperger’s Syndrome.”

Does Messi have Autism? – Cameron’s Report

Further, a famous YouTube channel named “Soccer Stories” posted a video on their channel. The video shows that Messi had a problem interacting with others in childhood, and he had difficulty reading social cues. However, these are some of the symptoms of Autism.

Moving ahead, a journalist proved Messi came on the pitch with a spoon in his mouth. He did not remove that spoon until the end of the game. This behaviour can also be perceived as a mannerism related to Autism.

The video further said that Messi did this act to show his annoyance and nobody knew the reason behind his anger. That video also claimed that Messi was extremely shy at school. He never participated in the classroom. Once, a teacher asked him a question, and he did not raise his hand himself; instead, his friends raised their hands.

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Moreover, some journalists argued that football is not an easy sport, and anyone with Asperger syndrome cannot play team sports. The video claims that Messi has some highly positive traits, such as being agile and quickly adapting to things.

Reason for Cameron Ridgway’s Report

The purpose of the video was not to call Messi autistic; instead, the primary aim was to show Messi’s exceptionality. Some famous autism awareness associations have listed him in the names of celebrities having Autism. Although Messi never talked about the rumours of having Autism.

Cameron Ridgway states that the report that Messi was diagnosed with Autism in childhood is unconfirmed. Further, he had the nickname “el Pequeno mudito” in childhood, which means “the little mute.” People used to call him by this name because he rarely spoke to his teammates during the training.

Furthermore, Romario published a tweet in 2013, “Does Messi have Autism?” and Messi’s father reacted quickly by calling it slander. A journalist said that Messi is not autistic, but he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, the lighter version of Autism. He can carry his sport well with this disorder.

Under All Information – Is Messi Autistic?

Taking into account the video of Soccer Stories, & Cameron’s and Ridway’s reports, it’s not officially confirmed that Messie has autism. All the information circling around are based on unconfirmed videos, unclear signals and non-medical proofs. According to his father, though, he had Asperger’s Syndrome.

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What is Asperger’s Syndrome?

Asperger’s Syndrome is different from Autism. It has six key features as a symptom. Following are the common reasons:

  • Violent non-verbal behaviour
  • Poor social interaction
  • Limited facial expression
  • Difficulty expressing emotions
  • Hypersensitivity to loud sounds
  • Peculiar mannerism

However, around 20 percent of the children diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome socialize completely by their adulthood. Moreover, they do not experience serious difficulties.

Messi’s Personal Life (Amazing Facts)

  • Oranges for Convincing the Leaders

Messi had so much difficulty convincing the leaders of Barcelona to prove his skills. He tried a lot of times but got disappointed. Once Fabian Soldini gave Messi 1 kg of oranges and some tennis balls. Then, he said that I would record you when you train to juggle them.

Messi became skilled at juggling the oranges and balls more than 100 times. After that, Barcelona hired him.

  • Fond of Sleeping

When Messi is not at work, he spends most of his time sleeping. He spends half a day with his son. Sleeping this much has become Messi’s need. Moreover, once a physical trainer said that if you cannot wake him up, the game could start without him.
His family says that he falls asleep and he gets so annoyed when anyone asks him to wake up.

  • Growth Deficiency Hormone

Apart from Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, there is something else you should know about Messi’s health. When he was 11 years old, he was diagnosed with growth deficiency hormone. GHD’s treatment was costly, and it was unaffordable for his family.

Therefore, Barcelona offered him a fee for his treatment if he won in the trials of Catalonia when he was 13 years old. The treatment of GHD includes injections of hormones to increase height and solve problems such as immunity, blurred vision, etc.

When doctors diagnosed him with GHD; his height was only 4 feet 2 inches. Whereas, now he is Five feet and 7 inches tall. However, this does not answer the question, “Does Messi have Autism?”

  • Love for Food

Messi is a big foodie. In the initial stages of his career, his coach promised to offer him alfajor to score the goal. Milanesa Napolitana is a favourite dish of Messi, which is a national dish in Argentina. Schnitzel One is also one of his favourite cuisines.

  • UNICEF Child Ambassador

Messi is part of many charitable works to help poor children. He is so kind and helpful towards others because of all the hardships and sufferings he faced in his life. In 2010, UNICEF appointed him as a goodwill child ambassador.

Moreover, he uses his social media platforms to raise awareness against earthquakes and many natural disasters and diseases. In addition, he established many charity organizations to fulfill the dreams of children and improve their lives.


By reading all the information we have provided, you might decide: Does Messi have Autism or not? Some people believe that he does have Autism, while others believe that he does not. There is no clear evidence to support either claim. However, some experts believe that Messi may be on the autism spectrum because of his introverted personality and difficulty with social interactions. Additionally, he has displayed some behaviors that are common among autistic people, such as spinning objects and repetitive movements. Ultimately, whether or not Messi has Autism is still unconfirmed

Since he had a problem interacting with others in childhood, we cannot say that he was Autistic. This behaviour can be a sign of some other illness or even stress. In the video, Ridgway also said that some characteristics show that Messi has Autism but has never confirmed it officially. Moreover, he has never talked about this topic in public.

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