Top 12 INSTAGRAM Promotion Strategies For 2023

Do you own a brand and want to promote it on Instagram but have no idea where to start? In this article, you will learn some of the best Instagram promotion strategies for 2023.

It is a myth that you cannot do it yourself and that you need a professional team to manage it for you. When it comes to promoting your Instagram business account on Instagram, usually what people know are posting quality content, posting on time, or engaging more. But why not experiment with some other needed strategies, actually given by the Instagram algorithm itself?

Why it is time to create an effective strategy for your Instagram business account

Nowadays, in this digital marketing era, if you are not utilizing Instagram as a business strategy, you are missing an important marketing technique.

Because it is not just a social media platform to post pictures and create a portfolio of your personal life. Instead, it is being utilized as a proper business strategy for product promotion, sales, and marketing.

Top 12 Instagram Promotion Strategies for 2023 are here:

No social media business account can be successful without a proper series of strategies to use and use efficiently. around 80% of Instagram users follow a business on the platform, it’s evident that Instagram is a powerful marketing tool. However, with such a large and competitive user base, businesses need to use smart Instagram promotion strategies to ensure their content is seen by their target audience.

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So, what are the best Instagram promotion strategies for 2023? Here are a few ideas following the algorithm of Instagram and the experts. You can follow them to attract more customers and consequently sales:

Top 12 Instagram Promotion Strategies for 2022

Grow Organically

Firstly, an essential tip people usually tend to ignore is that you can’t expect to grow sales by buying an already-made account with loads of followers or asking other Instagram accounts to follow on follow. These strategies are old-fashioned and DO NOT work with this new strictly organic-loving algorithm. So if you want results, you’ll have to work on them.

Set your Instagram Profile

A good Instagram brand strategy asks you to set your profile so that it not only attracts the customers but also does the required SEO. However, most people don’t know about this or ignore it entirely, but to attract new customers to your Instagram business account, what you should do is:


Explain to the audience what you do, why you do it, and what exactly they are going to get from your account. It should be precise and to the point. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt to use some colorful emojis to make it enjoyable.

Set your Instagram Profile


If you put an essential story and didn’t add it in your highlights for the future incoming audience, you lost the game already. Highlights are a significant source to showcase your previous work, behind the scenes, and even new or old sales offers.

Pro tip

Change your username or display name (anyone) to what you do, e.g., add clothing, blogging, writing, arts, etc., with it. It will help your account get to the top of the search list and the users to search for you quickly.

Follow a Theme

The audience wants neat visuals. They are more attracted to the accounts with pretty themes than the bland ones who post randomly with no proper articles. Although it is not something given by the Instagram algorithm, it helps gain more followers and retain them for a long time.

In addition, use graphics to make a consistent theme and interesting extended captions to make the audience stop on your posts for long (also in the algorithm- helps the bot know people are loving what they are seeing). However, following a theme is among the most effective Instagram promotion strategies for 2023.

Ads and Promotion to the Right People

Running ads and promoting your brand to the right people fast is one of the top Instagram marketing strategies you can do. You don’t need to hire any other firm to do it for you.

All there is required to understand is the know-how of the location of your target audience, their demographics, and, most importantly, their interests. These are shown in the settings once you go for the ads option.

Be Familiar with the Insights

A pro tip of Instagram’s marketing guide is to utilize the insight tool already given by Instagram. There is no need to buy other related premium apps to know your business account’s performance insights and graphs.

Additionally, learn your audience’s psychology and their likes and dislikes just by first converting your account into a business account, and hurrah! You have the insights.

Shop Button

Over time, as the audience is more into shopping now, Instagram has also added a Shop button. It has helped small and medium enterprises sell their products on this platform instead of spending their money buying website domains.
However, it is one of the best Instagram marketing plans, and IT IS WORKING, especially in quarantine days due to covid-19. Therefore, try this one among the available Instagram promotion strategies for 2023 and see the magic.

Use Micro-influencers to your Maximum Advantage

According to a 2021 report by the State of Users Generated Content, people trust influencers and bloggers more than brands. In addition, they trust small and micro-influencers more than the popular ones.

That is why brands are trying to approach microbloggers, ranging from 500 to 25k followers, to market their products. An Instagram advertising strategy costs even less than running the ads.

Collaborating with Instagram influencers is an effective way to reach a new audience. When selecting an influencer to work with, be sure to choose someone who aligns with your brand values and has a similar target audience. Moreover, you can also get more Views by tagging ourselves on Instagram.

Focus on Educating the Community Before Selling

Talking about the posts, the trends of the posts have changed now. People like educational material. Therefore, try to focus on educating the community before selling. Such meaningful content inculcates in their minds that you create value, and as a result, they trust the brand more.

However, this Instagram post strategy generates sales and brings back the customers to your brand again and again in the future.

More Reel and Videos (IGTV is gone)

The new generation is all about videos. I can’t stress this Instagram strategy for business more. But the question is what to choose from Reels and IGTV. According to the experts, Reels are more popular nowadays among users. One of the reasons is because they are short, just like humans’ short span of focus.

Also, Reels are for the bigger audience. They don’t confine users to their specific followers only. Anyone can search them, watch them, and swipe for more. Moreover, there is no need to follow that person to manage the reels like IGTV. IGTV is gone and is gone for good.

Stories Strategy

Posting stories allows you to engage the audience ten times more. It helps you know your followers, which assists you while putting ads on your account and targeting the right audience. Here is a compelling Instagram stories strategy to follow:

  1. Put a story right before posting a post on your account. It will show the algorithm that people are engaging and, as a result, will lead the post to more people.
  2. Further, put a story after posting the position, tell your audience about it, and try to engage them.
  3. Show behind-the-brand photos.
  4. If people are not engaging enough, don’t post any story once a week and wait for the old ones to go away. Then post.

Go Live

There is no denying that going live is the best option in the Instagram promotion strategies for 2023. Live conversations with your audience give them a personalized experience. They communicate with you and get to know your brand more.

This way, it appears that you are a trustworthy brand to get services from. However, you can even save those lives in your business account for the audience. Things you can do while going live to increase sales:

  1. Showcase your new products
  2. Brand your services
  3. Understand the audience’s needs
  4. Know about market segmentation


This strategy is one of the best and most well-known marketing strategies for Instagram. Be consistent, or your competitor is going to leverage your audience. My strategy is:

  1. Decide how many days you will post in a week and then actually post.
  2. Do content batching. Try to plan the content and create the content for a whole month in two to three days. All you have to do is count how many posts and what types of posts you need.
  3. Additionally, use Planoly, Later, or Hootsuite for auto posting.


To sum up, using the above-mentioned Instagram promotion strategies for 2023 will help you find a perfect way of making your brand flourish. So, if you want to increase your engagement rate and sales manifold, try acting upon these suggestions to get concrete results.

Frequently Asked Question

How to market with Instagram?

Try to market your Instagram account organically and also by running ads. But first, convert your account to a business account. Start reading its insights. However, Instagram promotion strategies for 2023 also demand that you put hashtags in every post.

Make your account visually impressive. Your bio must be attractive and mature. Finally, try to utilize the tools given by this social media platform to the fullest.

What is Instagram Marketing Strategy?

The goal of this strategy is to make your audience feel like they need you, and not just another company. We create compelling content that will transform customers into devoted followers who buy whatever it takes for their needs in order to satisfy us!

Why is Instagram good for marketing?

It would be best to use Instagram to grow your brand awareness and increase sales by introducing new products. Because it prevents you from convincing the customers through conventional ways, which are very costly and time-consuming. Follow Instagram promotion strategies for 2023 and make your business bloom.

What is the Instagram guide feature?

if you want your followers to consume your content more effectively. Guides are one of the best ways that people can use this social media site; not only do they provide clear step-by-steps on how something works but also comments and suggestions!

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