How to Get More Views by Tagging Ourselves in Instagram Posts in 2023?

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Since 2017, Instagram has changed the tagging game by adding this feature. Yes, I am talking about the tagging feature on Instagram. You can tag yourself in Instagram as well as your friends. It will surely bring more exposure to your account and upgrade your Instagram game.

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Also, you should know that there is a difference between mentioning and tagging on Instagram. Suppose you want to get exposure and share your post with more people and want them to follow you. You have to tag yourself in their posts.

The notification of mentioning people on Instagram will appear in the regular feed of Instagram, and Instagram only shows the last 100 mentioned notifications. If any account has more than 100 mentions, it will not appear on the notification bar.

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And the tagging notification appears in a different newsfeed to make sure that people can see your account and post.

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How to Tag Yourself in Instagram?

If you’ve ever wondered if you can tag yourself in Instagram photos, you will be happy to know it is quite easy. To tag yourself in an Instagram post, simply click on the “Tag People” icon located at the bottom of the photo. From there, you can search for your username and select it from the list. Once you’ve done so, your name will appear in a tagged section beneath the photo.

How to Tag Yourself in Instagram

There are a few different ways to tag yourself in an Instagram story or posts.

  1. One way is to tag your username in the caption of the post. For example, you could write something like, “@janesmithpictures loves these new sunflowers!”
  2. Another way to tag yourself is to use the “tag people” feature when posting a photo. Simply select the “tag people” icon on the photo-editing screen and then search and select your username.Once you’ve done this, your username will be automatically tagged in the photo.
  3. Finally, you can also tag yourself in someone else’s post by writing a comment and tagging your username. For example, you could write something like, “@janesmithpictures great photo!” By following these simple steps, you can learn how to tag yourself in Instagram posts with ease.

The Benefits of Instagram Tagging

When you tag yourself in Instagram, you create a link between your profile and the photo. It has several benefits.

  1. First, it helps to increase the visibility of your profile. When someone views the photo, they will also see your username and can choose to follow you if they are interested in your content.
  2. Second, tagging yourself in photos can help create a sense of community and belonging among users. When people see that you have tagged yourself in a photo, they may feel more inclined towards you in photos relevant to your brand or business, people will start to associate your name with the type of content you produce. It can help you attract more followers and customers to interact with you or connect with you.\
  3. Third, tagging yourself in photos can also help build your brand. If you are consistently tagging over time.

Overall, tagging yourself in Instagram photos is a great way to increase your visibility, build relationships, and promote your brand. So next time you upload a photo, be sure to tag yourself!


When it comes to tagging yourself in photos on Instagram, there are a few benefits that you may not have considered.

First of all, tagging yourself can help increase your posts’ reach. When someone else tags you in a photo, their followers will be able to see the photo in their feed, and if they’re interested, they may decide to follow you too.

Secondly, it can help you build up a network of contacts on Instagram. By connecting with other users who have similar interests, you’ll be able to gain insights and inspiration for your posts.

Finally, it can also help you keep track of your photos and make sure that the right people are seeing them. So next time you upload a photo to Instagram, don’t forget to tag yourself; it could be the start of something great.

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