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WhatsApp Custom Notification Per Contact

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WhatsApp custom notification per contact and for groups is a special feature in WhatsApp like many other amazing features like, how to see the hidden status on WhatsApp, and how to restore WhatsApp chat from google drive, and much more.

It is whenever you receive WhatsApp messages and emails you can set custom ringtones. So you don’t have to see your phone for unnecessary messages all the time.

Why WhatsApp custom notification per contact is important?

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Sometimes you are working on your important project. But, you are getting messages from different groups and people just because you don’t want to miss important information regarding your project work. You keep checking your phone. To save your time from these things you first see on your contact information site in your phone custom notification.

Moreover, You can set a specific tone for specific contact so whenever that person WhatsApp you then you will know instantly.

However, we all have many contacts on Whatsapp for choosing a special ringtone for some contact would save our time, when to see our phone and when not. This Whatsapp feature allows you when to pick your phone by only listening to that ringtone. Whatsapp custom notification per contact provides relief for unnecessary checking of mobile phones.

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All you need to do is to assign your favorite ringtone for your favorite contact. Some people are unaware of how to customize individual contact notifications. Also, there are some people who know about this unique feature but don’t know how to customize individual contact notification.

You can make a group of your office colleagues and assign a specific custom ringtone for them. Similarly, you can make a group of your school buddies and assign a different ringtone for them this is how you will know by only listening to ringtones who is messaging you.

How to have Customize WhatsApp Notification?

When you receive a message your phone rings. Your phone notifies you that you received a message. Now the question is how to customize individual contact notifications. You can choose different options like tone, pop up, vibration, and light to customize your notification.

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How to customize individual contact notifications:

Firstly: Open your Whatsapp then open an individual chatroom.

Secondly: There you’ll see custom notifications.

Thirdly: Tap on a custom notification. Then you will see activate custom notification.

Fourthly: When you activate custom notification then all the grey page turns into working. You can set Whatsapp custom notifications per contact.

Finally: Now you can change incoming Whatsapp messages, text tones easily. You can also put your phone on vibration and set different lights to notify you about Whatsapp custom notifications per contact.

How to customize individual contact notifications through device notification settings?

It is easy to select a set Whatsapp custom notification per contact. To set ringtone notification from device settings. All you need to do is to go to your settings. Then go to Apps and notification and tap on it.

Once you see all Apps there tap on Whatsapp from the Apps list. Then tap on Whatsapp app notifications. You can see the show notification toggle, this toggle controls notifications of Whatsapp. It is up to you if you disable this toggle all other notifications will be diable.

Moreover, you can see under the chats section there are enabling and disabling notifications of group chats or per contact message notifications. Then you see behavior options and importance options they both perform the same functions.

Other than this you can set Whatsapp custom notifications per contact or groups by choosing to make sound, just vibrate, show silently on screen, etc. There is also a Do not disturb feature. You will still be able to receive notifications even when you enable the Do not disturb feature. Other people would not know about it.

How to customize individual contact notifications for iOS?

Whatsapp custom notification per contact is not only for android users but it is also for iPhone users. In this your Whatsapp allows you to set certain ringtones for particular contacts.

So, whenever you get customize notifications you will know who is messaging you by listening to ringtone. You can change easily the notifications for individual contacts like all messages or only group messages.

However, it is especially for those who are anxiously waiting for important information for someone through Whatsapp. They set a special ringtone notification for them so whenever they receive a message they will quickly know.

individual contact notifications for iOS individual contact notifications for iOS

For Whatsapp custom notification per contact for iPhone, you need to launch Whatsapp then tap on the chats tab. After the tap, the search bar on your screen top enters the contact name over there. There you see more information button for particular contact. There is a little blue “i” on the very right side. Tap on custom tone, later tap on the tone which you want to set as notification, then save it.

This is the procedure to change the sound of any message you get or receive from that particular or targeted contact. You can do this to others’ contact and groups if you want.

How to get WhatsApp Custom Notification Per Contact for iPhone

You can not just change individual notifications but can also change your WhatsApp messaging notifications on iPhone as well across the entire app. You can easily turn them off or on from settings, as well as you can have custom notification sounds for all of your contacts on Whatsapp.

Here is how to turn message notifications on or off in your WhatsApp especially for iPhone users. Open your WhatsApp, tap on the settings, there is a gear icon at the bottom of the screen on the right side of the corner. Then tap on the notification. When the switch is grey notification will be turned off and if it’s not grey then the notification is on.

Why do we need the Whatsapp custom notification per contact feature?

It’s a lazy everyday afternoon and you are at your office doing your daily routine work. Suddenly, you get a text on your mobile WhatsApp. You leave your laptop right there to check your phone, concerning it’s a text from your wife or anyone from your home.

Unfortunately, it’s a text message from your distant relative or any forward message from your friend on the WhatsApp group. To avoid such things Whatsapp custom notification per contact feature is most wanted and useful. It helps a lot in any case and you will easily notify about your concern messages by just hearing the tone of the notification.

Moreover, the WhatsApp notifications can appear as LED lights blinking, your lock screen notification setups also help you to manage and control each and every aspect of the app that you are using.

In the initial stages of Android, it was quite difficult or we can say a tedious task of managing various Android notifications at the same time. These all changed with the launch of the Android Oreo upgrade.

When 8.0 released by Google, it covered all the much-needed notification system channels which are helpful these days. It categorizes notifications quite efficiently and makes a unique streamlined process of managing apps notifications on your mobile phones.

How to customize individual contact notifications?

If you want to set Whatsapp custom notification per contact then tap on the individual profile of that particular user on Whatsapp. There will be various notifications, you can tap on the mute notification for eight hours, one week, or for the entire year as per your choice.

Moreover, you can assign a specific tone for particular contact. Message pop up, notification LED to notify you and call ringtones, etc. To enable Whatsapp custom notification per contact tap on the custom notification. After activating this feature successfully you can set different tones for different contacts.

Samsung custom notification setup

Samsung messages have an option to tweak to set custom sounds or notifications for particular chats. It will help you to set priority and you can make conversation faster. The procedure is simply the same as any other mobile phone like Androids or iPhones. You customize the tone for any of the chat you want. So, whenever you receive a message from that contact you don’t have to always check your galaxy device.

WhatsApp Custom Notification Per Contact Samsung custom notification

All you need to do is to open the messaging app on your Galaxy mobile. After that select a particular chat which you want to stand apart. Then tap on the three-dot menu on the top right corner. Once you get inside the thread for more options hit the toggle right next to “Custom notifications” you can easily enable the feature.

Here when you, select “Custom notifications” once again. Then on the following page tap on “Sound”. There you can select your favorite or we can say the desired notification tone. For some specific contact or particular chat from the list of sounds there provided.

In the end, exit the app when have done setting the custom ringtone. You can repeat this entire process as per your choice. It is an easy way to set your custom tone for specific notifications.

Keep in mind that the ringtones on your device will not show up as in your options for sounds. Unless or until they are also notification sounds in your device. Like “Beep Once” or any other sound. However, you can add and set custom ringtones of your choice in your notification list. The sound file you want for your list of notification sounds with a file manager in your device.



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