Blinds Lifted – Find Out About The Different Types of Spiritual Eyes & How To Open Them

Have you ever experienced some view, person, or identity you cannot explain to anyone? We all have experienced many dreams, so how do we see a dream? Not from our eyes wide-open. Then what do we see and how? Spiritual eyes are the concept that explains all these questions. There are three types of spiritual eyes external, internal, and auditory spiritual sight.

We watch dreams but with spiritual eyes, not that our physical self is going through it, but our mind and soul are. We often face some visions that we may call illusions or hallucinations, but have you ever thought there could be some reality to it? Some further logic and truth?

What are spiritual eyes?

The eyes that see and experience things hidden from others. Spiritual eyes are a gift from God, enabling you to see the hidden realities of life. He may show you something from the past, present, or future.

Only a pure heart filled with God’s love gets the spiritual eyes. The spiritual eyes are the eyes of your soul. You believe in things that can’t be explained by the material world, like angels, heavens, hell, the devil, etc.

The image or scene formed in our mind’s eye directly from God is what the spiritual eye means. With spiritual eyes, you can see the unseen.

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Types of spiritual eyes

The three types of spiritual eyes are explained here

1. External spiritual sight

In this type of spiritual sight, a person can physically see another entity or spirit or get a vision like seeing an angel or devil. This is more like watching a movie.

2. Internal spiritual sight

A person visualizes other spiritual beings in his mind’s eye in internal spiritual sight. Meaning that he may get a thought when God is indicating to him something. Or something good or bad will happen, so he warns us.

3. Auditory spiritual sight

As the name indicates, in auditory spiritual sight, we hear God’s word in the form of thoughts, intuition, or dreams. Sometimes, we all get a feeling called gut feeling. That is how auditory spiritual sight works.

How to open spiritual eyes?

Different religions have shown different paths that will lead you to get your spirituality, and open your spiritual eyes. It all depends on your faith and belief.


This is one of the paths acknowledged by all religions, whether Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, or Sikhism.

Doing meditation is easier. You have to spend some alone time in silence, contacting God and your inner self. You have to visualize entering a golden tunnel that is filled with happiness and freedom. Travel through this to another tunnel; violet in color. Slowly expand the horizons of your consciousness and feel the light surrounding you.

Through this tunnel, mentally travel to the third and last tunnel of silver-white light and focus on seeing a 5-pointed star. Imgine it being filled with all your happiness and bliss.

Meditation will lead you to purify your soul and fill your heart with God’s love. You may also supplement your meditation with breathing yoga to relieve stress.


Different religions have their ways of worshiping God. Whichever religion you belong to, learn and perform worship with your heart. Know that you will get to righteousness and spiritual sightedness with God’s guidance.

Using essential oils

Apply essential oils such as sandalwood, jasmine and lemon to your thrid eye chakra, which is the are between your eyes. Make sure to mix the essential oil with a carrier oil (1 teaspoon for every 5-6 drops of essential oil) because they are very strong in concentration.

What is spiritual blindness?

There are three stages or kinds of spiritual blindness or the blindness of your soul.

What is spiritual blindness

  1. The first kind of spiritual blindness does not believe in God, heaven, hell, and angels. This stage is far from the truth, and God shall not bestow you with any spiritual eyes because you are not ready to believe. He blinds the minds of those who won’t believe.
  2. The second kind is the lack of any motivation or interest to be bestowed with the gift of spiritual eyes. The people who don’t feel or make any connection with God.
  3. The third kind is the believers who won’t believe anyway. This might be because they fear interacting with the supernatural; this is basic human nature. But you need to overcome this nature and start believing if you want to open your spiritual eyes.

What to do after you start getting visions?

If you interact with some supernatural activity, do not fear; rather, believe in God more than ever. Search for a spiritual teacher or mentor and consult him about your visions. Also, verify them according to your Holy Book.

Different types of spiritual eyes enable you to look beyond the curtains. You only get to know your essence after your spiritual eyes are open wide. Spiritual eyes help you make a very strong bond with God.

Purpose of Spiritual eyes

Bottom Line

The experience of getting spiritual eyes is very soul-satisfying as you find your true self. The relation with God becomes stronger. Also, you get righteousness in life. God always wants us to follow the right path and open our spiritual eyes wide. It is the devil that stops us.

Anybody who has a pure heart with true devotion can ask God to open his spiritual eyes. This is the wonderful gift of God.


Q #1: What does the spiritual eye mean?

Ans: Spiritual eyes refer to the mind’s eye. It is God’s gift. The spiritual eyes enable you to see the unseen, experience the spiritual truth and elevate your senses. It enables you to see the things God loves the most.

Q #2: How do I ask God to open my spiritual eyes?

Ans: You have to ask for it with a pure and devoted heart. Pray and wait until you start seeing with your spiritual eyes.

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